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A day in a father's life he will always remember. She's headed out to her first school dance. She picked her dress, mommy altered it to a perfect fit, she got her nails and hair done.
Seems like moments ago when I was rocking her to sleep. Now she's a beautiful little lady.
My Sophiecakes.

Do not worry or be upset about things you can't control. You are wasting your time and energy. Tomorrow's script has already been written and you are playing the lead role in it. All you have to do is maintain a positive disposition to manifest your own joy and happiness on your way to the life you want to live.
This is not a bumper sticker. It really works. Celebrate your blessings and show gratitude instead of complaining. Frustration and disillusionment reverse progress, so rather than waiting for results focus on taking baby steps everyday.

This is not a self-help crash diet! It's a journey. Try day at a time...starting today. Lets create consistent #PositivePatterns . Shoot me a message and let me know how you are doing.


HUGE thank you and shout out to all our sponsors, friends, and supporters for bringing your tennis 🎾 game at the 13th Annual Desert Smash Celebrity Tennis Charity Event, and for all the birthday wishes.
@redfoo White and Camo GymWrap
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Photo credit: Shaubert David
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It seems like yesterday when this photograph of you was taken. Another four years have gone by and I want to hold on to every single moment, every word, every hug.
Happy birthday my love.

Hey fam. Happy Thursday. Join @nicoleariparker and I today at 4.30pm EST/1.30pm PST on Facebook Live for a fun discussion on love and relationships, dating and marriage. Looking forward to your input and questions.

Congratulations to the cast of Moonlight

Morning run in Las Palmas.
Sometimes I force myself to FEEL THE MOMENT. We get so caught up in the daily grind to maintain, our responsibilities, goals, quests for something better or faster or bigger, that we go through periods in our lives without actually living. We merely exist and weeks later barely remember the time that has past.
So to break out of that autopilot mode I make myself live in gratitude and completely surrender to the moment, my surroundings, and the feelings I experience this very point in time. I regain perspective and my memories become vivid and unforgettable.


When at home...

Die Mauer.
Nothing good has ever come from separating people by force.
For almost 30 years the Berlin Wall divided families and friends. Now its remnants are a reminder of the importance of freedom and unity.


Close to five million children are going hungry as the result of a worsening food crisis in Ethiopia brought on by a severe drought, making this natural disaster the worst in recent history.

Save the Children is working in over 70% of the worst-affected districts, providing food, water, medicine and crucial support to families who have lost their incomes. The organization is also training community-based health workers to treat malnutrition, and supporting families that have lost their livestock and livelihoods with cash-for-work programs.

Happy 90th birthday Sidney Poitier. Happy 90th birthday, Harry Belafonte (March 1st). These two best friends and legends are role models and an inspiration to me not only because of their exceptional bodies of work, but because of their collective social conscience and their ability and desire to use their platform to fight for others! #actors #icons #fearless #socialjusticewarriors

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