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Leeann DelHoyo Duggan  Features Director @YahooStyle, contributor @Refinery29, formerly @RookieMag. I'm prob spouting off on Twitter instead. 🇵🇷/🇮🇪/🗽

You know those were different times

Bitch stole my look @park_wien

*assiduously reminds self that the world is full of nice things*

*goes on makeup YouTube one time*

In this pic: @anthonyobaner, SCAD Fashion Marketing + Journalism student and Editor-in-Chief @scadmanor, and @joselynelina, SCAD Interior Design + Photography student.

I'm back in NYC but still trying to get my head around the incredibly inspiring people I met @scaddotedu, and the big ideas presented at the #SCADstyle conference. In the fashion + media industries it's a badge of honor to be jaded and over everything - I'm as guilty as anyone of dismissing entire trends or collections with a flip, wannabe-Diana Vreeland comment. But to spend a week at SCAD is to be surrounded by students, faculty, and industry vets who are contagiously passionate about both the history of fashion and its present possibilities for self-expression. Most importantly, they are shaping the future of fashion in a way that's sustainable, diverse, smarter, and more liberating than it's ever been before.

Understand also that the children are SLAYING the style game in Savannah, Georgia. I couldn't walk two feet without being knocked over by some student's outfit. When I saw @anthonyobaner's corset look here, I literally made our driver stop so me and my fellow fashion journalists could gawk out the window. The next day, I met him in an all-white silk pajama look accessorized with a single strand of pearls "inspired by Giambattista Valli couture." For a layered-and-belted army jacket look, he cited my former boss @christenebarberich as inspiration (her recent talk with @pieraluisa at SCAD made a huge impression on students, and was still being discussed in rapt terms). And sure enough, as soon as he said it I could see CB strutting by - her silhouette, transposed onto this fashion student a thousand miles away. If that doesn't say something about the power of fashion to transcend boundaries and inspire I don't know what does.

The students I met don't spend huge money on clothes. They inhale history, runways, subcultures, and streetwear, and exhale ingenious outfits that mix high street and thrift scores in a way that's clever, nuanced, and fascinating to look at. They are the future, their eyes are open, and they will save us all, I'm sure of it.

How long before the 23 year old proprietress of an ironic Paris Hilton + flip-phone Insta account posts this pic with the caption "Rachel Leigh Cook in Josie and the Pussycats ICONIC" #kendalljenner #nochella

#Pepsi and #United were fucking up so I wore my #CocaCola t-shirt on a #Delta flight 🌚


*a not overly sweet lemon sorbet gently pooling atop a warm berry cobbler*

Just another perfect and soothing interior @scaddotedu

Ghosts of amenities past

*retires to this house in 2018 with a typewriter and a Lhasa Apso named Queenie*

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