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T & A

Snow boards ✔️ Ski Bikes ✔️ Steak and eggs ✔️

Tocino eggs and has browns FTW #Sparta meeting


Who wants a Dickel in cider? 😂

Happy Valentine's Day G! From #95til since #perfectstudios #lugz #beepers #motorola #bravoplus #boothpics Got Decades? I can't believe today is our 21st Valentines together! I ❤️you with all my heart! See you soon 😍😘🌹Happy Valentine's Day to all my cupcakers out there!

Still dreaming about the powder over the weekend! #dirttrailriders💀 #SuperFunOutdoors #howbowdah #everyrideisepic #DTR

You can't do epic things with basic people! Always an epic adventure with these folks. 10.5 hour drive up Friday due to road closures, alternate routes, shredding some epic powder @sierra_at_tahoe with no lines, partied all weekend long at the cabin with very low hours of sleep, endless pranks and games, drunk karaoke, sliding through black ice, prime rib dinners etc! Some folks missed the group shot. Thanks @dsrxpresident for planning these trips 👊 and thank you to the rest of the #DarksideRacing folks for the good times.