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Boricua Spirit  This page was created to raise awareness of our often-forgotten Puerto Rican heritage.

Good morning familia! Artwork by Yamil Boricua - deviantart

When teaching others the history of Puerto Rico..regarding slavery, genocide and colonization... it's also important to teach about those who fought back! Like Hatuey...

I can't believe this man had the audacity to post this now. Apparently he's just another puppet.. looking out for self... Mr. Marin it's not we the people.. It's you. You have no right to speak for the people of Puerto Rico! Apparently the Secretary of State/ Lt. governor is playing one of Tricky Rickys lines..the plan, of the plan... It saddens me how people continue to support the political parties in Puerto Rico that basically have done nothing to help Puerto Rico... The poverty and the education in the brink of non existence!!! A governor that continues to award shady contracts to his own!
Governor @ricardorossello how do u sleep at night ... apparently it's more important to maintain your image for election time..all this money in advertising and marketing could have helped many get a roof! It's apparent that you are just making sure your future is secured at the expense of our people!!!! U  have no soul...just another vende patria!

Sad but true...Don't be fooled. Hate, evilness, envy,..... are the many who hide behind a screen. We are all one! ✊🏼✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾✊🏻 United we must stand. 🇵🇷

Good morning beautiful people! It's a brand new Boricualicious day! 😂
May the day ahead of you be filled with many blessings.

Just a reminder ..You are special, yes you the one reading this.. BE fiercely and unapologetic YOU..There will always be someone who can't see your worth. Don't let it be you. 💯🇵🇷 #yotequieroPR #Borikén #boricua #puertorican #puertorico #taino #coqui #iwasntborninpr #prwasborninme #yosoyboricua #paquetulosepas #iammybrotherskeeper #isladelencanto

Video credit - Twitter
Robby Cortéz.

Quoted by Julia Keleher
"Hurricane Maria maybe the best thing that could have happened to Puerto Rico." Ugh I'm at a lost of words! What do u say about all of the people that died! All who suffered! All you think about is the $ !!!! You don't care about our people or the schools your closing.. Julia Keleher karma will serve you what u have served others!

Good afternoon familia.. current situation 😋🇵🇷 with friends that turned into family.. #sancocho a #leña

Happy Friday mi gente.. haven't been on lately..have a few things going on.. but , I've still been reading up on what's occuring in this world we live in..sadden and angry of the evilness that's running loose... I will never be impressed by peoples looks, money or social status. I'm impressed by the way a person treats other human beings! No one should ever be called an alien.. smh

As for what's occuring on the mainland ( Puerto Rico)....Well now we see what the governor ment by El plan, del plan, es El plan de robar with all his crooked deals.. while our ppl continue to suffer the governor is living the life of a dictator... Apparently there's money for his trip to Russia and there was money for a bulletproof Chevrolet Suburban worth $245,000 to shuttle around Governor Ricardo Rossello. I'm leave it there for now.. but I have so much I could say.. #yotequieroPR #Borikén #boricua #puertorican #puertorico #taino #coqui #iwasntborninpr #prwasborninme #yosoyboricua #paquetulosepas #iammybrotherskeeper #isladelencanto

Happy Saturday familia.. Don't know who the artist is. Beautiful artwork.

With everything that's currently happening in the world, may we always show kindness and compassion for all. Let love be your guide. 🇵🇷

Artwork by
ChrisSotoCreations titled My roots

Good morning mi gente. ☕😎 Whatever you decide to do in life make sure it makes YOU happy. Be the best person that you can be and work hard for what you want no matter who stops loving you because of it!!!! 💯🇵🇷

Good morning familia.
Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there.

Good evening familia... Just got home and I received some packages!
Wanted to share these artists work..
Thank you @charmingdecor5516 for the beautiful vases 😘😘 and @oyeknizacjewelry for the custom necklaces 😘😘... These companies are founded by Boricuas. I'm sure they have something that will catch your eye. Support Boricua Owned Businesses.

#boricua #puertorico #Borikén ##yotequieroPR #puertorican #coqui #iwasntborninpr #prwasborninme #yosoyboricua #paquetulosepas #isladelencanto #taino

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