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Bourbon: New Riff - Kentucky Straight Bourbon - Bottled in Bond (New Riff)
Type: KSBW - Bottled in Bond
Proof: 100.0 (50.0% ABV)
Distillery: New Riff in Newport, Kentucky
Nose: Cinnamon, mint, butterscotch and berry fruit notes.
Palate: Notes of caramel, cinnamon, citrus peel that evolves into a minty rye spice and clove.
Finish: The finish is medium in length with notes of pepper and sweet caramel.
Geek Fact: In 2014, successful entrepreneur Ken Lewis, sold his largest venture, The Party Source, and started New Riff distillery. You may recognize the New Riff name from their O.K.I. brand of bourbon which was sourced from MGP, but now four years later, New Riff is releasing their own bottled-in-bond distillate. Created from a mash bill of 65% corn / 30% rye / 5% malted barley (all non-GMO grains), New Riff Kentucky Straight Bourbon is then aged for 4 years, non chill filtered and bottled at 100 proof. Head Distiller Brian Sprance, formerly of the Boston Beer Company, utilizes a traditional sour mash which is sent through New Riff's 60-foot, copper, column still and doubler. The company has also released single barrel expressions as well as a new rye. #Cheers . . .

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This week’s post will be up tomorrow! Sorry for the delay and thanks for understanding! Cheers, Bourbon Geeks! 🥃🤓 #bourbon #bourbongeeks

Bourbon: Belle Meade Bourbon - Cask Strength Reserve - Batch 11 (Nelson's Green Brier Distillery)
Type: Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Proof: 113.8 (56.9% ABV)
Distillery: MGP Ingredients, Inc.
Nose: Spicy with a slight fruit note. Truckloads of cinnamon candy and apple. No astringency which is a surprise given the higher proof.
Palate: The palate is made for those that enjoy spiciness over sweetness. Think: an enjoyable version of the cinnamon challenge. Spicy cinnamon with the smallest hint of honey and oak. A few drops of water start to bring balance providing softer vanillas and bringing forward more of the fruit notes without sacrificing any of the spice.
Finish: Long. The finish initially consists of ripe red apple and vanilla and fades into well aged oak and earth.
Geek Fact: Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery was resurrected by Charlie and Andy Nelson, the great, great, great, grandsons of Charles Nelson who purchased NGBD back in 1870. In it’s prime, the distillery produced approximately 380,000 gallons of whiskey a year. Since reopening the distillery over 100 years after its closure due to Prohibition, Belle Meade has become a brand known for transparency and quality bourbon. The Cask Strength Reserve offering is selected from barrels whose profile fits a single barreling offering but lack the proof to become single barrels. Every batch of “Reserve” consists of seven barrels of high rye, non-chill filtered, bourbon ranging in age from 7 to 11 years old. This is bottle 785 from Batch 11. Lastly, a major hat-tip to the Tennessee Whiskey House, located in the Nashville International Airport, where I was allowed to purchase this bottle before my flight. #Cheers . . .

