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Last week our students spent their winter expedition at @jackcreekpreservefoundation studying snow science. Here Nev is recording snowpack data from her group’s snow pit. #snowscience #bozemanfieldschool #jackcreekpreserve #experientiallearning #fieldscience

Students in Tory's yoga and philosophy class spent January term practicing yoga and meditation, visiting a local studio, and discussing the history of yoga and yogic philosophy with friends of the school. On their last day of class, @texelfederyoga led students in chanting and taught them about the harmonium, an instrument she uses during her yoga classes. We are grateful not only to Texel, but also to @youryogabozeman and @jasonkechely for sharing their knowledge, experience, and wisdom! #bozeman #bozemanfieldschool #experientiallearning #yoga

Students in Kristen Wolf's Cooking Around the World course have been getting the opportunity to learn from some of the best chefs and food experts in the Gallatin Valley. At Olivelle they made Tex Mex bison chili with Portuguese piri piri spice; at The Hummingbird's Kitchen they made Chinese food; with Sabor51 they made Peruvian swai fish ceviche, tomato and mozzarella empanadas, and "Alfajores" cookies; and with Lois Avci they made muhammara, hummus, poached eggs in a garlic yoghurt, dried black olives, and Turkish shepherd salad. We are so grateful for our partnerships with all these knowledgeable and generous people, and for the gift of delicious food from all over the world! #bozeman #bozemanfieldschool #experientiallearning @olivellefinefoods @hummingbirdskitchen

January term at Bozeman Field School is in the middle of its second week, and students have been learning a wide variety of skills: how to make delicious Mediterranean food (thanks to the kind and generous folks over at Olivelle), how to make it rain using an Augmented Reality sandbox, and how to use traditional Nordic skiing technique. While cross-country skiing near our campus at Bridger Creek Golf Course, it occurred to our students that it's possible to ski on trails all the way from our front door to the East Gallatin Recreation Area, meaning that our school has the rare distinction of being a place where you can ski directly from school to a beach. Not only that, but we're the kind of school where such a thing might occur during regular school hours! #experientiallearning #bozeman #bozemanfieldschool #cookingclass #nordicskiing #augmentedreality

January term at Bozeman Field School is a three-week session when students have the opportunity to explore specific topics in a deep way, and when faculty get to teach subject matter outside of their narrow areas of expertise. During our first week of January term, the Augmented Reality class built a desktop computer; the Ceramics class learned how to work with clay on a pottery wheel; and the Strength & Conditioning class took a field trip to the "M" trailhead and went showshoeing on the Bridger Foothills Trail. Check back for more social media updates on our exciting J-term offerings! #experientialeducation #bozeman #bozemanfieldschool #ceramics #augmentedreality #snowshoeing

The students in Jason Kechely's music class recently went on field trips to two local music studios: Peach Street, home of Live from the Divide; and Jake Fleming's studio, known affectionately to many Bozeman musicians as "The Shed." While at Jake's studio, our students got to play with Ableton Live and some other electronic music software and co-composed and co-created their own live recording. They picked out most of the effects, helped compose melody and lyrics, and created the vocal tracks. Jake provided production and post-production. Check out the song they made, with help from Jason and Jake: #experientialeducation #bozeman #jakefleming #theshed #songinaday #bozemanfieldschool #musiceducation

From this week’s student-written update on happenings at BFS:
Recently the Humanities classes began reading Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony, a novel about a Laguna Pueblo soldier named Tayo returning from World War II with PTSD. The book documents Tayo's struggle to distinguish between reality and his memories. Ceremony is a challenging read, both because the ideas and themes it contains are difficult, and because of the format itself. Reading the book has been made easier because Jim, the Humanities teacher, has broken the book into small chapters that can be more easily comprehended. In each Humanities class, the students are given a packet that they are to read before the next class. Each student may then read the packet on their own time, and annotate it. Sometimes Jim reads the book aloud in class, and students listen to each chapter and discuss when they find a passage that interests them. Classroom discussions have opened up the novel and its historical and cultural context in ways that make it inviting and accessible. - Liberty Sheckleton

This has been a big week for community-based studies at Bozeman Field School! This afternoon the students in the Sheep to Shawl course visited Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Company, where they received a tour of their operation from co-owner and operator Becky Weed. They learned all about the process of cleaning, carding, and spinning wool into yarn, as well as the challenges of running a business that strives to treat employees, customers, and the environment fairly and sustainably. They also got to meet and pet a friendly burro!

