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Sherri's girls - from some night this week... (pretzels and Justin Time if I remember correctly). How can it be the weekend already? Movie time with @kimbrtones (at home) 😍, then back to work πŸ™„. #lucyjeanbemis #coralinemaebemis

Jessica ascending. @stanleysfamous @jessiedupree

All weekend, Lucy begged to "pet" Solenne. @sucremusic ❀️ [note to Instagrammers: my photos are looking more ordinary lately because I'm not taking nearly as much time to shoot zillions of pics to get the one that looks great. On top of that, I'm not really taking the same amount of time to edit. I'm just trying to enjoy the moment rather than 'capture' the moment].

Solenne enjoying sweet potatoes on Father's Day. #solenneeliseking #angelbaby

I guess they love me or something. I don't get it 😘. Just look at what I raked in. A custom POP-POP T-shirt, Barista Parlour swag, bags of coffee... gut shots and creature pins? And let's not forget my new BBQ grill that exactly matches the 20 yr old one that was decrepit but still worked even tho' Todd dropped off his truck about 4 years ago and bent it all up (and insisted he buy me a new one but I refused just so I could remind him and mock him every time we cooked on it πŸ˜†). Anyway - Christie helped pick out the sweet @baristaparlor merch so she gets big cred'. Now, every time I drink from this mug, I'll think of Stacy and @christiedupree because, well... they are my daughters who moved off 😩 and I miss them every day. Also, because Christie works at the Golden Sound barista parlor near downtown Nashville. If you're from there, go look at her; she's cute and funny and amazing. @laroseguitars, if you're reading this, you can have that old busted up grill πŸ˜†. Thanks @sucremusic @sdupreebemis and EVERYONE of my kids and grandkids for the sick hang yesterday. I'm still reeling from the epicness of the folk and the food. Weston, thanks for setting up the pit and grilling. Best chicken we've had to date. The end. P.S. Support your local @porchculturecoffee cuz they rule.

Trying to get enough Scarlett time in before she returns to Beardedhipsterville, Tennersee.

Father's Day 2017. Huge day. Chauntodd left early for Florida but I got a big hug/kiss. tmi. New BBQ pit, amazing food. Note: when a I pulled out my 1989/90 Paul McCartney world tour shirt, I didn't know today was his 75th birthday.

My amazing Dad and Grandad (1950?). I hope you all had a dad as great as mine. He was and is the kindest, sincere, faithful, loyal, guy around. But if you didn't grow up with a great role model, it's not too late to build a heritage of great fatherhood. Start with yourself. Your kids and their kids' kids will be blessed. Happy Fathers Day, Dad... and to all the amazing fathers in my family... and BEYOND. Love you all.

Scarlett in town πŸ’” (with her little sis')! @sucremusic @dkthedrummer

For me, it's not only about the "kids will say the darnedest" moments. I just LOVE talking to them. And talking with Sophie is like hanging out with a 4 year old ChaunTodd. I love both of them so much... so, how adorable is it to hang out with their "little girl combo-clone"? πŸ˜† This is obviously true for every one of the grandkids. Some of them lean more towards persona of the mom, some toward the dad but so far, in every case, I see their younger selves in them. It's just so cool getting to hang out with 'DNA, clone-mixtures' of my kids and their spouses. I think I'm repeating myself. Anyway, the reality of this really sinks in when I accidentally call "Wolfie" - "Weston". It's not because I'm old and s_it and can't remember his name. It is completely about some kind of genetic simul-vibe that my subconscious younger Boydness is reading. Or didn't you know there was a younger YOU trapped inside your OLD HAG self? Yep. Eisenstein proved this, maybe. I'd better get out of this post before I drown you in my deep thoughts. #sophiemariedagostino @chauntelled @laroseguitars

You know how it goes; you rifle through maybe 20 snaps of some particular event and make random choices about what is goodish. The next morning getting ready for church you see one you might should have selected instead of another and start thinking about what you would say if you indulged in spamming, but you rationalize that, because you haven't really posted much lately, (which is not an indicator of spending less time with grandbabies... just the opposite: you're spending more time but taking less photos... which is more about a transition away from 'capturing' and moving towards 'experiencing'... so goes the digital revolution)... you post it. #lucyjeanbemis

Cousins born 2 weeks apart playing together as "kid Christie's" (and "besties"). πŸ˜‚ @christiedupree #lucyjeanbemis #sophiemariedagostino

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