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Bows & Lavender  Jessy & Brandon / Photographers / / toronto / warm and candid, cinematic and timeless, that's our jam.

This moment happened in the blink of an eye, and to be honest I can't believe I got this shot because I don't remember the bits of champagne everywhere. But I do remember Neil was soaked in champagne hahah and Court was laughing her ass off. Such a gem of a day at @steamwhistlebrewery.

Pinch me, I am SO excited. The wallpaper side hustle starts this week and my home is about to be filled with arrangements from such talented florists from across ontario. I encouraged each florist to create something that represents them, and was thinking of naming the wallpaper after them as a cute homage to their contribution. What do you think? I'll keep you posted, as to the release but for now, Woo!

My nephew used to say "don't see me, mom" when he didn't feel like talking to anyone. Who else can resonate? And sometimes, that's how we all feel. Skye is a kindred spirit, she's an introvert too. Her wedding was beyond beautiful and perfect, but I remember throughout the day she kept saying how excited she was for some downtime with her man at home and to get to spend time with him and their dog together. That's what it's all about. A wedding is what you want it to be, a marriage is what you make it.

Always make time to love fiercely. I mean, go find a stranger in the street and grab like this, I'm sure you'll make their day haha.

In the words of the James Brown.. Gee whiz, I love ya.

Wedding reception tips: candles, candles and more candles. I loved the warmth of the candlelight and harvest table set up for A & T's dinner. The wine was flowing, the food was delish and the live music set the tone for the most lovely and intimate celebration.

If you've been subject to my "sniff eachother" direction, I apologize. The results are always different for everyone haha sometimes it is confusing but it always works out in the end. Speaking of a perfect pair of sniffers, last night, Brandon & I visited these two over mulled wine and the most beautiful charcuterie. The best part was getting to hear about their honeymoon and spending time with these amazing people without any cameras, wedding plans, nothing. Just good ol' hanging out and spending time together. Goal for this year is to spend more time, unplugged and genuinely connecting with others. D & M thanks for inviting us in your home, and in your lives.

At home, just the two of you, your pets, your couch, your kitchen, your carpet, your records, your candles, your framed memories, your place, your story with your person. A home session documenting your life right now. I feel honoured when couples invite me into their home to capture their most private and intimate home life. It's one of my favorite things in the world to document and I'm hoping to open up some spots in January, if you're into it give your girl a call. I promise you won't even notice that I'm there. These two were so nervous, and I knew I needed to step back and let them take over by just being together, because that is enough and all you need to do. I've always remember this session with C and B because it was so quick and yet so impactful. Grateful to everyone, especially these two, for sharing their world with me.

I'm such a sucker for alone time and shooting the bridal portraits throughout different parts of day, instead of doing an hour long stretch of photos. I love breaking up the day and capturing pics of you with your sweet thing while giving you the opportunity to make it memorable. Some of my fave time: ten minutes right after the ceremony when you're feeling the most excited and relieved, in between dinner for a 5 minute dance at sunset when you finally get a chance to be alone and see eachother. And my favorite, at the end of the night where I pull you away for another 5 minutes. What I love about that time is you're recounting all your favorite moments as the best day of your life is so fresh in your mind. I'm currently writing a blog with tips on how to plan photos for your wedding day. If you have any questions, experiences or ideas. Leave them below! That'll be a super help to me :)

Missed focus opportunities. Ps. I had something else written but it's totally inappropriate and if you're curious you can message me.

A night ceremony with tons of candles in a photo studio; my mind has been blown. S & J are influenced by the quirks of Wes Anderson and their wedding was nothing short of such artistic vision. Thank you for inviting us along for the ride, excuse me while I go edit the night away. Tap to see all the talented vendors involved!

Dear December, you know how to make a girl feel cold. But damn, Shauna and Justin make cold look good.

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