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Amy Davis  Wife to @bendavisnashville ✨Lifestyle Blogger✨Momma to twin boys August & Finn 👶🏽👶🏽 Jesus loving, oil educating, infertility surviving woman


OH EMM GOODNESS.. (insert all the heart eyes and jazz hands) I Need. I want. I must sell my spleen and buy it now! @itspantote you outdid yourself this time. I'm a sucker for bison.

Can we just stop and take a minute and stare at the cutest chunky chickens you have ever seen?!?😍😍😍 These two bugs are 5 months old today! Where is the time going?!? I knew it would fly by, but I didn't know that it was this fast!!! 😭 BOYS, you are everything daddy and I prayed for, hoped for, wished for, dreamt of, and longed to have in our arms. You are literally the faithfulness of God staring us in the face day after day. You are dreams fulfilled, heartaches mended, tears dried, joy restored,hope found, desire fulfilled, longing obtained, mourning turned to dancing. I can't look at you or hold you without my heart almost exploding out of my chest. My love for you is fierce and unlike any love I've ever felt. You are my treasure. I knew one day we would meet. I didn't know when it would be... but deep down I knew the Lord had promised you to me. I knew there was two of you. I knew that I would one day meet these "twins" these children of mine that the Lord had promised over me. I didn't know however, how much you would change my life. How much you would captivate my heart and have me hanging on your every little breaths. How can you boys do what you do? You carry such incredible influence. You are atmosphere changers. You've ministered to my heart daily. You've changed my way of thinking. You've sharpened me, challenged me, and uprooted the yucky stuff still hanging around. You are my biggest joy. My most prized possessions. My heart is YOURS forever and ever.. and I would do anything for you. You're my two best buddies... and you've stolen my heart. I love you more than you could ever dream or imagine or think. No one can love you like this momma loves you. I will forever praise God for you August and Finn. You are my miracles! 😭 #gahhhhhimamess #ivftwins #ivfjourney #ivfsuccess #twins #hope #augustandfinn

When your 5 month olds are both teething, you're by yourself, and you've already cried your mascara off.... best friends to the rescue!!! Found fries and sweet tea on my doorstep. @whitsauder you're the best! 😘💁🏼#momsofinstagram #mombomb #twinning #iateafewfriesbeforeirealizedihadpooponmyhands

HEYYYYY there blue eyes. ❤️#twins #twinning #twinboys #augustandfinn

These two water bugs had a blast kicking and splashing at the pool today. 💦They LOVED the water and I'm almost positive they are gonna grow up to be surfers, scuba divers, or Michael Phelps wannabe's. We played hard.. which makes for some good solid sleep.
Swimming + baths + sleepyize oil rubbed on the feet + Seedlings lavender lotion rolled all over the rolls (Finn takes a little more 😉) + peace and calming EO diffusing in the bedroom = Momma's potent knockout nighttime punch. 👊🏼 #heyyyyyyy #augustandfinn #mommaknowsbest #twinmomma #twinboys

Nash Nash Nash peeps!
Who's coming to try all the new YL makeup, get free oil scan, and eat chick fila, drink lemonade, enjoy a cup of @highbrowbrew coffee and eat homemade Ningxia red popsicles?!?!? 🤗🙋🏼🙌🏼Bring the family! Should be fun!!

Oh sweet Finn🐻it's tub time. #augustandfinn

Oh August. 😍#augustandfinn

In all their naked glory. Took these two to the hotel we stayed at when we were undergoing IVF treatments a year ago. So surreal to sit them down in the room where we prayed and prayed for 2 weeks, asking the Lord for them. It was in this Hyatt that I did my last and final shot. It was in this hotel room where we came back to rest after they were implanted. It felt like home for those two weeks. So it was super special to bring the boys here. #homeawayfromhome #twins #twinboys #twinning #ivftwins #augustandfinn

Summer book club is underway. Insert all the happy feels. 🤗Tea in hand and babies are sleeping. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼👊🏼 I am pumped to read this with all my girls and team! Sooooo good! I never thought I would do something like this. Work from home by sharing about what I love?! Who gets to do that?! MEEEE! #ilovemyjob #yleo

Four months old today!!! Say whattttttt?????!! These two are literally changing every single day. I can't take enough pictures to capture it all! Sucking on their hands, chewing on their toys, holding their toys on their own, tummy time, and sitting up and playing in walkers to name a few! I just can't believe it. AUGUST👉🏼You are hilarious, filled with smiles and crazy sounds, you suck on your tongue and squeeze every single toy like you want to break it, you want to stand and not sit, you are almost rolling over and you are moving across the floor with your wiggle skills. I no longer trust you on the couch! 😂 You stare at me with the sweetest grins and make me feel like I'm your queen. I love your passion for life. You thrive with people around and love music and noise. You're also the sweetest while you fall asleep, having to have your hands at your face or hugging a lovey, or my hand. It just melts me and I love you so much. FINN👉🏼You are cooing up a storm lately and sound like a little owl, you make the silliest faces that make us laugh pretty hard, you seem to always be winking at me and I love it. You are learning that you have feet and are starting to notice them, you love to throw your left arm around like crazy and smack your sides, you wiggle in your swaddle like a penguin when I put you in it at night 😂, your hair is coming in and it's so fuzzy. You love to be held and snuggle, you chew on your hands and love to splash the water in the tub. You're sensitive, and don't like loud noises, and I love your sweet and gentle spirit. You make my heart skip every time you give me kisses and touch me. You are such a lover, and I love you to pieces son. ❤️❤️❤️ #augustandfinn

Today is a day that I know my sweet husband, if he was honest with you, feared would never happen for him. It was a day, a moment, and a desire he thought was gone forever. BUT JESUS. JESUS made a way. The perfect Father, our Heavenly Father, blessed us with not one, but TWO miracles. He not only fulfilled my husbands desire to be a father, but he poured out a blessing of abundance. An inheritance was given. Where once emptiness resided, was now replaced by a deep and great joy. Ben.. LOOK. Look at this picture. Look at what you are holding. You're holding your sons! Your inheritance. They look like YOU. They are from you and the biggest gift from our father. August and Finn will grow to be mighty men of God because they have a father who already leads them with great integrity, passion, and kindness, and shows them daily how a FATHER loves his children. Today marks a day of God's great faithfulness. Happy Fathers Day love. We 3 love you. @bendavisnashville

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