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Glad this girl was born... (today in 1960)! 💕 I love and enjoy her more every year.

Our airport is cute.

Possibly the most undervalued rivet on the planet. And it doesn’t hold anything together. Drummers have to do that. #sizzlecymbal #ifonlymypicwasascoolasmycaption

In route to @posadoscafe. Some sort of sticky hard candy popsicle you dip in sugar... and Coraline wanted it. Lucy, reluctant, opted to share. Apparently the simple, cleanest, most equitable choice was to divvy out the 2 components between the 2 parties. 😆

A split second after I snapped this, he jumped up and lunged (full monster) at me with a loud, resounding roar. Could’ve have had something to do with the fact that I was hovering over him like an annoying Poppyrazzi while he was watching Power Rangers. #josiahwolfdupree

She held her baby (never let go once) for the entire time at @posadoscafe while eating her Mexican dinner, during her exploitation of Lucy’s hamburger (depicted... while mommy took her to the potty), nor while pulling the lever and eating her ice cream cone. Sidebar: my Tortilla soup 🍲 was the best in town. Oh, and my buddy and I @brenthaleillustration did the Posados logo way back in the day when they were just 1 local restaurant.

Happy Birthday to my amazing, sweetheart daughter, Stacy (pic 100% ripped-off-and-mildly-edited-from-Baby-spam this morning. Sweet selfie of you and Solenne btw). I love you! 😘. Miss y’all! 😢 @sucremusic

Lucy & Paschal watchin’ some TV t’nite.

Caught them in car seats, post-ballet > ready for toy store run. Ugh 😍. Grand daughters telling stories/making a fuss over me ... there’s no words.

Re-post, just in case some of you haven’t seen our 1930’s-40’s, 14’ ceiling, renovated, downtown design studio, filled with old advertising relics & machines. We’re coming up on 30 yrs. in biz’. I think I’ve been with my friend/partner, Craig Hanson, for 27 of those. What a blessing. So many projects... so much fun. And it continues. FYI - I’m not, NOT giving up on ‘grandkid pics’; it’s just, none have really turned out very amazing lately. I mentioned before, I think I’m spending more time talking to them and less time photographing them. 🤷‍♂️ I still have the strong urge to continue documenting and storytelling though. More soon. Today was horrible. Understatement. And to be honest, I don’t think I can really add anything to the myriad of thoughtful posts today. 🙏🏻’ing for those families who lost loved ones is about all I got. Note: Tom Petty sure made a musical mark on this world didn’t he. Wow. At worship rehearsal tonight, we ended with a resounding tribute - “I Won’t back down.” Seemed fitting. RIP Tom.

They finally discovered we had an upper deck Friday night. I was amused by the fact that they never asked about the blocked off stairs from below or ask where the back door in the upstairs laundry room led to. Like a couple-a Alice's in Wonderland 😆.

And my wife says I'm no handyman... 🙄. Oh, I beg to differ. What if I am actually one of only 10 humans in the entire world to do this? Would you believe 5? So I'm practically the smartest handyman in the universe. Unless there are aliens. They could be smarter. Compound eyes. Huge head for more brains. Not fair. I get to be the smartest. And I am, perhaps because once, for example, I had to hang a small piece of sheet rock in our bathroom at the house we rented for 10 years cuz the commode rotted the plywood floor and fell through to the ground. Anyway, the sheet rock didn't really fit and was reassessed back too far so I bought a bucket of "mud" and blobbed ample amounts 'atop the rock' (is that a saying in the construction biz? ) to make it look right. I kept smoothing and bobbing and smoothing and blobbing. The more I applied, the more it started running down the wall to the floor. I couldn't figure out why whoever invented sheet rocking and mudding were such idiots. This was SURELY the stupidest idea EVER in the construction industry. My family laughed to tears when they found me in there cussing at the wall as the thick, oozing blob of mud made its way to the floor. My sister-in-law @parrishdup got the biggest kick out of it. She reminds at least once a year of how I should stick to the digital world. Yeah right. Hope she sees this post. She's probably feeling pretty dumb about now. 😆 The End.

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