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❤️DOUBLE TAP ❤️ for a FULL BODY BURN 🔥💦... [TAG a workout partner below ⬇️ to help you through these killer moves 😅]
🥤: Sipped on some “BEST BCAA’s w/ ENERGY” [artic ice flavor 😋] from @bpi_sports for muscle recovery between sets b/c the soreness after this was realllll😩.... Use my code- “CHANEL” for 20 % off all products ❗️🤟🏽 #bpisports #fitnesstip ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
👉🏽 WARM-UP (not recorded): hit the treadmill & perform 5️⃣ rounds of 3️⃣0️⃣ second interval sprints (increase speed by 0.5 mph).....15-second rest break between each sprint .
. 👉🏽 Perform the 8️⃣ moves above ☝🏽for 3️⃣ rounds X 4️⃣5️⃣ seconds each .... 🔑 Be sure to ONLY ALLOW —> 15-second rest breaks between each move ❗️#cocofitness #cocoknowsbest✔️ .
🎧: Uproar @liltunechi & @therealswizzz

On a budget? Get the most bang out of your buck when you grab the ultimate performance stack, #1MRVortex and #BestAminos (LINK IN BIO)

No matter what kind of training you’re doing, 1.M.R VORTEX and Best Aminos keeps you going through the most intense training sessions! Available today at @walmart @walgreens #supervalu @gianteagle

Doc found the perfect ingredients to reach 1.21 Gigawatts and send you into our next #FridayDeals. 30% OFF your favorite fat burner for a Limited Time using the coupon code: FATBURN (LINK IN BIO)

Who do you do it for? Tell us in the comments. #BPISports

Real People. Real Results. presented with our friends at @GNCLiveWell.⠀

Our mission at BPI Sports is to help people reach their fitness goals. You may think that it’s just a marketing ploy, and who could blame you? There are hundreds of companies out there claiming the same thing. The difference at BPI is that we practice what we preach, and this story is proof.⠀
A little over a year ago, National Sales Director, Whitney Reid, befriended an employee at Zona Fresca, German Rios. The restaurant is a go-to for Whitney thanks to their bodybuilder-friendly chicken and rice meals, and he was stopping in so often, German took notice.⠀

German was trying to put on muscle and lose weight, so when he learned that Whitney worked at BPI Sports, he asked for help.⠀
“If you want to make money, you ask people who have made money for advice,” explains German. “I wanted to look like Whitney – strong, healthy, confident – so that’s why I asked him for help.”⠀

German was a self-proclaimed newbie at the time, with trouble staying committed to his fitness goal. Whitney started explaining the basics about how the body works and the importance of a good training program, nutrition plan and the right supplements. Every time he came in to Zona Fresca, he would ask German for an update. He would answer German’s questions and offer advice on how to keep improving.⠀

Whitney’s help didn’t stop at advice though. He provided German with his Fast 21 Workout program, gave him a meal plan and told him which supplements to use. To unlock the program check out the LINK IN BIO!

The new One More Rep™ formula stays true to our roots, bringing back the qualities that made people fall in love with 1.M.R™ in the first place, while propelling us into the future by evolving to meet the needs of today’s most discerning athletes. On-trend ingredients work synergistically in the body to provide powerful results and benefits beyond energy.

The beet is an antioxidant-rich vegetable that naturally contains nitrates that increase nitric oxide in the body. This may increase muscle pump during exercise, endurance and performance.

Carnitine is a fat transporter, increasing the amount of fat cells taken to the mitochondria, where they are burned for energy. This may support weight loss efforts and help boost performance.

Because of citrulline’s ability to support cardiovascular health, it may reduce muscle fatigue and promote endurance. Citrulline may also relieve muscle soreness.

Betaine has been studied as a performance enhancing compound. It may support athletic performance and muscle endurance.

To learn more. Head over to the LINK IN BIO! #OneMoreRep #BPISports

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Baby got BACK! Who thinks they can take on @missnarmin’s #BackDay routine? Give it a go and let us know what you think! What are some of your favorite back exercises? #TEAMBPI #BPINation #BPISports #TeamNarmin

Jumping into the #FallSeason like... 🍂🍁🎃🏉 Summer is changing into Fall and so are some of your fitness goals. Whatever the season is, #CLACarnitine can help you fuel your new goals. (LINK IN BIO)

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How do you start your morning? #TEAMBPI’s @haidycruzfit loves the benefits #KetoBomb in her coffee. .
🇺🇸 And this is the way I start my mornings ☕️ ...
I love the taste of #ketobomb in my coffee (I use #caramelmachiatto) and also all the benefits it has: .
🔹Burn fat as fuel .
🔹Is an efficient way to get in the calories and healthy fats you need to support your diet! (LINK IN BIO) 🇩🇴 Esta es mi manera de empezar mis mañanas ☕️ uso este rico #ketobomb que es como una cremora saludable que te aporta nutrientes! En serio me encanta el sabor #caramelmachaitto #ketobomb @bpi_sports tiene tantos beneficios como son son: .
🔹 Ayuda a quemar grasa y transformarla en energía .

What are the differences between amino acids and protein powders? Why are branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) crucial for muscle building? If you take a protein, do you still need BCAAs? We sat BPI co-founder @James_Grage_ down to answer all our questions (LINK IN BIO) about BCAAs vs. protein. Here is his no-nonsense breakdown of the differences and when to use each.

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