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SJB  i like music and cats and stuff

late but.. prom

sabreyna is making me post a senoir sunday but also i'm really cute
📷: @gojopics

hello my name is stella and i don't know what to do with my hands in pictures

radiant sunshine

new music! i haven't recorded or even written anything in a long while, so give it a listen pretty please. link to my soundcloud in the bio >>>>

your heart is still with me even when i'm far away

never have i been more proud to be myself than when i'm with you

happy valentine's day! and don't stop reading if you're bitter about today. all day i've heard about how everyone hates this holiday and hate all the posts about it. i don't remember ever feeling that way about today. i understand that it's a little ridiculous to have a specific day to show your love when you should everyday, or it's ridiculous to feel obligated to buy something for your SO. but that's not how it should be. celebrate because you want to, buy stuff because you want to. and valentine's day should not just about romantic love. what about platonic love? what about the love you have for your family? celebrate love! eat chocolate! buy yourself a flower and stick your nose into it! treat yourself to a nice bath! be soft! be kind! don't make others feel bad because they made a post to express their love for their SO, or because they got flowers, or whatever you're bitter about. happy valentine's day. celebrate or suck it up.

what a bean 💕 thank you for making this not-actual-valentines day special

can't wait for all the adventures to come ✨


rinsta-ing this to tell everyone that you don't have to lose weight to glo up ✨💫

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