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Lucy & Elvis & All Boxers!  Watch Elvis (rescued, born 1/08)and Lucy (born 12/30/12) grow! This is a place for Boxer ♥er's, dog ♥er's and animal ♥er's in general. Enjoy!

Not a happy king 😞 any advice appreciated. This is my soul dog Elvis. He has had a chronic cough for three months now. I have taken him to the vet where he has had blood work, a full examination, along with multiple x-rays of his chest. The diagnosis was that he is just getting a bit older and they can’t see much wrong with him. At 10 years old I don’t except that diagnosis! I have called again for a second opinion, and the thought was maybe he had a bit of bronchitis, and so we put him on Temaril which helps with inflammation and the cough. Unfortunately on and off for the last three weeks he coughs so heavily, primarily at night, that he throws up. He throws up a lot! HHe wretches and heaves nearly a dozen times. Over the last year he has developed a small fatty lump on his chest area and over the last couple months a few have popped up around his neck. The diagnosis was that they are more than likely benign and just little fatty lumps. He is a boxer and they are prone to such. The cough has been better the last week, but the last three days he still throws up very often! And a lot! Today he is very lethargic not doing much and we are headed to the vet, again! If anybody has any similar experiences or insight please share! Super stressed and I can’t lose my baby just yet 😞💔

This is what you get when you clean house. Lazy animals come out to claim their spot! #boxersofinstagram #whiteboxer #brindleboxer #kitty #elvis #lucyfur #boxerlover #boxerlife

Paint me like one of your french girls. #lucyfer #whiteboxer #boxerlover #boxersofinstagram #fatgirl #iloveher

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