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Tye Tribbett  #LiVe #MyLifeHISway Co-Founder and Pastor w/ @pinchasalt of @live_Orlando (For invitations please call 973-351-1569)

POPS WAS IN THE BUILDIN!!!! Today @live_orlando we started the service w/an interview with my dad which quickly turned into his REVIVAL!😂🕺🏾 we had a great time all day... n I’d like to again say Happy Fathers Day to Him .....AND to all of the Fathers and those who have lost their fathers🙏🏿❤️. God bless you ALL and thank you so much! #iLoveYouPops #LiVe

Slidin’ into Friday liiiiike.... #what!? • (As we bday shop 4my daughter😜) #happyfriday #liVe

#tbt ..ayyyyye 🐝🆓🤷🏾‍♂️ - #i❤️ppl ....... #liVe

#tbt my 14th bday party 😩.. FINALLY got braces but STILL teased for my “bugs bunny buck tooth beaver” teeth and OF COURSE my complexion.🕺🏾 it meant SO much to me then that it consumed my daily thoughts. Do I wear sumn bright? (Wait then they’ll tease me because of how much DARKER it makes me.) i should I wear sumn dark (wait.... then they’ll STILL tease me about how I blend in w/my clothes🤦🏿‍♂️) .. smh teasing/bullying is a VERY REAL THING! I was blessed NOT to succumb to it, yet the effects of it lasted YEARS and bled into my adulthood... insecurity is the child of bullying as is fear! I thank God for he love of my friends and family at this time that helped me celebrate my day of birth ...with my bright red shirt havin’ buck tooth black goofy self! Lol I was “accepted” in this moment, LIFTED up by my friends n family who carried me until I was strong and secure enough to stand on my own with confidence that I am chosen of God! I don’t remember what that MONDAY was like in school after this..... but I do know in THIS moment... this 14yr old Camden native was accepted n loved for who I am! To all my young ppl who may be bullied today.... I know it’s rough n you OFTEN question yourself your purpose n sometimes even your EXISTENCE! But TRUST ME!!! Your identity is in the FATHER! And once you realize you’re loved by HIM.!!??? You’ll gain strength to endure such hardness as a good soldier (2Tim. 2:3) Some things you cannot “escape” but you must “ENDURE”. It’ll make you #unstoppable in your next season!🕺🏾#happyThursday #AlreadyLOVED #accepted #verified #certified #favored #HIS🙌🏿 #liVe

#THATpart •••• we all need friends that are not “sick like us”

Shout out to all the #carry #climb #break and #bring friends!!!🙌🏿 ... tag YOURS now👇🏿 RP: @live_orlando


Got some more kul shots n vids from Friday night! #unfogettable #JESUSbePraised (thank you all for the posts tags n kind words of encouragement n love!🙏🏿 I cannot wait to be with you again! #pulse #letsgoooo #liVe

Wow! Jus looked outback n saw THIS! 🌈...... HE’s reminding myself n someone else that may see this and He’s saying “I have NOT forgotten what I’ve promised you” .... so to any and everyone who’s been long awaiting the manifestation of what God has the extent that you may be tempted to believe that it won’t even happen at this point..... God stopped you right at this post just to let you know “OH ITS STILL ON!!!” He says “I’m a covenant keeping God! And I have already DONE exactly as I have said! #promiseKeeper 🙌🏿

#aboutlastnight ‘Twas #INCREDIBLE 🕺🏾🕺🏾 God is so good! #minneapolis #anighttoremember❤️ #jusWOW (swipe to see videos😬)

🙌🏿🙌🏿🕺🏾 - Thnku guys so much for havin us!

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