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BOOK For Buyers  The first magazine that promotes b2b Italian fashion brands by connecting these with 18k dealers around the world to create business opportunities

Sequin mini dress, grey sweater and pink tulle long skirt Mangano for BOOK for Buyers.

The solar system covers Isabel Benenato’s Fall/Winter 2018-19 men’s collection in a blanket of darkness and light. As a reflection on the mystery of the universe, Benenato traveled the planets starting with the small, cold and obscure dwarf planet Pluto and fiery Mars, both associated with Scorpio, her astrological sign. From there a pattern emerges in the stars seen as small points joined by trajectory lines represented in black and white embroidery. [ 370 more words ]

Alber, the Italian company which has been producing stockings defined by exclusive quality since 1962, it’s now blazing trails with Filifolli, a brand that is new in concept, while being based on a consolidated, long-standing quality. Clothing people’s legs has always been Ivan Cocchi’s mission. Using his great experience and strong spirit of observation, he has created and developed the new brand, Filifolli. [ 344 more words ]

Founded in 1960, the Italian brand “Ferca '81” based in San Daniele del Friuli was born from an idea of Mr. G. Candusso, who started to design his own shoes. The brand has rapidly become a leader in the footwear industry. While maintaining its 100% made-in-Italy and hand-made production thanks to the work of its skilful, dedicated workers, the company has also given birth to the “Le Babe” trademark: a collection of ultra comfortable women’s shoes featuring an unconventional, colourful and fanciful style. [ 431 more words ]

Animalier long dress with logo MotelDiffusioneModa for BOOK for Buyers.

Maria Tesei - Founder of the Italian brand Antonella - is a charismatic woman with a great inclination towards innovation, thanks to her unlimited love for traditional tailor’s production. With a meticulous attention for the selection of high-quality raw materials, she can wisely reinterprets knitwear products in a totally original way. The creative and productive process connected with her works is characterised by a constant research and continuous experimentation. [ 252 more words ]

Andrea D’Amico - the brand’s CEO and Co-Founder - is the real driving, creative ‘soul’ of this company and he can boast an experience of over 30 years in the luxury menswear industry, where he has always managed a team of experts and a constantly growing company. Mr. D’Amico started its own business in 1991 and, in 1996, he established a close collaboration with Fiammetta Martelli, a designer coming from the knitwear and textile industry. [ 332 more words ]

Founded in 1991, Niagara Belt is a family-run enterprise specialised in the production of leather belts. Operating for many years in different markets, the brand has obtained a huge success thanks to a constant research of advanced materials, its creativity, made-in-Italy quality and a particular attention for satisfying the customers’ needs. The leather belts for men, women and kids produced by Niagara Belt are realised by using quality leather only. [ 271 more words ]

Roberto Buono realizes 100% Made in Italy handbags with high quality genuine leather. Roberto Buono discovers everyday Italy looking for the best materials, selecting the best Italian tanneries and working hard, with skilled italian craftsmen, with whom the brand creates its bags. Roberto Buono is a Young Italian Designer. His work is based on searching connection between details and simplicity. He is a "volcanic fellow" always focused in his work. [ 206 more words ]

Black bikini Giosibeachwear and camouflage army cap Indaco Fashion Srl - Bojuà Collection for BOOK for Buyers.

The new collection of refined clutches designed by Magda K moves from the combination of innovative materials, craftsmanship and the Italian tradition. The Georgian designer plays with details dear to her own DNA, that is: the geometry and the linearity that balance the symbolic chromatic virtuosity using materials such as resin, acrylic and eco-friendly plastic. This feature defines a new concept of organic minimalism that won’t stop on the most superficial level but it will go deep into the insides now with a twist of design. [ 199 more words ]

For the Autumn/Winter 2018/19 season, the Italian designer Donatella De Paoli has created a collection which can be defined as “young and anti-conformist”. Her precise intention is that of not imposing any predefined Look, but to offer a new idea of Fashion, to be continuously updated according to the latest trends. Her offer includes clothing articles fitted to the women of every age, the self-confident women who care about the details, and who are demanding and never so banal. [ 262 more words ]

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