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Boulder Journey School  Apply now for the 2018-2019 Teacher Education Program!

Are you looking for a year of excitement and hands-on learning opportunities? Do you feel passionate about children and Early Childhood Education? Do you have a sense of urgency to contribute to this world? Come check out the Information Session for the Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program where you may find the answer to what you’ve been looking for!

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“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” - Coretta Scott King, American activist

On one of their bus trips this past summer, the 3-year-old children of Room 13 noticed that you could "adopt" a bus stop and help take care of it. They had many conversations about what it means to take care of a bus stop, and after much deliberation, decided to put in an application to adopt a stop!
Last week they found out their adoption went through!
This week they spent time at their bus stop. They looked for trash, discussed the definition of “taking care of a bus stop”, collected sticks, and generally enjoyed the hilly patch of grass.
They are eager to take regular trips to their bus stop to check in on it. Two of their big questions are: How do we take care of the bus stop? Besides picking up trash, what else can we do for the bus stop?

The children offered these as initial possibilities:
We can fix it. -Roman
We should build buildings for the bus stop. -Anders
Doctor it up with a stethoscope. -Rory
By building buildings and cleaning up stuff. -Isabel
How can we fix the bus stop when we have no tools? -Roman
Well what exactly do we need to fix? What kind of tools do we need? -Laura (teacher)
Well we could clean up some. -Roman

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“While we encouraged the children to be vulnerable and share their ideas, we knew we had to do the same as educators.” -Haley M

BJS TEP alum @halesmcp and her colleague, @dashly_m share work from classroom research in innovation at the @crescentparkpreschool 2018 conference
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BJS TEP alum @jhillwright shares the power and importance of #richnormality during the @crescentparkpreschool 2018 Conference. “While to us as educators, painting rainbows may seem like old news, the children are actually working through deep processes of color, shape, and aesthetics.
I challenge you to take time every day to try and live from the child’s perspective. What do you notice, what do you wonder? How many different colors do you encounter? Smells? How does your experience change as you tune out of your adult focus and into that of a child?” #crescentparkpreschool #crescentparkconference #earlychildhood #myboulderjourney #bjstepalum

We are thrilled to be one of two tour sites for the @ecstem fall symposium in Boulder on October 12 & 13, 2018.
Reserve your spots today using code AUGUST50 for a $50 discount on registration.

While you’re there, sign up to tour our school and @kodokids engineering warehouse and thinkspace!
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“Despite [an] absence of an identified, attuned figure, [people] reported a subjective sense of reciprocity about their relationship with childhood place. They described feeling loved and nurtured by childhood place, adding support to the transactional view of place as a rich and active presence supporting psychological development and wellbeing.” - Paul Morgan, Towards a Developmental Theory of Place Attachment

Educators at Boulder Journey School spent last week resetting and redesigning the environments with the goal of creating warm, welcoming, and above all, responsive spaces with which the children can engage.

We are excited to welcome children, families, and educators to the 2018-2019 school year.
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Join us in extending a big welcome to the 2018-2019 Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program cohort!

On Monday, these educators began their 12-month journey with us. During this time, they will share their lives with children and other educators, co-constructing contextual curriculum, developing strong relationships, traveling to Italy, and coming out the other side with a Master's Degree!

We are so pleased to embark on this adventure with them.


"Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another." - John Dewey, Democracy and Education

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program Cohort!

Last night, they shared the culmination of their year's Graduate Work in front of evaluators, community members, friends, and colleagues.
We are so proud of the work you have done and so honored to have spent the year knowing you.
We look forward to hearing about your new adventures.

This morning, while on a walk, the 3- and 4-year old children of Rooms 15 & 16 came across this painting on a newspaper box.
The discussion prompted many questions: “Why was this left here?” “Was it left here for us?” “What makes something street art?” Thank you @smileboulder for the provocation!
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Ice cream social courtesy of #emsicecream #bjssc18

“How are all your living things?” Enjoying some salad from @wildwellspring - thank you @freelancefarmer
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“Our kind cannot live without learning.” - David Hawkins

Educators engage with materials during materials workshops on day two of #bjssc18

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