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Chris Chavez 

For Christmas I looked at Isaiah 9:6. What really sticks out to me is the use of adjectives in this verse, "WONDERFUL counsellor", "The MIGHTY God", "The EVERLASTING king". Passionate Christians aren't celebrating so much just the birth of Christ (which yes we are) but also the meaning of what was being given to us that night. More than a king but God himself ruling in our hearts as King in everything after he would laydown his life to have Him. Like a man in love with a woman and would give anything to have her back, it was God being the relentless one winning his bride back to himself. We celebrate the beginning of that pursuit he had planned the day we hid from him in the garden. So he's won us back lets love him back by letting him rule in our hearts as King today towards others. God bless Merry CHRISTmas

Buenos Dias Cancun #GodIsGood

Met this little friend from re-awaken Kennels #pitbull #puppy #wanttotakehimhome

Sunday afternoon. Back porch, sweet tea, and The Word. #texassummer #SundayVibe #Gospel

My homie lol Saturday morning on the porch. Just need a glass of sweet tea and this would be a southern moment lol #pitbull #texas

It's called a plumcot it a plumb and an apricot combined. So good and refreshing, these things are from the throne room of God I'm telling you hahahaha #mornings

View from the monitor board .

Does anyone else drive somewhere and sit in their car for lunch lol I enjoy the silence and privacy I ask bc a row of cars are next to me w ppl sitting, eating and on their phone also hahaha #hermit #feedingtime

Morning cup of joe #mornings

Eating sushi! Lol I've acquired the taste hahaha #PopsBday

Ephesians is quickly becoming one of my favorite books in the Bible. Something about knowing that I can rest and say, hey I can't and unable but someone can and is able and willing for me. #Jesus #PerfectLove Being a believer in Jesus isn't just a get out of jail free card, there's so much more to it, it's the ability to be supernaturally Transformed from the inside and for ppl to Give God glory for the change they see. It's the ability now to come to God with all your issues and not be worried did I meet the requirements to be blessed and so and for him to hear me and much much more.

Chumlee giving me the stank eye hahah ppl are afraid of him sometimes he's a baby lol