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Bozeman Field school  Place based. Global minded. Community centered. We are Bozeman Field School.

Today in Tory’s science class, students conducted a deformation box inquiry lab showing compressional forces involved in faulting and folding, two important processes involved in mountain building. As part of the lab, students experienced firsthand the result of working with materials of varying densities to show how geologic layers compress, fold, and fracture—all with the Bridger Mountains, holding their own story of forming and faulting, as real-life backdrop to their experiments. #bozemanfieldschool #geology #bridgermountains #experientialeducation #sciencelab

Most days at Bozeman Field School begin with a morning meeting, in which we might share useful information, briefly discuss current events, read a poem or story, try a guided meditation, or play a game. This morning we played an improv game called Family Portrait, in which groups posed for a "portrait" based on an assigned prompt (for example, "Iconic Species of Yellowstone" or "Yearbook Photo for High School Shuffleboard Team"). They're not allowed props aside from what they're already wearing. Can you guess the theme for either of these portraits? #improvgames #familyportrait #bozemanfieldschool #experientialeducation

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from people new to our program is "What do you mean by place-based education?" To begin to answer that question, we might turn to poet, farmer, philosopher, and activist Wendell Berry, who has said, "If you don't know where you are, you don't know who you are." Or we might look to the kinds of work that engages students with meaningful projects happening within our ecological and cultural communities. Here Kayla W. learns to use telemetry equipment to track and study bison in Yellowstone National Park. This activity was part of a citizen science initiative to help scientists and park managers better understand the movements and dietary habits of one of the iconic species of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. @ynpforever #placebasededucation #yellowstonenationalpark #citizenscience

Interdisciplinarity is at the heart of a Bozeman Field School education. Interdisciplinary studies is not a gimmick or passing trend in education; we see it as an accurate reflection of the kinds of challenges our world faces today. Solving problems in areas such as food security, health care, gender equality, habitat and diversity loss, and water scarcity will not be the sole domain of experts within a narrow field of study. Rather, effective problem solving will require flexible thinkers who can understand the scale and complexity of these issues, and who can tackle them using a variety of tools. That is why our science and humanities classes last spring teamed up on a watershed project that brought together ecology, hydrology, history, economics, and cultural studies to deepen each student's understanding of a watershed on which they chose to focus their research. This project culminated in a poster presentation of each student's findings. Here Charlie G. poses with her poster on the Madison River. #bozemanfieldschool #experientiallearning #watershedproject #madisonriver #interdisciplinarity

Each school year, Bozeman Field School students participate in four week-long expeditions. These trips provide opportunities for students and teachers to get to know each other, and to develop communication and leadership skills. We also become acquainted with a variety of cultural and natural environments through field-based studies and explorations. Last year's first expedition was a canoe trip through the spectacular Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument, with side trips to see some incredible coulees and bluffs along the Missouri River. Our first upcoming expedition this fall takes us to the amazing Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness, featuring some of Montana's most beautiful alpine lakes and knife-edged arêtes. We can't wait to get started in less than a month! #bozeman #bozemanfieldschool #experientialeducation #placebasedlearning #canoeing #anacondapintlerwilderness

Last month several BFS faculty attended the Traverse Conference at @watershed_school in Boulder, Colorado. Among the many exciting and enriching workshops offered at the conference was one co-led by @dmccurdy entitled "True North Hack: (Re)designing Your Work Life." Through a series of value-sorting and journey-mapping exercises, this experience helped participants to redefine, recalibrate, and align the values and practices that inform our teaching and school leadership. Many thanks to Dalton and her co-facilitator Kirsten Blake for leading this excellent session, and a huge shout-out to the Watershed School for hosting this valuable opportunity for collaboration and connection with educators from all over the country! #tvrse18 #bozemanfieldschool #experientialeducation #truenorthhack

Last week Bozeman Field School took a field trip to Gallatin Valley Botanical, where Matt and Jacy generously spent a soggy Friday morning showing us their ever-expanding operation. We got to see lambs that were less than a day old, met their pigs and chickens, toured their greenhouses, and walked along the banks of Rocky Creek, swollen with snowmelt and recent rains. We are grateful to Matt and Jacy, as well as @gvfarmtoschool, who partner with local farms to provide educational programs to schools like ours. Our students left the farm buzzing with ideas about how to deepen their relationships with local farmers and how to live more sustainably! Photo credit: @finnleft #experientiallearning #bozeman #bozemanfieldschool

Last week our students attended the Environmental Leadership Summit at Ted Turner's @flyingdranch , where they learned about grizzly bears, bison, wolves, and cutthroat and rainbow trout, as well as initiatives in the Gallatin Valley to promote recycling, composting, forest fire mitigation, and sustainable farming. Many thanks to the folks at the ranch for welcoming us, and thanks also to @gvfarmtoschool for teaching us about the important work they do. We are inspired by the members of our community who help us take care of the beautiful land in and around our home valley! #bozemanfieldschool #experientialeducation #environmentalleadership #spanishcreek #compost

This week Bozeman Field School participated in a stream restoration project on a section of Jack Creek near Ennis. In the weeks before we arrived, workers had used earthmoving equipment to reroute several bends in the creek, and volunteers had gathered willows and cottonwoods and planted them along the banks for erosion control. Our task on this final day of the project was to help protect these young trees from browsing animals and to ensure that they had enough water to get established. Some students became zip-tie experts, while others provided life-giving water to young saplings. Many thanks to @madison.conservation.district and @madisonvalleyranch for allowing us to participate in this important project! #bozeman #bozemanfieldschool #streamrestoration #jackcreek #ziptiesfordays

Last week our students spent their winter expedition at @jackcreekpreservefoundation studying snow science. Here Nev is recording snowpack data from her group’s snow pit. #snowscience #bozemanfieldschool #jackcreekpreserve #experientiallearning #fieldscience

Students in Tory's yoga and philosophy class spent January term practicing yoga and meditation, visiting a local studio, and discussing the history of yoga and yogic philosophy with friends of the school. On their last day of class, @texelfederyoga led students in chanting and taught them about the harmonium, an instrument she uses during her yoga classes. We are grateful not only to Texel, but also to @youryogabozeman and @jasonkechely for sharing their knowledge, experience, and wisdom! #bozeman #bozemanfieldschool #experientiallearning #yoga

Students in Kristen Wolf's Cooking Around the World course have been getting the opportunity to learn from some of the best chefs and food experts in the Gallatin Valley. At Olivelle they made Tex Mex bison chili with Portuguese piri piri spice; at The Hummingbird's Kitchen they made Chinese food; with Sabor51 they made Peruvian swai fish ceviche, tomato and mozzarella empanadas, and "Alfajores" cookies; and with Lois Avci they made muhammara, hummus, poached eggs in a garlic yoghurt, dried black olives, and Turkish shepherd salad. We are so grateful for our partnerships with all these knowledgeable and generous people, and for the gift of delicious food from all over the world! #bozeman #bozemanfieldschool #experientiallearning @olivellefinefoods @hummingbirdskitchen

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