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정보석 (Kevin Jung)  🇳🇿 New Zealand

운동 빡시게해서 체지방 다 태워버리고 다시 이때처럼 삐쩍 꼴아버려야겠다 #약속🤙🏻

Hey guys..
First of all, my apologies for those people who got offended for what I said on the previous post, and I didn’t mean to cause all these troubles. It’s absolutely an honor for me to resemble them (not in my opinion) but I really do appreciate it.
Couldn’t read all the comments but I discovered some of them saying “why don’t you just ignore them?” Well, it’s really hard for me to ignore them when people keep on tagging, mentioning and sending direct messages when they’ve discovered all these “Kaisoo” memes. It’s actually not a problem for me to look like them. Like I said it’s an honor for me to resemble someone who’s really huge in K-pop industry and I truly respect them for what they’ve achieved so far. I know it’s a joke and I did try to put up with it but sometimes it’s going way too far. As you know, I have my own amazing parents like everyone else does and I feel disrespectful towards them when people make jokes about me being a son of “Kaisoo”. So I just want to politely ask you guys to be little more respectful to me and my parents and that’s pretty much it 👍🏻 And again I’m sorry for causing all these fan wars, I hope you all have an amazing day❤️

Now, feel like I need to make this straight “I AM NOT THEIR GOD DAMN SON” 🤬

Again.. mustache..yeah? Nah? 👨🏻‍✈️

Visiting Australia next Month!🇦🇺 What’s good in Australia ?!


I literally lost 150 followers after when I uploaded the photo with my mustache 😂 Now, I just wanna send some love & thank to my loyal followers supporting me no matter what and putting up with my mustache 💕😂 #🤵🏻

Hard work always pays off

Growing my mustache.. Yes🙆🏻‍♂️ or No🙅🏻‍♂️

여러모로 보람찬 하루였다 #칰칰퐄퐄🚂

소소한 행복이 진짜 행복

제일 행복한 시간 🍔🍴😋

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