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Ivan  ▪️24 | PhD Student | Lifestyle | Fitness | ▪️Melbourne ▪️Tag me in memes pls ▪️Questionable fitness tips ▪️DM for collabs 📸 🇦🇺🇵🇭

You can literally see the moment Jesus takes the wheel #livingontheedge #wobbly
Haven’t been hitting my cals so I guess this week is the start of my mini cut 🏋️‍♂️

When you spread yourself too thin but you’re still looking thicc 🤙
Been less active on social media while I try to sort out my life #careers

Pidgeotto is my spirit animal 🐦
Should I grow my hair out like this again? Currently looking more like pidgey 🐥

Fitness tip: Always be ready to rip your shirt off mid set to take pics if you get a good pump going (may only be appropriate for males though...)💪
Just showing off my tan lines, you can literally see the outline of a tank top 😳👕

When you’re lactose intolerant and need to lose a couple pounds real fast 💀 #livinglifeontheedge
Unflattering photo but flattering lighting for the creams 🍦

Don’t forget to show support to other people in the gym! If you’re shy like me, then just support yourself 👊 #bamboozle #patontheback
Felt sick since last night and barely ate anything all day but I still made it to the gym and had a really productive sesh 🙌🙌

I didn’t know what to post so I retook a classic and look even smaller than I do in the original 😑
Finally dropped all that water weight from 2 weekends ago, I’m looking less fluffy now hahaha

Pretty good view from up here! The scenery is nice too 😇

Fitness tip: utilise that side chest pose to hide your belly when bulking 🐣 (also workout at midnight to take advantage of the best lighting in the gym)
Week 11 of my bulk done, weighing in at 83.2kg. I planned on bulking for 16 weeks but I’m considering stopping at 12 since I’m getting a little chunky hahaha 🐻 Should I bulk until week 16??

Fitness tip: Transformation Tuesday photos don’t even have to be real transformations, just take a few dumps and change up the lighting for that dramatic effect💥(or in this case, have a cheat weekend for that fake bulk)
There’s a 3 day difference between these photos 🤔 I have a pump in both of them but on the left I’m depleted (81kg), and on the right I’m holding a lot of water weight (84kg). Lowkey did a slight vacuum for that shoulder to waist ratio in the left pic hahaha 🤙
Which look is better, left or right?

As a financially humble PhD student (lol) it pays to live a pretty frugal I buy gym wear from supermarkets #aldi #coles
I legit got this zip up hoodie from Coles and the leggings from Aldi, 10/10 value. Still looks good tho 🤷‍♂️

❗️Calling out this guy for being a fake natty❗️
Who gains 3kg in 2 days? Delts and traps looking suspicious compared to older photos, I’m onto you m8 🚓
Everyone’s calling everyone else out for being fake natties and I feel like I’m missing out so I’m calling myself out so I can be a part of something 🐣

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