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A true leader empowers his people to realize their potential in the collective pursuit of a worthy goal.
Thank you, Your Excellency President @NAkufoAddo, for your generosity and guidance, and kudos to the amazing team of dedicated ministers and directors who work diligently each day to generate sustainable economic impact and push for gender equality across the continent. Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm inspired. 🇬🇭 #MinisterAwal #MinisterAfeku #MinisterAgyarko #AngelaAsante #WilliamManful #JakeBediako #NadiaMusah


13 is a number that all humans share.
There are 13 major joints in our body,
13 degrees the moon travels across the sky, and 13 ways I have been loving you.. a a the father of your a fan of your an artist to his a a world traveling an admirer of your a supporter of your a a guardian of your your secret place of comfort..and as a dancer with your heart and soul.

For we are doing our own dance, a mysterious and adventurous one, God blessed and favored, through sickness and in health, in joy and in pain, and there's no one I'd rather share this beautiful dance with than you.

Happy anniversary @nicoleariparker

I had the honor to support this giant last night at the @focosusa gala in Accra.
Prof. Dr. Boachie-Adjei is the President and Founder of the Foundation of Orthopedics and Complex Spine (FOCOS). At his hospital in Accra he has seen over 50,000 patients, performed thousands of spinal surgeries, and treated kids with life threatening spinal deformities from 45 countries for free.
He's a great man with a greater heart who continues to give his patients the gift of standing tall.

In particular order: On my short trip to Accra I visited my auntie Vir, because when she hears you're in town and you don't say hi there's hell to pay. Plus, she tells great stories, like about my grandfather who was a police chief in Ghana, and my grandmother who was given the medal of honor by the queen. 😳🥇👸🏿
Then I stopped by to see my boys at the art center and picked up some gifts. Amazing stuff. #BarterBarterBarter 👍🏽
And on my way back to the Mövenpick hotel (favorite spot in Accra) I saw this...(scroll to the end). Yep, how powerful do you want your body care to be? I want mine THAT powerful.

Congratulations to Harry and Meghan. What impact will this union have on our world? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Guys, please tell me what you would do!
So I'm a single dad with a special needs daughter. My wife left me and our daughter because she couldn't handle the trauma and constant pressures of caring for a child with #SpinaBifida. Now its ten years later and she wants to be back in my little girls life. Should I let her back in or protect my girl from further heart break?
@codeblack_cbs tonight at 10pm/9c

@nicoleariparker I appreciate your love for our mini me's and your dedication to them, every single day, with all the other things a #Supermom like you has going on.

#TearingUp 📸by her bestie @ReginaHBoone 👊🏽

A mother gives her children love and attention fortifying their confidence and establishing their trust in the world. Eventually it's the mother who has to trust that her constant nurturing will give them wings, and she must set them free. But until then, Nico shows his love while dancing in the kitchen. Happy mother's day to @nicoleariparker. We love you.

Weekend vibes. Spending the entire WE at my son's basketball tournament. I'm usually sitting somewhere on the side marveling at parents losing their ish over some referee's missed call or their kid not getting enough PT.

All I can say is DONT MISS TONIGHT!!
The opening alone is spectacular.
@codeblack_cbs 10pm/9c
Shooting this episode was the most fun I'd had in a long time.

Feeling strong this morning. Ready to put some great energy in motion. Vision clear and focus laser sharp. Law of attraction doesn't take a day off. Let's go. What's your goal today?

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