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If you know me then you know I'm not big on paranormal reads there are a few that I would legit die for and a certain demon *tensley my love* that I adore but overall PNR isn't my jam so when my favorite author AR decided to dive into vampires, I was a bit iffy but thank God my love for blurbs always beats my dislike of certain genres because I would have missed this gem and smut I'm here for all the smutty books.
All in all a fantastic series with all the good stuff I'd ever hoped for.
•Kane & Juliet - Bitten by the beast .
•Ravana & Valen - Bitten by the virgin .
•Erik, Ezra & Dove - Bitten Twice .
•Bishop & Loren - Bitten by the King
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.Edit: sorry for reposting one of the images looked grainy -__-

It's been a hot minute since I've posted something but I promise I'm trying to get a wee bit better at it.
This bite sized duet was everything and more I could have wanted & since I absolutely adored the all in trilogy by the same author I knew she'd blow me away with this new series and she definitely did.
Blurb (Unbowed Novel)
Rule #1: Never fall in love with the client.
I’m terrified.
I’ve never done this before—two months on a private island, isolated from the rest of the world, just me and my new client.
A client who wants my unwavering submission.
What if I’m a horrible submissive? What if I fail?
Worst of all—what if I fall for the man I know I can’t have?
Protect your heart, Belle, I tell myself. Protect it when he smiles at you, kisses you, binds you. Don’t let Dean Donahue have it, as tempted as you are to surrender it.
Because escorts don’t get fairy tale endings. We get paid.
I’ve wanted her from the first moment I saw her.
Belle Bennet, escort. Darling Belle, sweet girl, on her knees, bound and gagged, writhing in pleasure—or pain. The choice is mine.
She is mine. Perfect in her naivety, she’s the submissive I’ve been waiting my whole life to claim.
And for the next two months, I intend to have her—mind, body, and soul—any damn way I see fit.
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The amount of love I have for this book is ridiculous. I hope everyone's well, I've recently been in a book funk lately just cause life happens but I don't know why I even picked up TBATB it was right there on my Kindle and I thought hey why not kill time while I get home and those 30 minutes that took me to get home were the best 30 mins of my life CAUSE I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN. I fell in love with Beau & Lauren, esp with New Orleans and I adored the way the author described the whole vibe of it to the point that it made me wish i was in NO, that in itself shows how well it was written. Also am I the only one shipping Rose *my wee voodoo child* & Russ *The forever cocky playboy*. I figured it out hierarchy books are my new favorite LOL. Definitely bump up this book on your TBR cause it'll make you wish you could fling beads at Mardi Gras ;) Blurb
Beau Fortier starred in most of my cringe-worthy teenage fantasies.

I met him when I was a junior in high school, a time that revolved exclusively around bad hair, failed forays into flirting, and scientific inquiries into which brand of toilet paper worked best for stuffing bras.

That is, until Beau moved into the small guest house just beyond my bedroom window.
A 24-year-old law student at Tulane, Beau was as mysterious to me as second base (both in baseball and in the bedroom). He was older. Intimidating. Hot. Boys my age had chicken legs and chubby cheeks. Beau had calloused hands and a jaw cut from steel. Our interactions were scarce—mostly involving slight stalking on my end—and yet deep down, I desperately hoped he saw me as more of a potential lover than a lovesick loser.

Turns out, I was fooling myself. My fragile ego learned that lesson the hard way.

Now, ten years later, we’re both back in New Orleans, and guess who suddenly can’t take his eyes off little ol’ me.

My old friend, Mr. Fortier.

But things have changed. I’m older now—poised and confident. My ego wears a bulletproof vest. The butterflies that once filled my stomach have all perished.

When I was a teenager, Beau warned me to guard my heart.

Let’s hope he knows how to guard his.

She's back from the dead 😂 LOL sorry for being MIA life tends to get in the way but I'm back for good at least I hope so. I hope all my loves have been well I've just moved back to my place and started reading again 🙆 and what a better way to get back than a BK book and you all know how much I enjoy BK books
Loyalty revolves around Jonathan Marcello *Lucian & Jordyn's kid from filthy marcello* and Siena Calabrese, this read touched on a lot of topics that needed to be written about and as someone who is besties with someone who has bipolar disorder it just made me so happy that the author talked about it in such a respectful way. Also as the title suggests it deals with loyalty too but whose well you'll have to read it to find out and oh one last thing ANDINO is mine 💋
Fresh out of prison after serving a three-year sentence, Johnathan Marcello wants to get back to normal business as a mafia capo. The rules set out for him are clear—keep out of trouble, maintain a low profile, and stay stable. But stability is a delicate balance for a man like John, and shaky ground is only a single step away.
A chance encounter with a blue-eyed woman might just change his whole world.
Siena Calabrese’s life revolves around cooking numbers, and scrubbing books clean. After all, a girl is only useful to men in the mafia, if she isn’t totally useless. As long as she does what they want, then she can maintain the illusion of freedom. But illusions are only delusions in the grand scheme of her life, and reality is far more dangerous.
A man with secrets might just be the one thing she didn’t know she needed.
In this life, family is everything. Or, that’s how it should be.
Mix it all together, and it makes for a volatile city.
A war is coming
#loyalty #bethanykris #mafiaromance

