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#TransformationTuesday with #TEAMBPI’s @brandonhardbody 💪💥
Which one do you prefer, left or right?
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Guess which #TEAMBPI member these crazy shredz belong to... 🤔🔥
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@hamza_breezy: Lately I've been feeling extremely tired because I train twice a day as I am 4 days out from @fitnessmodelcomps. I was thinking I may be choosing the wrong supplements, but lately I started taking @bpi_sports and I’m totally starting to feel the difference🤙🏻
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#TipTuesday with #TEAMBPI’s @hardcoreainsley 👇 www.bpisports.co.uk
@hardcoreainsley: Constantly bloated? I used to suffer from bloat and digestive issues and constantly had problems going to the bathroom 💩🤷🏻‍♀️. I didn’t fix it by counting macros or calories. I fixed it by paying attention to the TYPES of foods I put into my system!
Intolerances and allergies are different. The bloat you suffer from could simply be due to eating foods your body doesn’t agree with, thus causing inflammation and water retention. Figure out what they are, eat them less, feel better, have a flat tummy 🤗

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@jameswhipp_: They say if you want to be successful you have to disappear for a while. My off season is where I go quiet. It’s when I’m working harder than ever. My team is strong and we know what we want and how to get it. Build a solid team around you that force you to level up. (P.S. See story for my leg session including 220kg squat for 3/my PB)
@bpi_sports_uk Best BCAA Cherry Lime flavour during my sessions is dreamy. Making sure I’m maximising these gains throughout the next 6 months.

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Cottage Cheese + Egg White Spinach Scramble with Smoked Salmon Avocado on Ezekiel Toast, with a Chocolate Brownie #BestProtein Protein Shake! #ChefGeo

If this isn’t motivational, then we don’t know what is! #MotivationMonday with #TEAMBPI’s @andreideiu_ who is looking in super beastly condition! 💥 Who motivates you?

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