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Travis Hartley Schneider  Photographer, director, chips & salsa. Los Angeles.

Weekend Warriors 💪 Knocking back Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cookie Crisp cereal milk bobas 🏆

Slick Rick James Brown ⚡️

*"Lovefool" plays softly in distance

Follow your dreams, don't take "NO" for an answer, be original, do YOU, be the one, make your own luck 💫🚀

🖤Funky Monks🖤

Keeping my apartment in the valley but stocking the bathrooms with $40 Aēsop hand wash makes me feel like I'm beating the system. Also I miss you @kjskorge 🐣

'Nuff said

Endless Summer 💘@alexleeaillon 💘

You know when you're so hungry and you want so many different kinds of foods and you can't decide wether you want a burrito or a bagel breakfast sandwich or sushi or a smoothie or tacos so you just starve? This one's for you 💘

Probably wondering why most Dippin' Dots places never have the coffee flavored dots

The incomparable @marcneilbaker invited me to make his next music video 💘 "No Place I'd Rather Be" drops this Friday, 7/14. Keep your eyes peeled, suckers 💕

"Do you know Whole Foods is trying to charge $2.99 for an avocado right now?? Not today, Satan..." - @hellowhitney

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