It feels great to be back and especially back to reading 😭😭😭. This is the first whole edit I've made in a while and it's the best feeling ever. What better way to get into things other then with a AR book. It's one of my favourite type of reads insta everything 🙆. There's just something about smut novellas that make me weak 😂 any who this was another fantastic read by AR and I'd deff recommend it if your in the mood for a quick but steamy story. P.s I've used the most tamest quotes I could find so 😏 and on that note I hope all my loves are doing well 😘
Brooks Renshaw has little time on his hands to deal with problems. But when his mom shows up after a weekend in Vegas married to someone he’s never met, he decides to do some digging. Turns out she’s hitched herself to a con artist with a trail of bad debts and abandoned women along the way. When Brooks finds out his new stepdad has a daughter, he decides to look into her, too. Only when he finds his new stepsister, he’s ready to give her exactly what she wants.

Eleanor works as a live-in baby nurse for new mothers. But her need to have a baby of her own has led her to take matters into her own hands. It’s not the ideal situation, but she can’t wait on Mr. Perfect any longer. But one phone call about a final job may change all her carefully made plans.

Warning: This book is filthy, gooey goodness, with baby-making galore! They might be stepbrother and sister, but hey, who are we to stop love? Turn the lights down low, because we’ve got some claiming to do!
#alexariley #quickreads

I really enjoyed this read but then again it's a LB book and she never disappoints. I couldn't wait to read about violet not cause she was the last king sibling to get a book but she was the wild child between her brother and sister and I genuinely gravitate towards larger then life heroines, add in a British lawyer and I'm sold. The dynamic between violet & Alexander was fun to read not only are they complete opposites but in some ways they compliment each other. Definitely worth a read.

When I’m offered the chance to leave New York to live in London for three months, I can’t pack my suitcase fast enough.

As soon as I touch down I’m obsessing over red telephone boxes, palaces and all the black cabs.

But my favorite place is the tube. It’s wall-to-wall hot British men in suits.

When I’m offered a temporary job working for a barrister, I say, sign me up.

On my first commute into work, it’s a total accident when I lose my balance and fall against the most handsome Brit alive. He’s as charming as James Bond and as suave as Mr. Darcy. I want to lick tea from his hard abs and listen to his accent all night long.

Turns out Mr. Handsome is my new boss. And his attitude isn’t as hot as his gorgeous face, broad shoulders and tight ass. He’s brooding, short-tempered and the most arrogant man I’ve ever met.

As we’re fighting, out of nowhere he kisses me. And I’m pretty sure I see fireworks over Big Ben and hear God Save the Queen.

I wasn’t looking for the fairytale but I might have found my knight in shining armor. The problem is he lives an ocean away.
#louisebay #thebritishknight

It's been a long time coming with this edit why cause just like every other book that's gave me reader feels I wanted it to be perfect for me at least.
This was such a beautiful and amazing story , it talked about topics that are quite sensitive and I adored how Grip aka Marlon explained everything to bristol and boy did he educate her 👏👏👏 honestly for a second I was like Fuck Grip for prez he's so many kinds of perfect ugh I'm in love. Bristol was a fresh of breath air yes she had no filter and basically said anything she wanted but she was attentive and her curiosity was something I appreciated cause no matter how curious one is about someone's culture , religion background remember to be respectful and bris really was. .
Overall I'm not ashamed to say that I binge read this series and highly recommend , H.I.G.H.L.Y. R.E.C.O.M.M.E.N.D. it, read this and get educated son. This is the type of story that'll leave a huge impact on you it'll make you more aware of certain topics. 😏 oh and HELL TO THE YES FOR MORE INTERRACIAL COUPLES 👏👏👏👏 or as quoted by grip "My dick is not so much color blind, as it loves every color. And I have a rainbow coalition fuck record to prove it" 💀😍
In 8 years, Marlon James will be one of the brightest rising stars in the music industry.
Bristol Gray will be his tough, no-nonsense manager.
But when they first meet, she’s a college student finding her way in the world, and he’s an artist determined to make his way in it.
From completely different worlds, all the things that should separate them only draw them closer.
It’s a beautiful beginning, but where will the story end?
FLOW is the prequel chronicling the week of magical days and nights that will haunt Grip & Bristol for years to come. GRIP is the full-length conclusion of their story.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!!! no seriously if someone could come and explain to me the mind fuck that I read that'd be great 😱 Amo has done it again with another incredible story , one minute I knew something bad was up and next minute Amo was like you wish mate 😂 cause around chapter 14 my instincts were working overdrive and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and boy did it ever drop more like it was flung across the room and whacked me through me kindle for real though. Ughhhh I need book two now , I need to know what happens 😭😭😭😭😭 overall 2017 has by far been one of the best years for me as a reader and I can't wait to see where this story goes. Highly recommend it.
Some would say I have a privileged life. Daughter of the current President of the United States, wealthy, famous, and all things that some girls wish they had.
Only I'd dream of having a simple life. A life where I wasn't marrying the scariest man I have ever met. Well, I thought I had just met him, but it turns out, there's so much I don't know about myself. That's all thanks to a past so twisted, so warped, that no amount of money, or presidential status could wipe it clean.
I'm the rebel child. Or as some may see it, the disappointment. I’ve never cared about expensive wedding gowns, or how much someone paid for a tailored suit. I don’t care if your wedding dress is from Walmart, or if it’s from some fancy, upscale designer line.
So why am I marrying the devil dressed in a thousand-dollar suit?
I'm about to find out how I got here. To marrying one of the most powerful men in the country. The road to finding out, though, is paved with darkness, painted with the blood of innocents, and it leads my ass straight to hell. Only this hell is a multi-million-dollar penthouse suite in New York City where Bryant Saint Royal, sits on his throne.
#crownedbyhate #amojones #mindfuck

