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Christina Borys  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Happiest birthdays to my one and only stinky pig. The best dog/animal I have ever had hands down 🌹

I don’t really like getting super personal on here and some of you may already know through Shannon, but I am currently in the hospital treating my “leaking” appendix. I had gone to the UofA hospital at the end of April for stomach pains and they said that it looked like my appendix and I was recommended a ct scan and to meet with surgeons, but since my pain had dissipated they told me it was probably only irritated and to come back if the pain got worse. My pain slowly got better and I saw my regular GP who suggested that it was probably an ovarian cyst so I began treating it that way. The past week I started to have extreme pains in my pelvis and went to emerge at the Misericordia on Friday and Saturday where I was admitted overnight. I had a ct scan done which showed that my appendix had effectively leaked everywhere and I had a huge abscess in my pelvis, one by my liver, and in between my intestines, basically the resident told me my stomach was “a mess”. I underwent surgery the other day to have the abscesses washed out and I have a drain for the larger of the abscesses and I will have to be in the hospital on antibiotics for the next week or so. The surgery went well and I’m healing good so far, but it was incredibly scary that my appendix was leaking into my body for a month before any healthcare practitioner noticed. Had I not gone to emerge when I did the second time it could have gotten to the point that it was fatal. I’m eternally grateful for all the doctors and my family (especially my mum), my girlfriend Shannon, and friends. I know blood tests and scans and all the poking and prodding is scary, but if you think something is wrong always push until you get the right answers. 🌹💉🍉

Happiest of birthdays to my no. 1, don’t know what I would do without your running commentary and endless jokes 💕✨🎉

Can’t coax these two girls out of the shade 🍉

First double sick day in 2 1/2 years feat. Nurse Rue 👎🏼

Ever had your car battery die sitting in the Walsh’s No Frills parking lot? Me neither.

Wish we lived in a world with a bunch of orange cartoon women burning bras instead of one orange cartoon man threatening nuclear war ✌🏼

Picky little angel made me repost the damn picture. Still my one and only(s) 🌹🌹🌹

Dreaming of warmer days with my sweet pidge

"Oh well"

Infinite garbage #2017


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