Yesterday morning our students spent a snowy morning looking for evidence of fire along the Sourdough Trail, taking tree core samples, and learning from a team of specialists with the U.S. Forest Service who are at work on an updated forest management plan for our region. #bozeman #bozemanfieldschool #experientialeducation #yarn #burro #sourdoughtrail #treecoring

In the coming weeks, Bozeman Field School's website and social media accounts will be featuring student-written updates about what they've been learning in school. See this week's updates below!

1. BFS Bouldering wall: A group of Bozeman Field School students have designed and are building a bouldering wall for the garage space in our school. The five students working on this project, despite somewhat limited time, have nearly completed the frame. The wall has provided students with a fun teambuilding exercise that's proven beneficial for the whole school. BFS faculty have handed almost every aspect of the project━design, selecting materials, figuring out how to attach pieces and at what angles━to the students. Once our wall is completed, we will have a fun place to get exercise and develop our rock climbing skills, and we’ll have the pride of knowing that we did nearly all the work ourselves. - Reece Reibel

2. Wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone: Last week, Bozeman Field School traveled to Yellowstone National Park where we learned about the controversial topic of wolf reintroduction. Wolf reintroduction was an important time in Yellowstone’s past, as it has added considerable tourism to the park. On Wednesday we hiked into the hills behind the Lamar Valley Buffalo Ranch in Yellowstone to see the Rose Creek wolf reintroduction pen. This was one of the four pens that were built over a period of two years for introducing wolves from Canada into the park and it is the only remaining pen in Yellowstone. Joshua, an instructor at Yellowstone Forever Institute, told students stories about some of the wolves that lived in the pen, and invited them to explore on foot this important piece of the park’s history. Inside the pen we saw a den dug by wolf number 9 while in captivity. Number 9 was held in the pen twice, and was the grandmother of the 06 female, an important wolf in Yellowstone’s past. Students left the pen with a greater understanding of what wolf reintroduction meant to Yellowstone, and a connection to the wolves that briefly called the pen their home. - Liberty Sheckleton #experientiallearning #boulderingwall #bozeman #bozemanfieldschool

Bozeman Field School returned at the end of last week from our second expedition, a visit to Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding environs. We spent our first day at the Anderson Ranch in the Upper Tom Miner Basin, where we learned about innovative cattle management strategies designed specifically for co-existence with the wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem such as wolves and grizzly bears. For the next four days we partnered with the Yellowstone Forever Institute, who delivered exciting, hands-on lessons on the hot spot geology around Mammoth Hot Springs; the history and folklore of the Yellowstone area; Park Service management of bison, elk, and wolves; and how to get involved in citizen science initiatives designed to benefit both wildlife and the people living in the Yellowstone region. We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful, biologically rich ecosystem, as well as people doing important and meaningful work, right in our backyard!

This afternoon Sam’s algebra class finished construction of their parabolic solar death ray. Their reign of destruction began by partially melting a paper plate left over from last night’s open house. #math #algebra #parabola #bozemanfieldschool #bozeman #experientialeducation

Last week Bozeman Field School's science class went on a field trip to Bridger Bowl, where we studied ecological communities in the Bridger Mountains through field observations near treeline. We enjoyed some magnificent fall weather for our field activities! #bozeman #bozemanfieldschool #experientialeducation #fieldscience #treeline #ecologicalcommunities

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