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anney 🍑 terrain  🍑👆🏽 @artvide0s ✨all of this and less✨ 3% smarter than you

the south was brazy~ had so much fun eating Nashville hot chicken, seeing my bbs all over then coming back to CA to craft w/ the craft babes of the @thecvartscene in @houseofvans at fyf. ✨I feel very fortunate to be loved by so many wonderful and generous people✨ 💕🌭🍑
and s/o my new bestie Austin from the Waffle House for my free Waffle House swag what an angel lolol

✨crafting fanny packs n eating popsicles✨

gotta cop the assport to further rise the 🍑


healthy gang at the tomato disco 🍅🕺🏽

choose yr player



my lil lightning bug

oops didn't take pix of all the cool nature but I started a new jazz band

me relaxing real hard and nursing my foot back to health after saving a building from burning down, nbd.

when I was 7 I choked on a werthers original™ while singing a celine dion song and I almost died lol. it was an extra emotional rendition in my bedroom with my stuffed rabbit as my only audience. sometimes things get very brazy and I become convinced that I actually died that day and nothing is real.

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