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Late post , but I gotta admit, my love and I do some bad ass shit❤Good thing no one can see how flustered I was when Lord Vader himself was talking to me😂.

The OG triple OG doin the "robot" 😂.Thanks to @aisaisaghost for getting this for me ❤.
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Want, want, want , and want. 😤😱

This badassery happened on Valentine's Day thanks to my love that knows me so well. 👍🏻👍🏻

My valentine , my love , my everything❤

Picture of a picture of my @aisaisaghost and I at Disneyland ! Happy birthday my love !❤

Looking to enhance your frs/brz audio and enhance your daily driving experience ? @oemaudioplus is the answer ! Couple years ago when my car had the vortech supercharger kit with header back exhaust , I couldn't hear a damn thing while driving and couldn't even hear my music ! The Oem audio plus cf400 reference kit was what helped bring my music back to life! The perfect amount of powerful bass with beautiful mids and cutting highs is how I can describe this beautiful kit. How hard was the install? Easy , especially with everything plugging into OEM connectors. When finished, the kit looks super clean and like it came from the factory with the ability to use all the trunk space you need. The pricing is cheaper than going for a custom system too! Currently with a 3" exhaust system all the way back and a turbo kit with over 400hp, the sound is still beautiful even paired with my pioneer avic nex8000! As you can see, if you have a rear strut tower bar and also for you track guys, the sub can be easily removed with an Allen wrench within minutes. This is hands down one of the best purchases I've made. No issues what so ever for a couple years strong now. @oemaudioplus now offers two sets of speakers that can be upgraded .I'll be changing those out soon and reporting the badassery that takes place.
P.S. They also support other platforms 👍🏻🎼🔊🔉

What rear seat? 🤷🏻‍♂️✨pretty impressed with how long this thing by @seiboncarbon has held up. Been about three years and still as beautiful as the first day I got it 👍🏻💪🏻

OG triple OG yutanpo game strong ! 💪🏻 ☺️

Miss being in here😩 hopefully soon!

Thank you @blackstone_labs for providing a detailed review of exactly what I was asking for. Besides the mechanical issues due to a previous build , I'm relieved to know there wasn't any abnormal amounts of metal deposits in the oil.
If you want a very detailed description of your motors health via your oil whether you're tracking , dragging or even daily driving, I highly recommend @blackstone_labs . It was one of the easiest processes for a low price that provided me a damn good idea of how everything looks inside.
Now that I know my motor isn't completely fucked , time to get into outfront to have my motor done right as soon as I get a few more things from jdl.

Let's go ducks ! W my @aisaisaghost 🔥