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B.  I legally bought Boring from Dallon 2008 dally? You are Quite Special

I apologize for posting less lately I really need to go look for more pics

alright fellas im gonna see idkhow in San Antonio and the realization hasn't kicked in yet so thats what we're waiting for ;)

look @ how happy he is im gonna collapse

I love them both. dont change my mind

I'm back!!! lol

Beautiful stunning outstanding glorious talented spectacular
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I really enjoy these types of things so check it out if youre interested!! ✨
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I love him :(
#dallonweekes #idkhow

miss Keisha? :(

why is insta showing random tags and not regular accounts as my suggested when I pull up the search bar uhhhh

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#dallonweekes #thebrobecks

I can't remember what I have and haven't posted

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