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Foundry life.

There's really no way you can know how good he is at this. He was trained by 2 of the top guitar builders in the country (actually they aren't from our country). He built 1000's of guitars (for them) at the 1st custom guitar company in the US - Hamer. But, here's the kicker... he's been doing this 20 years; he just keeps getting better and better. All about precision, detail, master-craftsmanship, playability, tone. My son-in-law isn't messing around with this stuff. 😬 One day, I believe a huge % of guitar players will know of @laroseguitars.

3 eyes and a slug in the cage. #josiahwolfdupree

I didn't even know Sherri (@sdupreebemis) had this ep (I robbed this from her "stories" 😆) Her performance reminds me of when all the girls were young. Our family went through this folksy phase when the girls were tweens. Truth - they learned harmonies from The Judds as much as they did The Beatles. And as for the song: so, we have this friend, Kerry, who works at the foundry and at some point he gave Kim a CD of his sibling's band. I had no clue what they even sounded like (I assumed - some indie-folk iteration) but Kim told me their CD was in the car and that I should listen to it on some drive I was making. I popped in some CD, played a few songs and thought, "well that's not it". I dug around some more and never found it. Later I told Kim, "where is that cd of Kerry's band? I only found some Top 40 pop-folk band". She goes, "yeah that's it". And I said, "no… what I heard wasn't local. It was some big ass band with huge production." 😆 What the heck?! So I had to go back and listen again and again. Capital-A-mazing; and the song writing - ridiculous. Anyway, later I ran into Kerry @dbaltok at @foundrycoffeehouse and relayed the exact story. He was so gracious and humble. Now I've seen him and his family band live and honestly, I'm a little starstruck over my small town, local friends; especially after hearing them play that @truevinebrewing Open Taps (3 yr Anniversary) gig. They literally brought the house down. No, like... legit - standing ovation at the end. I think I already posted about this and it probably got a few views :). We have so much local talent in Tyler. I love it. Anyway, where was I? Oh. Sherri's room. Yep, looks amazing and she's just too cute singing into that paintbrush mic. I ❤️ my daughters. @thebrothersandsisters but check out to hear their EP. Warning, if you didn't grow up in the South, or in the country at all, you might not get this.

An ad (+ logo) I did for @Laroseguitars. See Todd’s amazing, hand-crafted, fine instruments (and play them) at booth 232-236 @dallasigf #dallasinternationalguitarfestival 📷: @jamiemphoto

Solenne & Stacy - cropped/edited/lifted from "Babies" famspam. She reminds me of one of those pretty, little, porcelain baby dolls. @sucremusic @dkthedrummer

For old school @sayanything fans. What a fun show! 😆 For those who don't know, I work with this band + my daughter, @sdupreebemis, is married to the lead singer @maxbemis. Also, @garroneisley, my nephew plays bass for both SA and @eisley.

It almost seems funny, but also amazing to me, that this band, born straight out of a Hollywood high school, is now based in #TylerTexas. @maxbemis @sayanything @foundrycoffeehouse Catch them on tour now with @baysideband!

I think everyone in our fam' has already posted but I'm sorta cooler because I'm using an alt' photo 😆. So excited for these two! Obviously also (selfishly) excited for us. Wow - 8 g-babes and 2 on the way. Score. 10 🙌🏼. @collindupree @wldrnessa @karsynkdupree 📷: @darlingjulietphoto

Pop-sickle bunny brigade clip.

Pop-sickle bunny brigade.

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