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Bowie the Siberian Husky  'The Wolf of St Pancras' 🇫🇮🐺❤️ 📍#London Pics by @friikkiss, if not mentioned otherwise

I’ve started a fashion blog because wanted to brag about my new bag. You can now call me an influencer. 🤳🏻👜

Ladies, at the end... there’s more than enough fluff to go around 😜

I’m dirty?! Hooman, you’re a DIRTY LIAR, this isn’t fun! 📸 @nickdelaney

Getting my daily head massage 💆‍♂️ 📸 @isabella.yurtsever

I like to eat dirt. ❤️ 📸 @isabella.yurtsever

One of the most relaxing places in the world: London tube (with 0% irony).
I usually sleep the whole trip, but sometimes I just give cuddles to the rush hour travelers. 🚇

Pretty please

It’s your fault, you didn’t throw the ball!

I joined a dating site, so I’ve had lot of dates with hoomans. It’s called @borrowmydoggy. Today I was hanging out with @gegegrace. 🐺❤️

Can’t I even do my morning yoga without paparazzi taking photos of me?

Stalking some bitches in the bushes. 🌳🐺🌳 📸 @nickdelaney

When I was a pup, everyone thought I was corgi mix, because I had really short legs. ☹️ Luckily I found yoga and managed to become a real husky! #throwback 📸@samulikarala

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