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Both versions of the #flashpoint piece featuring slim supes

Re-Played around with my #Flashpoint design since it is actually happening :D My god the joy this movie can potentially bring

Spoiler Free Review
Seeing the trailer a few weeks back had me initially somewhat disappointed. I was worried that it was just going to be another typical spy movie focused on bland over the top action.

To my surprise however, it had quite a bit more to it than that, I was extremely wrong. The tone, theme and visualization of the film were brilliant, with the film is set in the 1980s Berlin, the film does a great job of encapsulating the feeling of the times. The least I could say is it’s absolutely gorgeous visually. Anywhere from the neon colored theme of the film to the soundtrack, it’s an experience.

Also, the action scenes I was so worried about? They were great, especially the staircase scene (You’ll know what I mean once/if you watched this film) The chemistry between Theron & McAvoy was awesome, definitely would love to see those 2 together in more films. Still, on Charlie, this was probably one of, if not my most enjoyable role of hers, she was fantastic. Special shout out to John Goodman & Sofia Boutella as well.

My biggest critique of the film would be the pacing and direction of the first 20-25 minutes, however it was eventually resolved.

Overall I had a great experience viewing this film.

As always thank you @universalpicsau
And @playmakerdigital #AtomicBlonde

LGX Rating
Overall – 7 out of 10

Re-watch percentage – 50%

BloodShot - @jaredleto - fun piece to work on with now this news has me thinking what will happen to Joker if it happens

Felt like drawing at breakfast since there was a pen and some crayons :D #FlashFusion

"The Money Fight" Poster worked on by @kingsletter & I, hope y'all enjoy it. @floydmayweather x @thenotoriousmma

Candy colour lord, can't wait to see @prattprattpratt in #infinitywar

My brother @soltography and I finally got our studio for photography set up so you will be seeing more collaborations between the two of us and him stealing my collection of figures as models XD
Be sure to follow @soltography show him some love and watch out for some dope things to come

Revamped my site and updated it with my reviews and art. My first featured post is an #infinitywar one, link is in my bio, be sure to check it out.

Shout outs to @adventuresofsteeb for the help

I love Twitter sometimes 📦❕😂

Bosslogic X @ufc X @reebok X @TheNotoriousMMA coming real soon @lvfightshop Glad to be doing things for the MMA world, keep being awesome

Two brothers going bankrupt in a failing plumbing company face eviction from their Brooklyn apartment, so desperate times call for desperate measures the two bros find themselves dealing mushrooms without knowing that this city is run by Bowser which has now placed a bounty on their heads forcing them to travel down pipes underground.

MARIO @charliedayofficial LUIGI Rob McElhenney join the Bros on their survival adventure May 2018

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