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Happy #ImmigrantHeritageMonth ! We are continuing to promote one of our core pillars, community, by highlighting dope members of our #fitfam. Meet @melissamoralesm - who moved to the US from Mexico at the age of 11. As a proud Mexican-American Latina, she embodies values that are deeply engraved in immigrant households – hard work, education and family. She completed #undergrad at @stanford, #MBA #MA from @whartonschool @universityofpennsylvia and is currently a Senior Strategy Consultant at Accenture. ”When we first moved here, I attended a predominantly white middle school with a fairly strong representation of Asian Americans. As far as I could tell, there was not a single other Latinx student. What I retroactively appreciate about having had this experience is that I feel perfectly comfortable being the only one of me in any given environment. Of course, this isn't ideal but it has helped me navigate cross-cultural spaces… Fast forward - almost ten years ago, I received a prestigious fellowship and then subsequently lost it. It was crushing, and for the first time in my life, I did not have a plan. I was panicked and had to scramble to figure out what I was going to do next and, most painfully, how to deal with the aftermath with my parents, who had felt so proud and now were so disappointed. It haunted me for a long time, but the path it led me down was the best I could have imagined. It sounds trite, but I realized that you can't control everything…. the experience allowed me to accept that things sometimes don't work out and that all you can do is keep hustling.”

BounceSF trainer @body.by.ja with celebrity trainer @JillianMichaels learning tips and tricks about health, fitness, nutrition and overall wellness at the @Google tech talk! Ask @dayo_25 and Jess about what we learned from Jillian 👇🏾

Keep your eyes on the prize ! Consistency is key to healthy development. Stay focused on your goals as we kick off the week back on the grind ! #MondayMotivation

As we take two weekends off, we want to encourage everyone to stay consistent and dedicated to their individual workout and fitness plans . We can't wait to bounce back the 2nd weekend in July !

Improving our fitness with great music. Fostering an inclusive, respectful community. Developing the mind, soul, and body to take on any challenge life presents, while also having fun. Welcome to BounceSF. Come join us!

We are excited to continue the celebration of June #ImmigrantHeritageMonth by highlighting first-gen/immigrants within our #fitfam community! Meet Jovanna (@jojoyo ) who immigrated to the US from Egypt at a young age. She recently completed her #MBA at @uclamba and is currently a Product Manager at #Apple. Amidst a generation that is breaking glass ceilings, Jovanna is a testament to perseverance by remaining resilient under the pressures of being not only an immigrant but also a woman in the US. "One of my greatest takeaways and learning experiences from growing up in an immigrant household is the importance of empathy. Being an immigrant/first gen has its challenges and going through the trials and tribulations associated with this helped me to be a more empathetic person. As I encounter different people throughout my life, I often try to put myself in their shoes in an effort to understand them better. I think that comes from a place of often feeling misunderstood growing up and wishing people were more empathetic towards me and others that are different from them. I am grateful for the experiences that shaped me to be a more empathetic person because it’s something that’s helped me in my personal life and career and has allowed me to connect with more people than I ever thought possible. Unfortunately, we are living in a time when the value of immigrants in this country is being questioned and basic human rights continue to be threatened. I think today more than ever we need to be more empathetic towards one another.”

Fitness Fam! We are off the next two weekends due to Pride and Independence Day Weekend. Enjoy your time off, rest, but stay motivated💪🏾👌🏾See you back in early July!

#MondayMotivation There is no exercise better than reaching down and lifting people up... nobody gets to where they're going alone. Smile, work hard, give thanks and pay it forward ! #BounceSf

Rise & shine ! Happy Fathers Day to the dads that hold it down as well as the mothers who do it all .

Summer is H E R E and #BounceSf was in full swing this morning ! Starting the weekend right with community and #HIIT workouts

We're after it this morning ! new faces, same grind . B O U N C E S F 💪🏽☀️

#HealthyTips:Take it out on the gym they said. It's healthy they said. Research actually shows that working out while angry may be contraindicated for your health. Some studies show that exercising with unusual vigor while enraged or emotionally distraught could be dangerous for the heart. Factoring in age, general level of physical fitness, weight and even previous cardiovascular disease did not change overall results. In fact, exercising while upset tripled someone's overall risk. Moral of the story: Stay positive. Stay motivated. Relax and enjoy your workouts folks 💪🏽 #BounceSf

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