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Botanical Interests, Inc  Over 600 varieties of organic and heirloom flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Hashtag your pics with #botanicalinterests


New for 2018: Sprouts Purple Kohlrabi: Sprout eye-popping color and fabulous crunch with purple kohlrabi. Classic brassica flavor with spicy notes—exciting to the palate! Take in health-promoting phytochemicals, B-complex, vitamin C, and more in these tiny sprouts!

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New Flower Collection: Chocolate Collection: Surround yourself with rich flowers and vegetables named after our favorite ingredient—chocolate! After a day of gardening, treat your senses to our new, chocolate Gardener's Scrubbing Soap.

New for 2018: #Shishito Heirloom Chile Pepper. Just add oil and salt, and put them on the grill for a delicious appetizer that rivals restaurants. Also known as Wrinkled Old Man, this Japanese favorite is mild and sweet with an occasional spicy kick.

We’re proofing the packets before they head to the printing press and then into your local garden center!

#Hollyhock Outhouse new for 2018! Head over to botanicalinterests.com and browse our 33 new varieties!

Making traditional parched corn is so easy! Heat 2‒3 tbsp. of oil over medium heat in a skillet. Add kernels from 2‒3 ears of dried corn, and continually stir until kernels are slightly puffed and browned. If kernels pop, turn down the heat. Drain cooked kernels on a paper towel and add your favorite seasoning! #cornnuts #parchedcorn #corn #recipe

Our employees love dressing up for our Halloween party and costume contest!
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Harvesting Dry Corn: Let the ears dry on the stalks until you can no longer dent the kernels with your fingernail, then give each ear a twist until it breaks off. Peel back the husks, and hang the ears in a cool, dark, dry place for 4 to 6 weeks to prevent mold. To strip off cured kernels, twist the cobs back and forth to loosen them (gloves are recommended).

Are you decorating for fall with dried corn this year? #driedcorn #fall

Fall is the perfect time to sow a #wildflower garden. Head over to our website for some tips!

To Store #Squash and #Pumpkins: Set squash side-by-side, not stacked, and avoid storing squash near apples and pears in particular (apples and pears release ethylene gas that speeds up the decomposition process).

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