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Stacey D Mamí🇲🇽 LatinasWhoLift  Latina | Sinaloense 🌹 Self Love, Fitness Y Fashion Blessed and Highly Favored @primevallabs @lastsetco @feedmefightme @rpstrength

When my mom saw you IG booty builders trying this and she insisted we did it on our leg day.
Lmfaoooo parezco ranaaaaa. No sean mal pensados. 😂😂😂 #SoundOn #lol #mymomcracksmeup #fitchick #imofficiallyanIGfitnessinfluenfernow #lmfao #thisisthelaststraw
Shorts from @feedmefightme

What are two words that describe you?
I want mine to be self love and confidence.
Yours? 🌴💕🌞 @divamodafashioncouture
#StaceyDTaughtMe #selflove #confidence #kindness #selfrespect #resilience #honesty #esfuerzo #listgoeson

I love doing front squats because it helps me work my core while also working my legs.
So happy i had my @primevallabs EAA Max cus i barely made it through today’s working sets.💪🏽
Code is BoomFAMF15 for anything on their site. Best flavor hands down.
Shorts from @feedmefightme x @virtus.outdoors dropping tomorrow at 5 pm.
Shirt was a limited edition #BoomFAMF collection item.
Should i bring them back???????👀👀 #LatinasWhoLift #eaeaea #okurrr #gains #motivationmonday #primevallabs #feedmefightme #ello

265 for 5 who tf was i ?!😩😩😩😩
A lot of you have been asking me why I haven’t been crossfitting/powerlifting anymore. As much as I love it, after competing for so many years I felt a mental break was necessary for me.
Aside from that as well — I got my boobs done 2 years ago and never allowed them to heal correctly. I came back to heavy lifting too soon and because of that I have to have a revision. There is a YouTube video where I talk about it and I will be filming the process as well.
While that process goes through, I’m enjoying the regular gym and allowing myself to miss heavy ass lifting.
I maintain my weight with @rpstrength templates because I’m not as active but I don’t want to actually gain a lot of weight. Following them has been the easiest way to keep on track.
I know a lot of you are here because you loved to see me get down in the gym but I enjoy being more than just a strong girl who looks pretty while she lifts weights (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Anyway! Here’s my #MondayMotivation video/ update on why i haven’t been lifting hella weights/ my secret to staying in shape.
If you guys have any questions drop them down below!! My code for the @rpstrength Templates is BOOMFAMF!
@rpstrength #RPStrength #TeamRPstrength
#LatinasWhoLift #StaceyDTaughtMe #recovery #motivation #letsgetit #imissbeingstrong #idolovemyboobsthough
#loveyoubabies #thankyouforsupportingme #throughitall

Also for anyone who feels the need to comment on the form of my last two reps just know — this is old, my back is 100% fine, it’s unnecessary to say something negative because it’s no longer relevant. Thank you. 🤗✨

When agua de pepino is the only kind of pepino you’re getting 💔🥒 #lol #pepinomyheart #mailob #vuelvemeaquerer #sebuscapepino #peromaduro #jajajaja #lmfao

Buenos días mis amores !
Third episode of #MichisYChisme is now up on my YouTube channel.

Do you guys like em??? Do you feel like you’re chismeando with us??? This last one is about me going on a date and @mexicanchunli #LongDistanceRelationship.
Tune in with the link on my bio and lmk what y’all think down hereeeeeeee 💕

#Ayeee #MichisYChisme #StaceyDTaughtMe #LatinasWhoLift #Latina #beauty #makeup #fit #fitlife #boomfamf #okurrrr

@lastsetco ❤️ #lastsetco code BoomFAMF

I was wondering maybe could you make me your baby?

My biggest mission in life is to help women feel confident, loved and empowered.
Though I’m not perfect I strive to make everything around me lead to that ending goal.
The way i carry myself on social media, share my experiences and interact with the women who follow me is how I feel connected and helpful in order to make a small portion of my goals happen.
I want to show women that you can be unapologetically you, that you can get to where you want to get without putting other women down and that the world is better when all of us truly believe and love ourselves.
If you’re a girl and you’re about empowering girls and watching other women succeed and be happy — i want to invite you to my Women’s Facebook group. It’s called StrongHER by Stacey D. It’s a private book on Facebook that any woman will be accepted into.
We talk about real issues and encourage one another. There’s over 1,000 of us and we’re always looking to make the love grow.
I love you women. And everyday i will work on being a better example of what a Mexican-American mujer is like. Because for some of you — I might be the only example you have — and i want to make sure it’s a good one.
Las amo💕

Mi mayor misión en la vida es ayudar a las mujeres a sentirse seguras, amadas y capaces.
Aunque no soy perfecta, me esfuerzo por hacer que todo a mi alrededor me lleve a mi objetivo final.
La forma en que me llevo en las redes sociales, comparto mis experiencias e interactúo con las mujeres que me siguen es cómo me siento conectado y útil para lograr una pequeña parte.

Quiero mostrarles a las mujeres que pueden ser libre de disculpas, que pueden llegar a donde quieran llegar sin bajar a otras mujeres y que el mundo es mejor cuando todos nosotras realmente creemos y nos apoyamos.

Si comparten estos sentimientos y quieren apoyarse y ver a otras mujeres triunfar y ser felices, quiero invitarlas a mi grupo de Facebook para mujeres. Se llama StrongHER por Stacey D. Es una página privada en Facebook al que cualquier mujer será aceptada.
Hablamos de problemas reales y nos apoyamos unas a otras. Hay más de 1,000 de nosotras y siempre estamos buscando más.


@herbstrong always making sure i train pain free 💚
Use my code BoomFAMF for yoursss.
I just ordered my CBD drops and i can’t wait to get them 🤤

#okkk #loversyou #baiii #boomfamf #herbstrong #ad

Happy bday to this NERD!
It was dope af to kick it when you and @connoroneal came to LA.
Yay for internet friends!💕
P.s. you’re old now.
#lol #internetfriends #happybday!!

Ya vieron mi nuevo video en YouTube?? Hablo de la pareja perfecta.
Y esta 100% en español.
Le sigo con los videos en español?? Como la ven?? Link in my bio🖤

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