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🐼Jazzy 🐶Cooper 🦊BB 👩🏻Aki  #GreyIsBeautiful #TrainingDeafDog Book now available on Amazon!

My butterfly dog! 🦋 Buttefly has a special meaning to me as I take them as a sign of Jazzy being around. Guess what? B.B. is always with me with her butterfly ears. 🦋

PS. Before adopting BB, I tried to adopt a senior Papillon (it means Butterfly in French by the way) but it didn’t work out. I was disappointed a bit...but then BB started having those Papillon-butterfly looking ears as she matured. 😍💓

My goofy princess Always making Coopie giggle 😄

When she looks back and runs back to me, my heart quietly explodes. 💖 Being deaf, recall training was one of the biggest challenges for BB. I’ve been teaching her that checking back with me often means some types of reward. She is getting it! ☺️💓#Trainingdeafdog

BB longstocking 🧦 #NaturalRedHead 🦊

“Come back to bed” 🤗 #morningsnuggle 💞

Having Coop and Jazzy with me in their grey years, I grew a special soft spot for senior dogs. It was truly my honor to be able to care for them the way I did, and I hope more dogs will have the best senior years that they deserve. I'm excited to share the launch of #JourneyHomeFund by @stellaandchewys to bring awareness to adult and senior adoption. They are donating a meal to an adult rescue for each bag of Stella & Chewy's purchased (up to 250,000 meals annually) Swipe to see their video or visit their page to watch it in full length.

Nothing extraordinary. Just wanted to show how much BB loves my touch and how much I enjoy seeing her happy. 💕

Happy dog-mother’s day. 💓 I adopted BB last year on mother’s day. I love her more everyday. #dogmomday 🌸

🐝🐝 Just by getting closer to the subject, you can make the flower patch appear more dense than it really is.

“Walk with me” 🐕🚶🏽‍♀️💕

Cheeky eyes 👀 #troublemaker

#MeanwhileInHeaven ✨🐶🐼

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