I fell in love with BH back when I had read little dancer and I've been hooked since. Soft limits reminded me why I adore her writing. Frederic was so swoon worthy, he was everything and more that I had anticipated for and our heroine Evie was beyond amazing she really did balance out is villainous side but kept her own flare too.
OT I have a re test on Thursday so I'm sorry if I haven't been responding to DM or hearting the daylights out of all my loves incredible posts 😭 once I'm done with the exam ill be back to spamming all of you 😍

Frederic d'Estang: performer, professional villain and my youthful crush.
Graduate student Evie Bell spends her days ghostwriting memoirs and her nights playing out her most intimate sexual fantasies by penning fan fiction. When a famous stage actor bursts into her life, she's drawn to his dark, sensual presence, despite herself.
He calls me chérie, ma princesse, minette.

In Paris, Frederic takes Evie firmly in hand, leading her down a sensual path neither of them could have imagined, and pushing them both dangerously near their limits.
I call him Daddy.

Evie is wary—fearing Frederic is a villain both onstage and off—but again and again, Frederic draws her in. Yet the closer they become, the more Frederic holds back, wanting to protect Evie from his despicable truth. He isn’t the man she believes him to be, and his secret may very well destroy them.
#Daddydom #briannahale #kinkyreads

Have you ever read a book that might be novella sized but boy does it pack a punch well that's exactly what the all in trilogy is like it just hits you in the reader heart in the best way possible , sexy yet filled with plenty of humor and did I mention there are 2 hot AF heroes in this 😍 *book 3 isn't out yet but the first two are so go and read it ASAP*

Out of all the characters Oz & Skye have to be my favourite oz cause he's a cat and Skye she's such a fun heroine to read about. I'm team Cole & Finn #sorrynotsorry each of the hero's have their own quirks , Finn is the funny and sexy hero and Cole is the sexy brit who is charming yet a sweetheart so heck I'd like both of them please. Quick read with a whole new meaning to the term sugar daddy, trust me you don't want to miss out.

#lizmeldon #allintrilogy #quickreads

Okay let's get one thing out of the way I don't read MC books , like I won't even look at them but by some divine force *and my gorgeous book babes edits* I took the plunge and BOY WAS I SURPRISED! in the best way possible , I mean ya I took me some time to get into the book but 4 chapters in and I was hooked. Maven was an incredible heroine and Dornan couldn't have been any more perfect for her after all she deserved the best , what I loved the most is the chemistry between them like it was off the charts even when they were just mates. These two knew they were meant to be but ignored their feelings because friends can't be lovers right .... WRONG friends to lovers is the best kind of love cause they've seen it all with you and won't go running for the hills when it gets tough. .Side Note: Can we just appreciate the fact that they call her Voodoo Child 💀 how legit is that.
. Favourite side character in the book is definitely DRAG😍 he's an unapologetic flirt and I'm kinda upset at how he changes 360 cause I really do like him a lot. Any who I'm I really glad that I was introduced to the Plantain world and I can't wait to catch up with this series after my exams 😭 .
Maven has been living for other people most of her life, doing the 'right' things, even if those things have major consequences. She knows it's only a matter of time before she can be free from her responsibilities, even if change isn't in her line of sight, she yearns for it.
Will love from the last person she ever expected to fall in love with change her mind? Or will lies that can demolish the life she's always known cause her to turn against bloodlines and those she cares about most?

I LOVED this and I mean loveeeed it! It was such a feel good book and yes there was drama and at times my heart ached for Kennedy but the story was so incredible I just couldn't put it down. What I absolutely adored was that the side characters WERE SO DAMN CUTE like I really hope they get their own story esp JASE he's such a cocky mofo but he's frigging spectacular too.
Overall if your into a light yet swoon read I HIGHLY recommend this book cause it'll just make you awe for ages 😂

From the moment I met him, I knew he was trouble.
He was reckless, cocky, and everything I shouldn't want.
I had a life all figured out, and Tucker Moore was not a part of the plan.
But somehow I slipped.
One moment I had it all under control.
The next I was spiraling around him, begging him for whatever he would give me.
But as quickly as I fell for him, it all crumbled around us.
Because everything I thought I knew was far from the truth.
There was only one way to fix what we had done.
So I turned my world Bottoms Up

#bottomsup #hollyrenee #feelgoodread

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