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Leeann DelHoyo Duggan  Yr friendly-ish neighborhood style writer @Allure, Glamour, sometimes Refinery29. Cancer🌞Leo 🌚 Virgo ⬆️which explains a lot.

Hey this is freaky how come every time I open my medicine cabinet "Forever Young" plays

Gene Clark, whose music has gotten me through many a tuff time, died on this day in 1991. I love him for writing the greatest, most acerbic and intriguingly ambivalent kiss-off songs (he is the unrivaled best at this, and I will stand on Dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that), for being cool enough to offset the dreaded David Crosby effect, and for having the most badass epitaph ever: "Harold Eugene Clark - No Other."

Will brake 4 blue skies, an even slightly reflective surface #selfie

Tfw you're a beautiful angel with team spirit, a kind heart, cool Reeboks, and Merlot sloshing in a plastic cup💕✨

Please don't be jealous that I kept these Delia*s brand sunglasses since summer 1995 and you didn't think to or were not yet born, nor that my local corner store now proudly stocks Hal's Vanilla Cream, known throughout the tri-state area as the King of flavored seltzers, nor that this photo was taken on an iPhone 5. #selfie

Met the horse I'm going to marry, his name is Jumbo

Thotty by nature

Listen. I'm just a girl, in the world, trying to moonwalk the foxtrot and polka the salsa ok?

The flowers of the city tho breathlike get deathlike sometimes (wins award for deepest #nyc #spring #flowers caption🥇)

You know those were different times

Bitch stole my look @park_wien

*assiduously reminds self that the world is full of nice things*

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