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!🦃 Bourbon: Jefferson's Chef’s Collaboration (Castle Brands)
Type: Blended of Straight Bourbon and Straight Rye
Proof: 92.0 Proof (46.5% ABV)
Distilled by: Not disclosed.
Nose: The rye is more prevalent than the bourbon notes showcasing anise, vanilla, oak and hints of fig and orange zest.
Palate: A very fruit forward palate with good amounts of vanilla, black cherry, oak, and cinnamon. Some caramel notes start to sneak in after the first few sips.
Finish: Long finish that starts out sweet in the middle of your palate and fades to peppery spice.
Geek Fact: Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration is the result of a nine month experiment between Jefferson's founder and Master Blender Trey Zoeller and award winning Chef Edward Lee. Both individuals noticed they enjoyed pairing bourbon and food, specifically spicier dishes like Chef Lee’s Korean fried chicken. Lee and Zoeller focused on bourbon samples with fruit forward notes; oranges, nuts, and toffee to 610 magnolia. After several months, the pair decided some spice was needed prompting them to add a 10 year old straight rye whiskey to their blend. The blend's mash bill is not disclosed but is comprised of blends containing 5, 8 and 14 year old bourbons and rye. Both Lee and Zoeller have stated that the collaboration is meant to be thought of as an ingredient to a meal; to help accentuate certain flavors just like salt does. #Cheers
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Bourbon: King of Kentucky (Brown Forman)
Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Proof: 130.5 (65.25% ABV)
Distilled at: Brown-Forman Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky.
Nose: There’s no mistaking that this is a full-proof, well-aged bourbon. While there is some astringency, the proof isn’t able to cover up notes of baking spices, raisin, dark chocolate, burnt caramel, cinnamon, and pie-crust. It’s as warming as it is inviting.
Palate: There’s a lot of heat up front, which is to be expected at 130 proof, but there’s still great notes of dark chocolate, rich fig, with a pop of rye. A little water opens up the flavor and dampens the heat to let other flavors like black cherry and vanilla shine through.
Finish: The finish is long with mild heat followed by oak, leather and black pepper. The age creates a tanic dryness almost forcing you to take another sip.
Geek Fact: King of Kentucky is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey brand that was originally started in 1881. It was acquired by Brown-Forman in 1936 and in 1940 was changed to a blended whiskey product until it was discontinued in 1968. In May of 2018, Brown-Forman decided to reintroduce the brand using distillate that had been aged for 14 years with the same mash bill as Early Times (79% corn / 11% rye / 10% malted barley). This is the firstyear’s release of King of Kentucky which was comprised of 16 barrels that were around 30% full after the aging process resulting in approximately 960 bottles being available. #Cheers

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Bourbon: Russell's Reserve Single Barrel - N.O.S.E. Selection (Gruppo Campari)
Type:  Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Proof:  110.0 (55.0% ABV)
Distilled by: Wild Turkey Distilling Company
Nose:  Loads if vanilla frosting followed by brown sugar and mint. Very pleasant nose with no astringency.
Palate:  Vanilla bean and cinnamon set aside charred oak which provides a great contrast of sweet and depth.
Finish:  Medium length finish that cascades down the palate. The finish is comprised of a great deal of peppery spice and tobacco leaf.
Geek Fact:  The New Orleans Spirits Exchange is a collective consisting of New Orleans’ own Keife & Co., James Beard Award winning bar and restaurant Cure, and some of the city’s most notable and celebrated spirits establishments. This selection was selected from Rickhouse F on the 5th floor. The mash bill is 75% corn / 13% rye / 12% malted barley and Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel selections are typically aged between 8 and 9 years. The Russell’s Reserve brand was introduced by Wild Turkey for bourbon legend, Jimmy Russell’s 45th anniversary with Wild Turkey back in 1999 by his son and current Master Distiller Eddie Russell. Eddie Russell started with Wild Turkey in 1981 and the family combined, has over 100 years of distilling experience.

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Bourbon: Fighting Cock (Heaven Hill Brands)
Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Proof: 103.0 Proof (51.5% ABV)
Distilled by: Heaven Hill Distillery
Nose: Caramel and oak with a good amount of walnut on the nose and some fig. Not as much astringency as I was expecting for 103 proof. Very inviting.
Palate: Toasted walnuts with caramel and vanilla supported by a good helping of oak.
Finish: Just on the shorter side of medium with less nutty flavor and more pepper and oak.
Geek Fact: Fighting Cock bourbon, AKA the Kickin’ Chicken, is a brand that has been around since at least 1954 according to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The brand was owned by J.T.S. Brown & Son Company in May of 1975 and became a product of Heaven Hill. Today, it’s a standard HH mash bill of 75% corn / 13% rye / 12% malted barley. It was aged 6 years until 2015 when HH removed the age statement leaving the estimated age between 4 and 6 years. Brand Ambassador Bernie Lubbers has stated that the brand was introduced as a competitor to Wild Turkey 101 which would make sense given the time frame it was acquired by Heaven Hill. Older dusties of Fighting Cock can be found with 7, 8, and 15-year age statements #Cheers

