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Caitlyn Jenner & Black Mamba himself Kobe Bryant. CAPTION THIS PHOTO SIDENOTE: Hol up wait is Caitlyn 6'6" she looks the same height as Kob? 🤔 #caitlynjenner #kobe #kobebryant #nba #lakers #basketball #caitlyn #egocaptionthis #boxingego

The ski mask way look like Adrien Broner ringwalk to Granados fight LMAO! #noslippin #bitcheslikebananapeels #tryingtocatchyouslipping #boxingego

The Sharks of Wall Street. 🦈 Let's get it! #Grindin #Unstoppable #socialmediaking #boxingego #Repost @mr_camron

Yassss! Let's see if @joeboxerparker and team take the @bronzebomber challenge. Wilder throws some shade at Tyson & Hughie Fury. Thoughts? Who would win? Heavyweight Div poppin B! Lets Gooooooo! #wilderparker #deontaywilder #josephparker #hughiefury #tysonfury #boxingego

Life is hard, tell me more. 😘😍 #relationshipgoals #boxingego

Danny Garcia chillin wit Underrated ass Fabolous! Fab doesn't get enough credit for his bars and music, he been nice! Been a fan since the Clue tapes Desert Storm mixtape ish 💯 #Fab #DSG #boxingego #Repost @myfabolouslife
listen to the people in your corner, not the haters.. @dynamiteko @dannyswiftgarcia [shot by @thedonlikecheadle]

Tim Bradley said he would like to come back to a "TUNE UP" fight versus Adrien Broner. Great matchup, what do you guys think? I don't think Broner would be a tuneup tho lol, that's a real fight...Bradley's a warrior but been real inactive for no real reason, maybe other than wanting a break. He last fought April 16th, I think he's too talented in a stacked division to go so long without any scraps, my opinion. Let me know who would win. #BronerBradley #AdrienBroner #TimBradley #EGOMatchmakers #boxingego

I like it up here, gives me a chance to clear my hand. There's a certain level of blankness that allows you to simply reflect. I've calmed down at this point; just antsy to be in my homeland & get settled. Still frustrated with the poor customer service I received on the way back through Virgin America (I'll deal with that when I get home). But being up here has me reflecting on how grateful I am. You gotta take the good with the bad in this life. Although the "come home" leg of my trip was a disaster, I'm still very grateful. A few years ago I was in a real bad spot...unhappy, working for someone else's company helping them achieve their mission statement...forced to deal with the poor decisions I made, I felt bewildered & hopeless. But as always like a true ARIES, I picked myself off, dusted myself off, and gave myself that much needed pep talk. The world ain't gonna feel sorry for you. Now I get to do something I truly love, be my own boss, and dictate my own day. Like they say "If you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life." #Grateful #EasyWork #boxingego

On Crip I thought that was Tyson Fury at first glance. That ain't a punchline. When will the real Tyson Fury return? Who should he face? Tysooooooon FUUUUUUUURY. #tysonfury #boxingego

I'm probably the last person to ask for relationship advice but I do know this. If she was down for you when you had nothing and stayed while you built up your empire through the hardships the ups & downs, She is the ONE. 💍 When you're down on your luck and she can see past that and see the diamond in the rough that you're not just a deadbeat like the other guys she's clearly not in it for the money or a gold takes a strong woman to do that, to believe in you, sometimes before you even believe in yourself. If she supports your dreams, encourages your goals, and builds you up...KEEP HER. REAL is a commodity. 💯 #ego #conormcgregor #boxingego

Another delay? Yo real sh*t I might not cover boxing anymore. I might forreal snap and be in prison. Now I'm just going to harass Virgin until they get me home. Im pissed! Virgin I'm coming for you sweetie, I want their heart I want to eat their children praise be to Allah. #EGOTyson #Snapped #Virgin #VirginAmerica #DELAY #DELAYS #HorribleCustomerService #boxingego

#EGOMemes When you walk out the store and accidentally make eye contact with dude who uses that as an opening to push his new "fire" mixtape. When I was in Brooklyn this dude on the sidewalk tried to sell me some Airheads candy 🍭 he was like hey, you wanna buy some candy for "Studio Time" WTF studio you go to where candy profits can buy you studio time? LOL Your studio at LegoLand? How much studio time you get from selling three airheads? You got enough time to do one ADLIB & your minutes are up! F*ck Outta Here B! Them bars is trash if you selling miscellaneous sweets to fund it lol you got real life "Candy Bars" lmao GET IT, CANDY BARS? Now SCRAM! F*ck y'all I'm funny 😂😭😂😂 #candybars #shitstrash #SpendrickLabars #Basura #FireMixtape #Mixtape #MixtapeTrash #TrashBagJuice #WeakFlow #ShitHop #MumbleRappers #floydmayweather #juanmanuelmarquez #boxingego

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