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Bet you’re all glad I’ve stopped ranting about a legacy artist I love and you’re too young to know bands from that era anyways + you only listen to Charlie Puth and Nick Jonas and that’s ok and I still love you and I’m also just kidding so here’s Sophie wearing a beautifully pensive expression on her front-facing head-orb whilst swimming (tho’ actually that’s more ‘bewilderment’, huh).

One of my favorite songs ever: “Explain” from @jeremyeknight’s epic, low-fi, 90’s, life-changing, indie record “Return of the Frog Queen” here at @clubdadadfw. So amazing to see @buffler playing guitar tonight! He played on our worship team back in the day; used to come over and hang all day Sunday, sometimes spending the night Saturday. We also ran into the dudes in the band Lewis tonight (amazing, influential band from DFW. We booked them at our club, BrewTones in the day) and caught up. Don’t think that @midlakeband didn’t come up in convo’s. All of you friends who were a part of that Deep Ellum scene get it. Such a rich group of friends representing an entire world of experiences and memories; ones we’re all so thankful for. 🙏🏻 Jeremy E. for all the music. “Ghosts” is amaaaazing. The End.

Epic night. Not an epic photo :). No words to describe how emotionally and musically powerful @jeremy_enigk (upper right) was on his 1996 solo album, “The Return of the Frog Queen” tonight with full band/strings featuring our old buddy @buffler (lower left) on electric guitar. He asked us if we were coming but failed to mention he was in the band :)! And that’s our dear old friend, Tim Turley, on the left (he goes back sooooo early; was at @Eisley’s first bar gig in Denton, etc.) with Dufus DuPree... and (I know no one cares about any of this so this is mostly for our close friends and family) lower right is @clonathanjark, another super dear friend (ran monitors for us in the Brand New tour). @sdupreebemis and I reminisced about the endless special moments and relationships we all shared over sooo many years. Tonight was surely one of them.

Daddy/Daughter date tonight at @clubdadadfw. We’re sooo excited to see @jeremy_enigk perform this classic record with strings. Sherri and I saw Sunny Day Real Estate at Deep Ellum Live together in 2000 (Rising Tide Tour). @sdupreebemis

1. Aunt’s kisses rule (ok, and so do daughter’s) 2. Classic ladder-licking is encouraged 3. You can’t fake a smile like that (or have eyes that big) 4. Wait, she’s blonde now? - with no lipstick? Who is this kid!? 5. A boy and his time out. #coleman18footpoolwithgrandkids

Charlie, growing out his sprawlimbs in the very arms of @christiedupree

Snippilogue of Lucy showing Charlie her drawings.

Occasionally, I don’t feel displaced in the evolution of societal change. Saturday we worked outside in the back yard, Weston & fam’ came over to help, we shoveled dirt for a new above-ground pool, the kids had heaps of fun playing in the dirt pile, there were wheel barrel rides, and we ate sandwiches outside on the deck... the kids ate ice cream (in ice cream cones). It felt like something my parents or my grand parents would have done. It reminded me of the early 60’s. Obviously there’s a lot about those days that weren’t so great. Much has changed for the better. But I can’t help but feeling we’ve lost small pieces of the past (life, culture) that were important. Not all traditions are bad. People used to sing on porches, get together just to eat watermelon, help each other build fences... families stuck together, neighbors invited newcomers over to eat, etc. In a world where progressive seems to overshadow every other value, guess I’m just saying - I cherish the experiences that remind me about what was good about ‘the good old days’. Closing thought: if Norman Rockwell we’re still alive, what would he paint?

Coraline trying on a sweet hand-me-down, ballet dress from her 2nd cousin, @thehappiestopossum. Wait, she’s my brother’s kid. MY niece. My kid’s cousin. So, 2nd cuz’ to Coraline, right? That whole cousin downline thing stumps me. Cousinhood could have been so simple. Or is it simple and I’m just dumber than a stump? Don’t answer. It feels like a nomenclatious prank. Once I have to involve ‘once removed’ I start to fidget, stare, and pluck about... just before making mutterances about my favorite childhood goat. Thanks Genene. 💤

I’m probably the only one who’ll appreciate this but right before this happened, Coraline was totally cracking Phoenix up. I think she was doing ‘peekaboo’. But by the time I got over there to capture it, she decided it was time to make a scary face complete with scary noises instead. I’m just loving the transformation of Karsyn’s amazing expression as she watches Coraline ‘go ghoul’. 😂 Bonus round = Lucy giving Charlie kisses. @wldrnessa @sdupreebemis

Happy Birthday @jessiedupree! So blessed to have the best daughters-in-law that money can buy. Hey, I’m broke but I got the best. There might be a son-in-law too but he pays me to be his father-in-law. 🤪 I digress. Jessie, you’re amazing!!! 😍 [Actual caption: “2 babes trade’n babes”. Alt’ Caption: “Wait, you’re not my mommy!”] @wldrnessa @maxbemis

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