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Boosted Performance 

A little FA20 action to wrap up the day with this 2017 WRX. Basic bolt-ons, 93oct fuel. 290 whp / 320 torque. #subaru #wrx #fa20dit #cobbtuning

This 2016 STi was a bit of a mystery car that the team at @sixstarmotorsports had to sort out but they figured it out and we completed the tuning last night. The owner asked for it to be tuned very conservative for now so we put it 340 whp / 315 torque on 93oct with low boost on a FP Green turbo. #subaru #sti #cobbtuning

Some supercharged flex fuel FT86 action on the dyno today. HKS V3 Supercharger setup reaching 9 psi. 320 whp / 240 torque on E85. Perfect for the track lapping this car is built for. #ft86 #ecutek #flexfuel

We finally wrapped up the tuning on this 2008 335xi put together by @eric_efabmotorsports and it did very well. These cars are very finicky to tune with all German style loads and limits. We were stuck at 440 whp at first due to some transmission computer limits with this car being at Auto. We got around that with a TCU flash and ended up at 464 whp and 484 torque. Full bolt-ons and Pure Stage 2 Turbos, 93oct and tuning with a Cobb AccessPort. Shoutout to @brentuning for the amazing assistance helping us understand and tune this poorly documented platform. This car rips on the street now and is exactly what the owner was looking for. #bmw #335i #cobbtuning #n54 #purestage2

We don’t do a lot N/A Subaru tuning but when we do it’s in an interesting project like this buggy powered by a built Outfront Motorsports engine mated to a VW transmission. 130 whp with the weight of this buggy is definitely a riot. #subarupowered #outfrontmotorsports

Here’s a fun project we started on in August. RB25 swap in a 240sx controlled by an AEM Infinity ECU. The car is running and driving perfect but we found the turbo was bad. Super lazy spool but still made 430 whp with low boost on 93oct. A new turbo setup is in the works and then we’ll see what she can really do. #nissan #rb25det #aeminfinity

2015 STi with simple stage 2 mods and a custom tune. 300 whp and 322 torque on 93oct. #subaru #sti #cobbtuning

Daniels super clean 2007 STi getting some flex fuel love. 20g turbo with supporting mods. 370 whp on 93oct and 430 whp on E85 #subaru #sti #cobbtuning #flexfuel

Widebody GR anyone? FP Green turbo with supporting mods and Flex Fuel. 403 whp on 93oct and a nice jump to 486 whp with E85. #subaru #wrx #flexfuel #cobbtuning

We have been completely slacking on the social media updates considering we haven’t posted much of anything since early August. We kept saying we’d catch back up when the tuning slows down but even as winter rolls in we’ve stayed completely booked up with dyno tuning and e-tuning and we’re very thankful for all the growth that’s keeping us so busy. It has definitely been one hell of a season for us. The Spoolbus won the rotated class at Subaru Nationals and we’ve been a part of so many other successes this season both at the drag strip and on the road course. We’ve got so much catching up to do and so many stories to share so please excuse us while we flood your news feed with tuning content during this Thanksgiving week. For now, enjoy this sexy STi tuned we tuned on Real Streets dyno during our last Florida tuning trip and stay tuned for more content.

Some supercharged BRZ action to start the day. #ecutek #subaru #brz #ft86 #jacksonracing

Some P-car action to wrap up the Iowa tuning session this week. This 2011 Turbo S (997.2) is running a Fabspeed catted turboback exhaust and 91oct fuel. We baselined the Cobb OTS Stage 2 91oct tune and found it was making some nice power but riding the knock sensor pretty hard. After cleaning it with more optimal timing and fueling we were able to significantly reduce the knock, add some boost and picked up 40 whp and 40 torque across the whole powerband while making cleaner runs. She scoots on the street feels amazing. #porsche #porsche997 #cobbtuning

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