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Christine Bailey Speed. Today we celebrate you on your birthday! I was attracted to your timeless beauty, smile and natural grace, but I fell in ❤️ with your sense of humor and your child’s mind. I always knew you were capable of anything... I mean, who teaches herself how to ski by hiking in the Wasatch with telemark gear?!?! There should be a book written about that alone called something like Suffering and Perseverance. I reckon if you can do that, you can do anything. And it turns out you do. You’ve gone through two career rebrands in six years, moved houses a few times and all while getting shit your first 5.14 pictured here, just a couple years ago. You make living look easy. Happy birthday babe. I adore you @cbaileyspeed

Happy Anniversary babe!! To quote the Joker: “You. Complete. Me.” But seriously. I’m honored to share my life with you. Surfing, climbing, travel, creativity,’s to more fun times ahead...🥂. Plus tomorrow’s your bday so we’ll be taking a little stroll down memory lane... ❗️😬 ❤️🤙🏼🔥

They say the devil (or god) is in the details. I concur. And this represents a moment I experienced in China back in ‘09. I realize I’ve said this a million times, but I am grateful every day for discovering climbing. It’s provided both a lens and a medium for how I see, interact and navigate through the world. It’s essentially been my golden ticket, along with supporting parents and family. So I’m psyched to share it with others next Saturday, Aug 18th @thecliffslic in NYC for global climbing day where people can try it for free. Let’s do it! 🙏🏼 @thenorthface @felipe.camargo @thenorthface_climb #wallsaremeantforclimbing #climbing

It starts somewhere. Take Steven Jeffery for example. At age 12 he just stood back and watched in SLC. A couple years later he was flashing our projects. By 1999 he was as good as anyone, especially on his terrain, large moves to large sloping holds... He grew up in a gym and in a sense, never left. Nowadays he’s a route-setter extraordinaire and one of the reasons why setters make a living wage. The quality of routes matter, and @stevenjefferyclimbs has once again excelled at something he’s put his mind to. Whichever gym Steven sets in will have the best routes. But enough about this punk :) check out these photos I took of him. ...nah, actually, I’m still really proud of these images circa 1999, 3/4 are #crossprocessed film shot with a slow shutter on a #Lomo. (Remember those days? ...damn!) But yeh, Steven was the perfect model because he could stick moves nobody else could, over and over. This was an outtake. The second frame here became the iconic @pusherholds ad featuring the BigStone, the first-ever large broken foam hold. In any case, this basically depicts the beginning of my photo career. Then slide #4 is Steven and @chris_sharma on #joesvalley ‘No Additives Direct’ an early v14 (?) which seemed absurd to me, which is why I was shooting photos. #timing #climbing

Ok, last one. But gotta say that last night was epic, and the clear winner was climbing. We heard the naysayers and the sponsors that dropped out at the last minute because, they said, without the OR tradeshow psicocomp wouldn’t survive. Yo... not to rub it in, but psicocomp (and climbing) is about more than just schmoozing for business. The true believers showed up last night, from all over the world to compete, and to watch. And in the 6 years of psicocomp, last night was The. Best. Yet. So thanks @thenorthface @utaholympicpark @psicocomp @moonclimbingna @thenorthface_climb and to @stevenjefferyclimbs & @dani_andrada_climb for Sick routesetting (you guys are the best) and all the athletes and to everyone else who kicked ass and made this thing rock! Next stop is Montreal 8/24 see you there. #wallsaremeantforclimbing #climbing #psicocomp #psicobloc

It’s on! Either hurry up here for the real thing or tune in for the live feed at . 6years in and this is the best I’ve seen this event look. Huge thanks to @thenorthface @psicocomp @thenorthface_climb @moonclimbingna @utaholympicpark #psicobloc #wallsaremeantforclimbing #climbing

Looking forward to tomorrow at qualifiers. Such a cool, mellow time to be at the venue in a laid back atmosphere. Then Saturday will be bananas!! Look forward to seeing family and friends from all over, there soon.

Best climbing comp ever. I think. Hope to see you there this weekend. #psicocomp #thenorthface #olympicparkutah #climbing

👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼Better road-vibes, even, than Shuggie Otis radio

When you get to hang with your hero... Thanks @wfmft for capturing the mood on the day of our impromptu Dissect Podcast (#27 for those who care). See you and the guys around!!

The first clip is at 30k feet somewhere between Dallas and home tonight. The second shot was a cool random moment while driving through Dallas’ Uptown neighborhood... I noticed one of my @flavorpaper shots in #MathewTullyHairSalon . It’s big (notice the light switch bottom right corner) and stunning.

Bailey and I were talking about #moonboard techniques today. She was saying that she’s having trouble sticking big last moves. I dug this old photo series of @jasonkehl_cryptochild out of him on #freewilly in #hueco . The classic v10 is an ideal facsimile of the MoonBoard (small crimps, steep angle). I was having a difficult time this problem myself back in 2004 when I shot this series. Back before #crossprocess photography was a button on IG. I had just gotten my first digital camera, a Canon 20d, and was experimenting with simulation of techniques I had been developing in the film days. Anyway, I digress... this series of Jason was a total “unlock” for me. Notice: He doesn't wind up or look first. He just goes with his whole body. Generating height off his foot and length by twisting his torso...trusting his coordination and Not Disengaging from his shoulders or core tension. Rock solid. I had been trying the problem by jumping straight out to the hold, letting me feet swing wildly and peeling off the top edge over and over. I got back to the Rock Ranch, LOOKED at this series, and later did the problem this way. Easily. Well, pretty easily 😬 #olddognewtrick #climbing #bouldering @cbaileyspeed @moonclimbingna @moonclimbing @nateagold @chris_sharma @mikecall

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