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Boulder Movement Collective ™  IDO PORTAL lineage. 🔹🔹All videos are of students we have directly taught. Classes taught by: @boulderbernstein @z.finest.fridge @liav_memada

Our student @robert_adamss demonstrating the One Arm Handstand he developed under our guidance. Robert had a strong handstand when he came to us, this allowed us to push him a bit further.
Don’t be mistaken, the tools we used to take Robert to a One Arm ARE THE SAME tools we use to bring other students to a 30 Second freestanding handstand.
We are not a hand balancing school, we don’t have handstand classes. They are a small part of our larger practice. Yet we have several dozen students with 60 second freestanding handstands, even more with 30, and a handful with One Arms. If you are interested in developing a handstand come learn with us.
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Our teacher @portal.ido working again with @thenotoriousmma before his upcoming fight #Repost @portal.ido
@thenotoriousmma showing good control as I take him through some balance tasks.
I like to examine certain attributes of athletes not only in their specialized field but outside of it.
Testing across multitude of scenarios allows me to truly see the state of the general attribute in question as well as other pieces of useful information about organization, joints, injuries.
It is important not to go too far in task selection as things that are often similar in looks can be very different for the CNS in reality. (as in the common and erroneous use of unstable gadgets for balance training of stand up fighters...Different reflex behavior!) And yet, if one simply stays with sport specific performance diagnostics, it is very common to see problems in general attributes hiding behind ‘technical solutions’ which will eventually lead to minimizing options for the athlete. #movementculture #idoportal #boulder #bouldercolorado

Our next Movement 101 seminar is coming up. October 6th 1:30-3:30.
Register by following the link in profile.
Interested in joining BMC, but don’t know where to start?
This 2 hour class is the best way to jump into our All Levels Class with confidence. • Mobility and Flexibility • Strength • Coordination • Spine Health and Injury Prevention
• MovementTerminology

#bouldermovementcollective #idoportal #bouldercolorado
#idoportal #bouldermovementcollective #movementculture #bouldercolorado

#Repost @z.finest.fridge (@get_repost)
Integration and improvisation has been the bane of my existence for so long. Recently It has started to become an addiction.
Now to figure out how to improve upon and share the process with others.
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Want in? This month only, your first class is on us. Best class to catch as a beginner? Tuesday night 6-8pm. We will handle the rest. See you @bouldermovementcollective

#Repost @littlemovers.bmc
Our kids program is noncompetitive and skill oriented. In each class we focus on having tons of fun while keeping the students constantly moving and learning. This is achieved through the use of varied content and consistent reinforcement of foundational skills to create an environment that cultivates and preserves the inherent physical intelligence of each student. We cultivate physical abilities such as climbing, dancing, catching, throwing, brachiating, inverting, locomotion on two and four limbs, spinning, rolling, stillness and more. We also cultivate social and emotional qualities such as working with partners and in groups, being a supportive friend, learning what it feels like to learn new skills and also learning how to keep working through difficulties.

This program uses the same world class methodology and underlying concepts as our adult classes (the Ido Portal Method), in a way that is adapted to be developmentally appropriate for ages 4-11. #bouldermovementcollective #boulderkids #idoportalmethod #movementculture

Neil drives 6 and a half hours regularly from Durango, Colorado to learn from us and spend time with our community. I’ll just leave this here for some inspiration.....

NEW SCHEDULE STARTS TOMORROW. Movement Class is now 2 hours, and our NEW 1 hour “Second Session” Class; Strength, Mobility, Prehab/Rehab.
#idoportal #bouldermovementcollective #idoportalmethod #bouldercolorado

A perfect way to spend a Sunday. 2 hour Movement class, followed by a delicious barbecue.
We may have to make this a regular thing.
#bouldermovementcollective #idoportal #bouldercolorado

Our new 1 hour class to address your body starts Tuesday.
What is this class? First off, it’s a great starting place for new students of the practice. You can work on getting back your basic abilities in your joints and feel more comfortable in whatever you want to use your body for.
You can come in and get your wrists fixed for hand balancing, hips mobile and develop a more intelligent spine. Shoulder issue? This class is for you. Want to finally address your nagging pain, or feel comfortable playing on the floor with your kids, again, this is for you.
This class is the repair shop for your body (@portal.ido) so that you can do all of the things you want in life, whether it’s deepening a movement practice, fighting in the UFC, dancing on stage or being a better rec soccer player. You have 3 options daily to attend this class. Find it on our schedule labeled “second session.” See you there and everyone is welcome. #boulder #idoportal #mobility #flexibility #corset #bulletproof

We are proud of our lineage, and encourage our students to learn from the same sources we do. If possible by bringing our teachers to Boulder. If not, by encouraging them to travel for their education.
One of our most dedicated students, @yiansballs working with @portal.ido at the EMM in Portugal.
#bouldermovementcollective #idoportal

Lots happening in the next few days. Welcome back to the students who were away for the summer. Our new schedule is live on the website.

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