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I'm in Los Angeles for @eatdrinkvegan festival! Who's going?? I'd love to meet you 😊 These jacaranda trees blooming everywhere around the city are so beautiful! Don't think we have these in Texas. I can't wait to eat & drink ALL the fooood! The next few days I'll be hopping around LA hitting up some vegan restaurants & seeing the sights. This is my first time here & I'm already in love with the weather. The people are super nice too!

🌮Tofu Breakfast Tacos
Marinated and Seared Tofu | Sautéed Peppers, Onion, Zucchini and Tomato | Avocado | Scallion | Mini Corn Tortillas | Shredded Lettuce and Fresh Tomato with Hot Sauce

Rice Paper Bacon | Lettuce | Avocado | Local Tomatoes | Smoked Gouda | Mayo | Seed Bread | Cracked Pepper
CC: @followyourheart cheese & mayo
This photo was taken on my Dad's porch with the beautiful North East Texas pine-trees in the background. I've been up here visiting with them, creating some awesome meals together, hiking some trails in the woods and enjoying nature. It's been so fun and relaxing. More meal photos to come! Who's going to Eat Drink Vegan (Vegan Beer & Food Festival) in LA this weekend? I'm flying to California and will be there! ✈️

🥕🌭 Carrot Dogs Y'all
I've been totally turned off by the idea of a carrot dog... until now. After being shortly boiled, these babies were marinating for 3 days in liquid aminos, garlic, vinegar, liquid smoke and a touch of maple syrup. We threw them in a scorching hot pan with a bit of their own juices until theu were glazed and charred. Dressed 'em with caramelized peppers and onions, sauerkraut and dijon mustard. I seriously could not even taste the carrot. These are the deal.

Swipe for more shots of yesterday's lunch I made for a client. More details on previous post.
King Trumpet Mushroom 'Scallops' | Roasted Lotus Root | Roasted and Pickled Radish | Ube (Purple Yam) puree | chives | baby kale leaves | lemon chili oil

🍄 King Trumpet Mushroom 'Scallops' | Roasted Lotus Root | Roasted and Pickled Radish | Ube (Purple Yam) puree | chives | baby kale leaves | lemon chili oil
Check my story for more!
This was a fun little dish to make and the mushrooms came out on point to a scallop's texture. I first brought the mushrooms to a boil in a pot of water. Once to a boil I removed from heat, covered and let it sit for one hour. Next I cut it into 1 1/2 slices, patted dry, scored, and salt and peppered before throwing them in a piping hot cast iron with coconut oil. I was inspired by Japanese flavors and textures for this one. Lotus Root has a wonderful flavor and it's so damn pretty. Roasting the radishes brings out a bit of sweetness. That and pickling are my favorite ways to eat a radish. The Ube puree had soy milk in it that I infused with peppercorns, ginger, garlic and bay leaves.

🍌🍓The only desserts I make are fruity ones.
Caramelized Banana | Strawberry | Toasted Cashew | Cashew Butter Maple Yogurt | Dark Chocolate Shavings | Fresh Mint

Double Rainbow Roll
I just rolled up two little rolls in one inside out roll!
raw carrot | raw cabbage | brown rice & purple rice | pickled cabbage | jalapeño | tahini mayo

Vegan Umami Bomb Burger 🍔Watch the process in my story! (After the videos of my Austin adventures.
@beyondmeat beyond burger patty | caramelized peppers & onions | baby portobello mushrooms, garlic & parsley deglazed w/ pinot grigio | @followyourheart provolone cheese | @yellowbirdsauce jalapeño & @followyourheart vegenaise aioli | toasted bun

The new Beyond patty was delicious. I highly recommend having some wine on hand for cooking. It makes a huge difference in depth of flavor. Cook those shrooms on high heat until they release their moisture and begin to brown. Then toss in some garlic, stir and add a glug of white wine to deglaze. Boom!

Refried black beans | chickpea veggie mix | "ground beef" | curtido | @yellowbirdsauce jalapeño crema | scallions | side of plantains

Lentil Soup | Tahini Cream | Slivered Almonds | Serrano @yellowbirdsauce

KIMCHI FRIED RICE with bell pepper, loads of fresh herbs, turmeric and a cheezy kale chip crumble

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