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Bopo_Cosplay  <3 Body Positive // Cosplay Positive <3 Featuring YOUR cosplay Regardless of your body type, craftmanship, gender or age. No discrimination, only love

🇺🇸🎆Happy 4th of July to all American Cosplayers🎆🇺🇸 You are valid.
You are worthy.
You are derserving.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Times are difficult and scary right now, but you will get through it and you will come out of it stronger than ever.
Good will prevail over Evil.
Love will always win.

Wonderful repost/collage from @ladyjcosplay
With wise words from our Captain himself #chrisevans
Please go check out her post. I couldnt repost her comment with the picture and it is worth reading ❤

I don't do Twitter but thanks to @itskeitodayo for showing me this cosplayer @tranquil_ashes

I can't stress it enough : YOU ARE NEVER WRONG TO COSPLAY A CHARACTER (as long as it is to honor the character and not to belittle it or its fans). She is absolutely FIERCE!!!! #bopocosplay #cosplay #cospositive #cosplayforeveryone #cosplaypositivity #cosplayer

2 years ago today, I created @bopo_cosplay in the hope to spread Love, acceptance and Support within the Cosplay Community.

Today, I have also reached 400 followers. It may not seem like a lot in 2 years, but for me it is perfect!

I know I don't often post and I am not consistent but I try. There is only myself and I admit, i iften forget to post on tjus account. But I am thankfull for everyone who helps me make #bopocosplay active by useing the tag and hashtag options. Who comments on pictures and gets discussions and positive supports going. Who likes pictures and show their appreciations to every cosplayers.
Thank you!

Cosplay is for everyone. We all put on a costume in the hope to represent a character we love. Regardless of our skills, body type, gender or race. We do it because we love it. There is no place for discrimination and negative comments. Yes, you have the right to not like a particular cosplay, but you have no right to belittle someone for trying.

Body Positivity is more than just accepting all body types, it goes beyond that. Bopo Cosplay is all of it wrap up in a pretty costume.⠀
Be kind.⠀
Be supportive.⠀
Be helpful.⠀
Be happy.⠀
Be cosplay who you want.

You are a beautiful cosplayer and you make this world a better place. Thank you for these past 2 years ❤

If you read this far.....⠀
To commemorate the 2 years anniversary and 400 followers, i will feature in my story some of my biggest #bopocosplay followers.
These cosplayers have been with us from the start, using the #bopocosplay hashtag to spread the love, commentings on pictures, participating in shoutouts and spreading #cosposivity within the cosplay community.

Also, for anyone who comments on this post with a story about " How Bopo_Cosplay is important for them" , I will draw from them for a giveaway price.

#bopocosplay #cosplay #cospositive #cosplayforeveryone #cosplaypositivity #cosplayer

PSA: With all the Cons starting up as the weather gets warmer: don't forget the most important!!!! DRINK WATER

Always Keep In Mind.
You Are Doing Great.
You Are Awesome.

#bopocosplay #cosplay #cospositive #cosplayforeveryone #cosplaypositivity #cosplayer

☀Summer Cosplay☀

Nothing scream SUMMER more than a mermaid! ⠀
If you are not following @thelaurabyrd yet, hurry up. This beautiful lady cosplay, models, advocate for body positivity. , inspire and she is really sweet too ❤

Regrann from @thelaurabyrd - I used to think I wasn't the type of beautiful that could take on roles like being a mermaid because I have always been a bit curvier than those people that played those roles. Everyone was tiny and super fit. Try as I might, working out never helped me lose much weight, and when I did lose weight I always had some left in my middle that I was super self conscious about. Honestly, I never worked out that much. I frikkin hate it. But I can dance, hike and move pretty easily, even though I was heavier. My point is, I move and eat healthy, but still have that layer around my middle. I'm pretty sure I always will. And that's ok. It's high time every body was represented and shown love. I'm glad I've finally learned to love mine. *
#photography By @sventure_snaps *
Follow @punktowntv for more cosplay magic! *
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***Repost by request***


Once upon a memory 
Someone wiped away a tear 
Held me close and loved me, 
Thank you, Mother dear.

Please head over @jazyland to check out more picture of this beautiful Boruto photoshoot. And give them a follow since family that cosplay together is pure love 💗

Regrann from @jazyland - Mummy loves you in and out of cosplay, in and out of character. .
📸: @peegion_photography .
Also how amazing are peegion's photos, I love shooting with him cause he's a good mate and I'm so thankful to have hung out with him these last 3 days! I'll come visit you in Singapore soon bro ☺️

#boruto #hinatahyuga #himawari - #regrann #familycosplay
#bopocosplay #cosplay #cospositive #cosplayforeveryone #cosplaypositivity #cosplayer #mothercosplay #mommyandmecosplay #motherdaycosplay

I don't know about you, but today was a glorius day. ☀

Sorry Anna, no time to build a snowman!

Awesome Hipster Anna by @mz_hydecosplay
#bopocosplay #cosplay #cospositive #cosplayforeveryone #cosplaypositivity #cosplayer #frozencosplay

💀☀Summer and Deadpool 2 is coming up!☀💀 ⠀

Let's go follow our f**** friendly neighborhood superhero @toronto_dadpool for more shenanigans

Tag @bopo_cosplay #bopocosplay in your summer cosplay for a feature.👆👆👆 ⠀⠀
#bopocosplay #cosplay #cospositive #cosplayforeveryone #cosplaypositivity #cosplayer #deadpool #deadpoolcosplay #malecosplayer #summercosplay


You filled my days with rainbow lights,
Fairytales and sweet dream nights, 
A kiss to wipe away my tears, 
Gingerbread to ease my fears. 
You gave the gift of life to me 
And then in love, you set me free. 
I thank you for your tender care, 
For deep warm hugs and being there. 
I hope that when you think of me 
A part of you 
You’ll always see.

Give @qcobb_cosplay a follow. This mother of 3 loves creating cosplay for her family and teaching her skills to her daughter and sons. Also check out the kids cosplay journey with #hudsoncosplay #phenixcosplay and #riverkcosplay

#familycosplay #canadiancosplayer
#curvycosplay #bopocosplay #cosplay #cospositive #cosplayforeveryone #cosplaypositivity #cosplayer #mothercosplay #mothersday


Dear Mom...
Since the day I was small 
Till the day I became tall
Since I began understanding things
Till the day I got my own wings
Your love, has never fallen short
You have been my only support
I want to hold you tight and hug you
I just want to say Thank you

Happy mother's day to all but specially to my mother @teacher_a.plastre who only started cosplaying a year ago but has put up with my sister and I costume making journey throughout the years. Leaving pins and threads on the floor, turning the kitchen table as a craft table, and letting us dress her in various cosplay. Thank you for your support.

#bopocosplay #cosplay #cospositive #cosplayforeveryone #cosplaypositivity #cosplayer #mothersday #mothercosplay #familycosplay

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