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Good work @anthony_bnb #Repost @anthony_bnb
So proud of my client/friend/ little sister @idanabati and all the progress she has made. She's camera shy but in the last several months of training she's dropped weight and greatly improved technique. Keep up the good work #fitness #fightingfit #boxing #muaythai #mma #selfdefense #kravmaga #womenwhofight

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SUFFERING// Is just discomfort met with resistance. •

I/We create our own suffering by not letting things move through us. The speed bag in boxing was always a thing for me. I wanted to learn it, but it was hard and frustrating and the more frustrated I got, the more rigid my body became and then I couldn’t do it at all. •

We have many opportunities to feel an emotion and either hold it, creating suffering in ourselves or to just let it move. To stay fluid, to keep moving through it/the day/the week/the year and ultimately it passes and then there we were. Uncomfortable but not suffering.

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Officially an elite level 2 certified boxing trainer, big thanks to @tony_jeffries @kevan_watson @glennholmesla I learned a ton from you all today game changing fitness education 🥊 #BoxNBurnCertified

Moose sporting his BNB tank today in #boxnburn Santa Monica 👌🏼 @jojnasty ##TrainHardFightEasy #BoxingLosAngelse

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The GOAT...hanging with Kobe and Ali #jkisuck

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I’ve been asked a few times to create this video, so here it is. I love the speedall! Leave any Q’s in the comments below 📱 _______________________________________________________
📖 ✏️ Learn how to teach boxing, follow -> @boxnburnacademy or DM me for more details
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Packed house today for our Level 2 @boxnburnacademy here in BNB #SantaMonica

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3 ways of working on a heavy bag
1. In the first example my focus is head movement. I mix the combinations up but make sure I move my head before and after I attack. Mostly mid-distance and on the inside. Slips, ducks, lean-backs - all of it is used in this style of bag work and the combinations are up to the fighter or his trainer/coach.
2. Number two is Tabata- this is where I have a timer set up where the bell goes off at 10 sec WORK and 20sec REST. During the rest period the goal is to just stay busy with light straight punches, and then when it’s time to work I bend my legs and throw body shots with a lot of power for 10sec - and that repeats 6 times in a row for a whole 3min round (you can do as many rounds as you want/need)
3. In the third example the whole time I work on the inside, making it dirty as if I’m in my opponents face and mixing it up between lighter shots and power shots. Working different combos and making sure I move my feet as well.
Tell me what you think of these and if you use any of these in your training. There’s obviously many more ways of working on a heavy bag, this is just three random examples, but all very effective and without a doubt will help you improve your skills. I hope y’all will like it and I’ll do more videos like this in the future.
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Working with @therealmobamba a bit leading up to the NBA draft over the last few months was a real joy. You’ve got big things coming your way and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to work with you. Excited to watch you grow, develop and shine your light at the next level & beyond. Keep killin em, my man - Hands up and use that length! •
Shout out to @samlimon_ for the dope 🎥 & @drewhanlen for trusting me with your athletes. 👊🏼

Sad news about #xxxtentacion 😞 trained in @boxnburnbrentwood a few times - #RIP #Boxnburn

Make sure you follow former Irish Champion @kerrie_bnb (Kez) and try out her footwork drill video tips 👍🏽 #Repost...... 🥊👟FOOTWORK DRILL👟🥊
A huge part of Boxing, is our feet. It’s the first thing I get asked about when doing Private Training, “how do I move my feet”.
Here’s another drill that will really help you develop great footwork.
With one leg, jump from square to square, only using that leg, and pushing off the toes as high as you can, and land on the toes without letting the heel touch the floor. Work your way up, and back through the ladder.
Switch feet.
As boxers, all or movement is done off the toes, when we move forward, we pop off the back foot and drive the front toe forward to reach for contact with the floor, pivots, moving around the ring. All movement is based off the toes. So we really need to have explosive, fast, feet, to be efficient at moving around. The calves help with this as well, so this ladder drill, really develops both calves and feet, to help build explosive push power and fast feet.
Give it a try, and I’ll stick a progression video up soon!
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