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L.R.J  Therapist-Entrepreneur-custom orders- #PutYourselfOn #CantStayLocal #NoChaser #AnglesToTheEats

Monday NAH Football ✊🏾.

Sooooo next Sunday , @chef_walt_illarooski and I are having our first pop - up in the 757 ... You should come eat with us , that would be a good Move . We Start at 1, pull up a seat . #AnglesToTheEats

Cajun pasta Alfredo with chicken and shrimp -$18

Blackened chicken and shrimp rice bowl w Cajun cream sauce - $17

Add Crab cake $6
Add Salmon $6
Seafood Mac N Cheese- $22

Hennessy and Lemon Pepper Wings: Small (8)- $12
Large (12)- $15

Vegetarian Mac and cheese: $10

Like stop playing with me , you got one job and that's to MOM , everything else is whatever . The audacity ! I need around the clock access don't make me get the ankle monitor for moms . Step your Mom game up this is unacceptable!

First Watch Solo at The Corner Table #AnglesToTheEats

You ain't have to check out on us like that OG πŸ˜”, we still had jokes to get off man ! This one hurt the city , fly high my boy !

I Didn't Get Coaching!

I don't cheat to win, I'd rather lose . - Serena Williams -

Drove up the street to end up Next Door , it be like that sometimes . #AnglesToTheEats

Nobody gives themselves a pep talk more than a woman tryna decide if she should have sex with someone for the first time and a woman trying to parallel park . Watching it is actually pretty sad and pathetic , she will turn the music all the way down and still hear chants of "Lose Yourself " Eminem in her head " Her palms are sweaty , knees weak , arms are heavy " . She then leans forward breast ( or lack there of ) touching the steering wheel as she clutches it firmly with two hands trying to gauge the situation , another song chimes in her head making her nervous about going for it " it's too big , It's too wide , it won't fit " she hears her imaginary aunt /sister sing , at this point she's triggered and she hasn't even put the car in reverse , people are walking by , there's someone behind her becoming agitated, she sees hands being thrown up in her review mirror , she puts the car in reverse and cuts the wheel but she cut too much , she hits the curb and tries to readjust but she over corrects and hits the city mailbox this time , she loses it ! It's over! She's gone ...... - Based on a true Story - This is long and you still read it .

Let's kick this season off with a good NAH ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻.

Pulled up at the wedding tryna see who aunt need a piece of gum... #allaboutthegaines #MyNaturalHairJourney #CurlBox #BundlesWhere

I'd like nourishment to be peaceful and prompt , we can get into some culture shortly , and ease up on the mimosas before you put something on your stomach you almost lost your Uber account last week making the driver uncomfortable. Relax!

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