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Laurasalwayspottering  Full time fangirl/potterificYouTuber/merch collector and book lover. Welcome to my world 🌏🌎🌍

Morning peeps, I'm going to be going live on Instagram at 4:30pm uk time so be ready with questions for me to answer!

YA'll so I know I've been a bit absent on here and on YouTube but I will be back and I have exciting news!!! On Friday on thebakeey's channel (Sophie) there's going to be a video featuring myself, wisehufflepuff and thelunadiaries!!! It's going to be so good!

Jude law has been cast as Dumbledore for the next fantastic beasts films!!!! What do you guys think of that casting? I personally love him, and while I hadn't actually considered him before for the role of Dumbledore, I'm really interested to see where he takes the character and I'm so excited for the next films!!!

So incase you didn't already know, tonight is the Olivier awards (one of the biggest nights in theatre) and cursed child has been nominated for 11 awards! It's the interval and they've already won 8! Here's hoping they make a clean sweep, they deserve it so much and is such a huge achievement! I adore cursed child and the cast with all my heart, I know some people didn't like it, but it's nights like this that show just what a truly beautiful piece of theatre they have created. If you don't like the story then that's up to you, but I personally love everything about cursed child, and will defend it to the death! ♥️♥️♥️

Yo! There's a few new Potter themed videos on my channel, you should go check them out! Got a whole list of videos to film, and I'm hoping I can do them today! Also if you don't already, go follow my Twitter as I post there all the time! It's @booksforlaura the same as on here! 💙💙💙

Standing in front of hogwarts! Okay I want to film some videos today and I have a few ideas but need your help! An you send me the weirdest Harry Potter fan fiction you've ever read?!? Also drop in the comments some of your favourite fan theories!

Super unaesthetic picture by MERCH! Can't wait to film this haul!

Take me back

Look where I was today!!

So I painted this plate at the pottery place near my house with my mum last week! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Hope you all have lovely days ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Have ya'll seen my new video? It's the vlog of me meeting dan! I'm still so busy with uni and life but I'm trying to get back into social media. I'm going to the Harry Potter studios next week for the opening day of forbidden forest and I'm so excited!

Doesn't fit my theme but LOOK WHAT HAPPENED THIS EVENING. I vlogged. Will be my main channel video tomorrow. So I went to see Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead (which is an incredible play) tonight in London and luckily I got out of the heater fast enough to meet dan. He was lovely and called me kind for taking other people's photos for them. I asked him if I could hug him but not in a creepy way (trust me to be awkward) but he laughed and said it wasn't creepy. Very happy la after a horrible couple of weeks.

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