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  Down a rabbit hole of trees, flowers, plants... SF, CA. Nature is a wonder and I wonder about nature. Corrections appreciated. 😚🌳🌱

Here's what the first day of Spring looked like here. 1) new Acer leaves and flowers 2) honeysuckle flowers - tiny but man they smell good 3) egret - I see more rain to come and tiny fish to gooble #happyspringeveryone

A lot of weeds (pic1) after the rains but also a few tree lupines? (pic2) And baby blue eyes/Nemophila menziesii (pic3). #nemophilamenziesii #springlike

This palm brightened my day yesterday. Someone stuffed it with toys which I did not take a picture of and I also forgot to take a step back, way back, for tree pics. πŸ™„ #californiafanpalm #washingtoniafilifera #streettreeofsanfrancisco

Fragrant flowers and wet leaves of the Prunus laurocerasus or cherry laurel is an evergreen tree belonging to the Rosaceae family. πŸ’ #Prunuslaurocerasus #endlessrain #withalittlehelpthankyou

This street tree, Hakea suaveolens/sweet hakea, is in the proteaceae family but superficially resembles a conifer. Swipe left to see the peach shaped, woody seed capsule. πŸ‘ #sweethakea #hakeasuaveolens

Cross section of a blue gum that fell during a recent storm. 1) top of tree 2) root and trunk. You can see the damage done to the curb in both pics. #eucalyptusglobulus

Female flowers of the Pinus radiata, Monterey pine. We had a few down trees as a result of our storm last week which means a good time to study the unreachable. Anyone want a cone? #pinusradiata #montereypine

This California Buckeye tree/Aesculus californica is ready to leave winter behind. Its leaves are so much smaller than that of the horse chestnut tree. 🌿 #aesculuscalifornica #californiahorsechestnut #californiabuckeye

Thanks to @vendiolas2 I am finally able to identify this Casuarina equisetifolia evergreen tree of the South Pacific and Australia. The minute scale-like leaves resembling that of a horse's tail measured up to 20 inches. #casuarinaequisetifolia

Let's go south today to Colombia. The Andean Wax Palm/Ceroxylan quindiuense with the lovely grey bark and horizontal stripes. ⬅️ To see the tops. #andeanwaxpalm #ceroxylanquindiuense

I've realized recently that many of our tall cypress trees here (see earlier post from fall) are the Leland cypress/Cupressocyparis x lelandii. The cones are less than .5 inch with scales of six. A fast growing hybrid of the C. macrocarpa and the C. nootkatensis. #cupressocyparisxleylandii

Such an unassuming bush. The paperbush plant/Edgeworthia chysantha's flowers are only about an inch wide and are easy to miss until you get a hit of it's fragrance. #fragrantflowers #edgeworthiachrysantha #paperbush

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