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Bourbon: Smooth Ambler - Stillhouse Collection - Distiller's Choice Batch 1 (Smooth Ambler Spirits, Co.)
Type: West Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Proof: 92.0 (46.0% ABV)
Distillery: Smooth Ambler (WV)
Nose: Floral nose with some corn sweetness, well balanced caramel and vanilla.
Palate: Good bit of corn on the very first sip with vanilla and caramel developing towards the end. No harsh notes or flavors that taste “too young” or not ready.
Finish: Medium length finish, more tanic and dry than I was expecting. Sweet vanilla emerges after some malted rye spice. Overall, nose and palate are very pleasing and promising with the finish being a little too tanic.
Geek Fact: Smooth Ambler was founded in 2009 in Maxwelton, West Virginia. The company has become regarded as one of the most transparent distilleries in the craft distilling movement and also known for providing stellar Old Scout barrel selections (See our earlier post on @WestportWhiskeyandWine Old Scout barrel pick). The company started by sourcing MGP distillate but over the past several years started selling their own products, fully aged and matured. This bottling is some of the first distillate released from Smooth Ambler. Aged 3 years in a single story rick house, this straight bourbon whiskey is comprised of a mash bill of 68% corn / 16% malted rye / 16% malted barley, also known as Recipe #2. This pour is from Batch 1 bottled on August 8, 2014. The information about the mash bill recipe, age, bottle date and batch number, all came from the label itself, which is not required by any means, but greatly appreciated by any Bourbon Geek. #Cheers

