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Boost Oxygen SA  Boost Oxygen is the ultimate Boost for Amateur & Pro Athletes. Boost Oxygen assists with Increased Energy, Endurance, Recovery, Alertness

It's no secret that our air has been compromised by pollution and poor air quality has been linked to premature ageing and reduction in general wellbeing across South Africa, especially in our cities. Research has found that the level of oxygen in our air today is around 21%, but in our polluted cities it can drop as low as
12%. With its dedicated Boost Oxygen Beauty range of products also schedule for launch in South Africa in the near future, Boost Oxygen is designed to help the body to reclaim oxygen levels lost as a result of poor nutrition, poor fitness and reduced air quality. #boostoxygensa #beautyrange #reclaim #oxygenlevels

Oxygen plays a critical role in how well we look. Stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol increase the internal acidity of the body, lowering oxygen levels in the process. Lower oxygen levels affect the performance of both collagen and elastin, which help to keep our skin looking and feeling fresh. A few inhalations of Boost Oxygen's 95% purified oxygen increases the availability of oxygen to the skin, boosting cell renewal and restoring the body's oxygen to normal, healthy levels. #boostoxygensa #stresshormones #adrenaline #cortisol #lookfresh #skin #boostingcellrenewal #healthy

BOOST your child’s performance in the classroom! Supplementing oxygen with Boost helps kids concentrate, fight stress and stay energised without compromising sleep. Oxygen directly fuels 95% of all body and mind functions. The air we breathe affects our health, energy levels, concentration and overall well-being. The aromatic fragrances of Boost’s flavours assist with the process of oxygen absorption, leaving you feeling energised and focused. #boostoxygen #boost #child #performance #concentration #stress #energised #health #wellbeing #body #mind

Give your beauty routine a BOOST! As we get older our skin loses its elasticity as a result of decreased oxygen levels, causing fine lines and wrinkles where there once was an immaculate, flawless complexion. The answer to combatting these things is all around us, and is available perfectly packaged to complement your daily beauty and wellness regime – Boost Oxygen! #boostoxygen #beauty #wrinkels #flawlesscomplexion #wellness

Boost Oxygen is now offering FREE DELIVERY nationwide! Order online NOW! Link in bio! #boostoxygensa #freedelivery #nationwide #order_now

BOOST Performance on the Sports Field! Boost Oxygen is safe for use for children and teens and can help both sports performance and recovery. By introducing more oxygen, the bloodstream is able to inhibit the production of lactic acid and expel any existing already. Boost Oxygen also helps boost the immune system and recovery time from strenuous exercise.
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BOOST Oxygen comes in 4 aromatic flavours - no matter what type of exercise you prefer – there’s a BOOST flavour to match! #boostoxygensa #excercise #choices

DID YOU KNOW? BOOST Oxygen is a great alternative to your morning coffee? BOOST’s 95% pure oxygen provides a better and healthier kick start to your day than your usual caffeine fix – especially before your morning run!
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Beauty starts from within! Build Boost Oxygen into your skincare routine AM and PM and in times of need! Breathing Boost Oxygen also protects against the ageing effects of air pollution and stress.
Last chance to get the pink grapefruit fragrance on special. Visit the Boost Oxygen website for more details.

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TRAVELLING? To be at your best, no matter where you’re headed, be sure to grab a can of Boost Oxygen. Not sure where to find it, follow the link in our bio

TRAVELLING? To be at your best, no matter where you’re headed, be sure to grab a can of Boost Oxygen. Not sure where to find it, follow the link in our bio

When it comes to a remedy, there are many products and urban legends which are said to alleviate the dreaded hangover, but those with access to supplemental oxygen, whether it be a nurse, welder or pilot, have experienced its benefits when used during or after a night of drinking. Boost Oxygen gives the general public immediate access to oxygen during the party, before sleep, and for the morning after.
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