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The Teacher
When Moses pleaded, and Yahweh agreed at last to let the people
hear His voice,

it's said that he allowed each person to hear what each could hear
to the very brim of that and no more.
Afterwards the people said, Please Moses, from now on you listen.
We don't want to hear it. You do the talking and listening now.
Being with the teacher was like that
as though he were a book too difficult to read.
So, I thought I had to become more than I was, more than I'd been.
but that wasn't it. It seemed rather that
something had to go. Something had to be let go of.
It wasn't that I saw something new—or saw suddenly into him,
not that, not ever
but that the room itself, whatever room we might be standing in,
assumed an astonishing clarity:
and the things in the room: a table, a cup, a meowing cat. --//-- [a poem by Marie Howe and a full moon in a palm tree - two gifts from my annual retreat.]

"Peace is an easy word to say, but a hard thing to find. Peace is presence. Presence is hard work. To bring peace we need relationships, resources, opportunities and trust. We can pray for peace. But we still have more work to do!" Thanks to the Dolores Mission crew for showing up for peace in our streets last night. I head to my annual retreat today excited to come home and continue the work! #NationalNightOut #MarchForPeace #MarchaPorLaPaz @doloresmissionschool

I love you LA...I'll be back in a week...keep it real while I'm gone. #spiritualexercises #8DaysInTheCave

Padre Ted, trabajador...del techo hacia el cielo. #DoloreMission

La luna y Los Angeles.

Home visit = Polish food. 🤤

Morning prayer at the beach. An old friend showed up to keep me company. If you've never heard my ladybug beach story, buy me a drink some day and I'll be happy to share. For now just know that I take this as a very good sign. 😉🤗🐞

My dear friends Jimmy, Coley and their adorable daughter Lily did me the great honor of testifying about my suitability for the priesthood in our evening prayer tonight. It was, and always has been, a real privilege to wash their feet. #youknowthatiloveyou #jesuitswestordinations #jesuitswest

View from the novitiate oratory where I spent the last few days. #placestopray #nuestrasenoradeguadalupe #prayforus

"You know everything. You know that I love you." #ordination 10-june-17 #beforeyouknowit #adondevoyyaque

Licensed to theologize! Gracias a Dios por estos buenos compañeros, maestros ignacianos y teólogos espirituales. No podría haberlo hecho sin su apoyo y buen humor! Enhorabuena Negro y Nelson!

So my Jesuit superiors have spoken. I've got a new mission. Her name is Dolores.

If you haven't heard from me in a while...it's because I'm trying to finish up my degree here in Madrid so I can get back to LA in time for my ordination in June and begin my new job at Dolores Mission in Boyle Heights shortly after. Thanks for your prayers in all of that. As you can imagine...it's a full time. Full of gratitude for the last few years. Full of work for the next couple of months. And full of hope for the many good things ahead. #ThisJesuitLife

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