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Bourbon: Ancient Ancient Age – 10 Year (Sazerac)
Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Proof: 86.0 (43.0% ABV)
Distilled at: Buffalo Trace Distillery
Nose: Sweet caramel and graham cracker with a faint amount of vanilla. No discernable alcohol on the nose. Light notes of oak and orange peel.
Palate: Smooth caramel and toffee on the palate with notes of cinnamon and vanilla towards the end. Smooth, no bite, but with good flavor.
Finish: Medium length finish with no heat but some cinnamon, toffee and orange peel on the end. Proof is only negative as I think a higher proof could do wonders for this pour.
Geek Fact: Made from Buffalo Trace’s #2 mash bill (13 to 15% rye), Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year or AAA10 is a testament to the bottles that Bourbon Geeks rarely want other drinkers to find out about. We all have those bottles. The ones that are routinely in teen dollar amounts but for whatever reason, just quietly float under the radar. That was the case for this offering which was being distilled at Buffalo Trace in the 1940s. The 10 Year, not to be confused with the 10 Star, was sold only in Kentucky until being discontinued in 2013. Chef Ed Lee is a known fan of AAA10. Feel free to leave what your go-to bottles are, but don’t say you haven’t been warned. Special thanks to Justin’s House of Bourbon for the pour! #Cheers
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Bourbon: David Nicholson “Reserve” (Luxco Brands)
Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Proof: 100.0 Proof (50.0% ABV)
Distilled at: Not Disclosed
Nose: The rye in the mash bill provides fruity notes of red apple, orange peel, vanilla, and cinnamon.
Palate: Initially sweet vanilla, toffee, followed by seasoned oak. Well balanced overall and a couple of drops of water round out the flavor adding a bit more caramel.
Finish: Long finish, that, similar to the 1843 offering, has lots of oak and spice. For 100 proof, there’s not much heat and the oak is prominent but not tannic and drying. Well balanced flavor.
Geek Fact: The David Nicholson brand got its start in the backroom of a grocery store in St. Louis, Missouri. The brand was primarily sold in St. Louis until after Prohibition when it was acquired by Stitzel-Weller. The brand was later purchased by Luxco in 2000. Unlike the wheated sibling offering David Nicholson “1843”, David Nicholson “Reserve” is a rye based mash bill consisting of 78% corn / 10% rye / 12% malted barley. It was created by Lux Row Distillers (Luxco distilling branch) Head Distiller, John Rempe, who also developed Rebel Yell 10-Year and the Blood Oath series. In 2017, “Reserve” beat out contenders like Old Forester 1920 in the San Francisco Spirits Competition in the Best Straight Bourbon category. While Luxco has historically been a NDP, they recently opened their own distillery, Lux Row Distillers, in Bardstown, Kentucky in the Spring of 2018. #Cheers
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Bourbon: Davidson Reserve – Four Grain (Pennington Distilling Co.)
Type: Blend of Two Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskies and One Tennessee Straight Rye
Proof: 100.0 (50.0% ABV)
Distilled at: Pennington Distilling Company in Nashville, Tennessee
Nose: Lots of breakfast cereal grains on the nose with a bit of grass. Think eating shredded wheat surrounded by a large field. This bourbon benefits from a few minutes of breathing to let residual alcohol escape.
Palate: Sweet with more of the cereal grains. I would guess this has more of the Davidson Reserve bourbon based on the forward notes of the red winter wheat and high malt. A little water wakes up the malt and creates a milk chocolate flavor. It would be interesting to try this aged a bit longer to see how the wheat really starts to develop.
Finish: Younger whiskies utilizing mash bills that are heavy wheat, can have a slight mineral or earthy quality to them while remaining sweet. Davidson Reserve falls into that category. The finish is slightly bitter without being tanic with notes of leather and oak.
Geek Fact: Jenny and Jeff Pennington established the Nashville based Pennington Distilling Company in 2011 and started distilling shortly thereafter. The duo currently distill a line of aged whiskies under the Davidson Reserve brand name, as well as a host of other spirits. The company’s current aged whiskey line consists of: Davidson Reserve bourbon made from 60% corn / 18% red winter wheat / 22% malt; Davidson Reserve Tennessee Straight Rye made with 100% white cereal rye; and a Tennessee Straight Sour Mash made from 70% corn / 25% white cereal rye / 5% malt that’s charcoal filtered. All of their whiskies are made from Tennessee sourced ingredients. Their last offering is the Davidson Reserve Four Grain, a small batch blend of the previous 3 items. This is the first batch from 2018 (2018-001) and bottle number 2599. As with any whiskey labeled straight, only the youngest whiskey can be used in the age statement. This bottle is aged stated “At least 3 years.” #Cheers

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Bourbon: O.Z. Tyler (Terressentia)
Type: Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Aged Using TerrePURE
Proof: 90.0 Proof (45.0% ABV)
Distilled by: O.Z. Tyler Distillery in Owensboro, KY
Nose: Sweet vanilla and caramel on the nose. Very sweet on the nose.
Palate: A lot of corn sweetness but it lacks the green quality of younger bourbons. There’s some caramel starting to develop. Noticeable lack of harshness and ethanol.
Finish: Medium length finish, with more of the corn flavor and the first hint of oak on the end.
Geek Fact: O.Z. Tyler bourbon is made from a mash bill of 70% corn / 21% rye / 9% malted barley and aged in a new, #4 char for 366 days (1 day, plus 1 year). It is then “fast-filtered” using the TerraPURE process which utilizes ultrasonic energy to mimic the aging of a barrel and remove impurities. The claim is that the process can produce a flavor in a bourbon that is older than it actually is. Admittedly, I purposefully did not read the bottle because I wanted to have my own guess as to the age of the product. I guessed over 2 years, 3 at most. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it was only aged 1 year. I’m really interested to see what will happen with a 3 or 4-year old product and my hope is that more of the oak flavors start to develop. It’s an interesting product and delivers on its claims. O.Z. Tyler, who passed away in 2014, is the inventor of the TerrePURE process and name behind the brand. The Master Distiller is Jacob Call. #Cheers

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