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Boosted Performance 

Some supercharged BRZ action to start the day. #ecutek #subaru #brz #ft86 #jacksonracing

Some P-car action to wrap up the Iowa tuning session this week. This 2011 Turbo S (997.2) is running a Fabspeed catted turboback exhaust and 91oct fuel. We baselined the Cobb OTS Stage 2 91oct tune and found it was making some nice power but riding the knock sensor pretty hard. After cleaning it with more optimal timing and fueling we were able to significantly reduce the knock, add some boost and picked up 40 whp and 40 torque across the whole powerband while making cleaner runs. She scoots on the street feels amazing. #porsche #porsche997 #cobbtuning

A little Focus RS action on the dyno today. We’re still only just dipping our toes into this platform as the ecu control strategies are highly complex compared to other cars but we’re getting the hang of it and making good progress. Ended the day at 350 torque and 331 whp which is still quite conservative for one of these cars with an intake, downpipe and intercooler upgrade and using 93oct fuel. We’ve got a couple other parts to toss at it soon and then back on the dyno it goes for some more tuning. #fordfocusrs #cobbtuning

Kicked off today’s tuning with this Factory Five 818 kit car. Stock 2.0 liter WRX engine powered. Six Star cleaned up a few things on it and we gave a good tune. 245 whp and 260 torque will make this car a ton of fun on the street. #subaru #factoryfive818 #cobbtuning

Swing by our booth here at @subiefest Midwest and say hi today. Our time attack STi is on display and we’ve got hats and shirts for sale so grab them while they last.

First car of the day was this 2017 WRX. Simple mods, intake, catted J-pipe, Tgv deletes and flex fuel. 288 whp / 315 torque on 93oct and a huge jump to 365 whp / 330 torque at E60. Nice flat torque and a climbing powerband. Pulls smooth all the way to redline. #subaru #fa20dit #wrx #cobbtuning #flexfuel

Kevin got bored with 9 psi on 93oct on his FR-S so he upped the boost a couple a psi and added a flex fuel kit so we could throw some E85 in for even more power. Previous run tune session in blue it put down 263. Now it makes 288 on 93oct and picked up huge gains on E85 making 346 whp with a nice flat torque curve (table). #scion #frs #ecutek #flexfuel

Round 2 with the D&L Performance shop FXT with fresh injectors swapped in to solve fueling issues we have last time. Stock STi engine, 6 MT swap, flex fuel, Grimmspeed TMIC, Dom 1.5 twin scroll. Pumped out 430 whp and 400 torque on E85 and at 23 psi even in some pretty hot and humid Florida weather. #subaru #fxt #cobbtuning #flexfuel #blouchturbo #grimmspeed #injectordynamics #dandlperformance

Please excuse our lack of updates over the past month. We’ve been tuning non stop but we’re going to catch up on sharing some cool projects we’ve worked on like this Saker GT. This is 1 of 14 in a local fleet we will be working with. This one needed some tuning for some updates it received. It uses a dated standalone ecu but we got the job done with it and put down 271 whp with very flat torque for a good feel on the track. This car is powered by an older stock JDM 2.0 Subaru engine and has a small turbo upgrade but limited fueling for now. Future plans include fuel upgrades and a Haltech ECU for even better control and consistently. #subaru #saker

Our final car for the week was this 2012 STi. Bought from dealer with unknown mods and tuning, the owner brought it all the way to us from Grand Rapids, MI to go over it and get it tuned. Six Star Motorsports end up swapping in some ID1050x injectors to replace some mystery off brand ones, adding a fuel pump and flex fuel kit. We strapped it down and got to work on the tuning and up up at 295 whp on 93oct and bumped the power to 335 by E75. From mystery setup to flex tuned in one afternoon. #subaru #sti #cobbtuning #flexfuel

Had this clean 2006 Saabaru on the dyno today. 160k miles on the original engine. Basic stage 2 mods, upgraded intercooler and a new fuel pump. It put down a healthy 250 whp and 320 torque on the stock td04 turbo. #saabaru #cobbtuning

Started the day with this Jackson Racing Supercharged FR-S that we tuned last year on 93oct. Six Star Motorsports set it up with a new flex fuel kit so we could add some power with E85 and also test out Ecutek’s new Racerom version 10 beta update that brings native, cleanly integrated flex fuel support, improved speed density and a new full time closed loop fueling system. We utilized all these new features and with some tweaks we picked up 10 whp from where it was a year ago. 260 whp and 187 torque on 93oct. By E75 we upped the power to 308 whp and 218 torque with nice gains everywhere. The new racerom worked flawlessly. #scionfrs #ft86 #ecutek #ecutekracerom #flexfuel #jacksonracing

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