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The Book Of Everyone  Wonderfully curious personalized books.🎁

They say the grass is always greener on the other side 🌾🐕 🌾

Wow! That's A LOT of smiles, Dad! 😁😬😀 #FathersDay #Australia

If your dad’s a man of no fuss and few words👨, here’s a book filled to the brim with curious facts and messages all about how brilliant he is, like this one!👆
⬆️ For more, go to the link in our profile.
#FathersDay #Australia

Thanks Dad! 😊
We are celebrating Father’s Day in Australia with brand new pages for The Book of Dad - Father’s Day edition.
This is one of our new designs.✨ Check the book - link in our profile. ⬆️

What would you like to know about the future? 🚀👽🤖

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! In another 50 years the planet’s human population is expected to top 9 billion. 🚀 #fact .
Whilst some scientists predict that the first Mars colony will be up and running by 2030, most of us will still call Earth🌎 home, and the majority of us will live in cities 🤷. .
We talk about what will life be in 50 years in our latest blog.
Check it out - Link in bio.👆

What will life be in 50 years?
🌚 🤖📺
➡️ Read all about it in our latest blog: "What to expect from my life expectancy". [Link in bio]

A couple of years back, a video went viral involving panic-stricken cats jumping almost out of their skin by a cucumber 🥒🙀. The 8th of August gives you the chance to try a similar experiment on your pesky next door neighbour, as it’s ‘Sneak Some Zucchini Into Your Neighbour’s Porch Day.’ 😂 That’ll show em’.

August #Curiousfacts

Britain, 1963 - Slowly in the early hours of the 8th of August, Britain’s Great Train Robbery took place by an organised gang of 15 members. £2.6 million was subsequently stolen in Royal Mail postage sacks💰, which In today’s rates is the equivalent to more than a whopping £50 million.😱

It’s been a thrilling but grilling summer so far! ☀️ If you’re now stuck inside and have the air-con turned right up and the temperature right down, sit back and discover the secrets behind the name ‘August,’ 👀 events to look out for and an interesting incident that happened a little while back. [Blog link in bio] 👆

Swallowing our pride is never easy, nor is admitting we're wrong (especially if its your sibling that's proved it). 🤦‍🙋‍But regardless of how hard apologising can be, regardless if it's petty and seems worthless, you'll feel a lot better when you do. 🚀

Our new Wise(ish) Words book is the perfect opportunity to immortalise your sorrys, your thanks, your best advice and your worst jokes. 😈

Take a peek at our new books and see what Wise(ish) Words you can conjure up today. ✍️ Link in bio. 👆


Life is full of ups and downs, lessons learned and lessons taught. Everyone has something to teach, something to share or something to learn. 👨‍🏫📔 Try our new Wise(ish) Words book and immortalise your best words of "wisdom" for someone you really care about. Link in our profile.👆 #WiseishWords

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