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🌱 Irene | XVlll  "Let's get lost in books" Huge book, flower, coffee and tv show lover Books read in 2017: 17 Cr; The hate u give


So I was making some hot chocolate and it turned out so good☕️

I’m starting with the percy jackson series and I’m soo excited!💛💛

QOTP-Have you read the Percy Jackson Series?🍂🍁

Hii guyss!
I absolutely loved Milk and Honey💛
Soo I wanted to do an autumn themed feed, but I loved this photo too much🍂🍁 autumn photos coming soon!!
- -
I know I haven’t been very active lately but I’m really trying too💛💛 thanks for all the love!🍁
- -
QOTP- have you read Milk and Honey, and what were your thought?🍂🍂

Hii guys!
I haven’t upload in a while and I’m so sorry..
I’m just soooo busy with school😭
I’m going to try to set up a autumn theme were I’m soo excited for🍁🍂
Thankyou all for supporting me and for all the love 💛
I need some inspiration so tag your favorite bookstagram accounts and I’ll give them a follow!💛

Hii guyss!
This will be the last photo of my recent theme and then I will start a new one and I'm so excited to🤗
I will post a new picture when I get home from my holiday💛
I recently finished "the tales of the peculiar" by ransom riggs and I absolutely adore it💛
Now I'm into "the hate u give" and I love that book too!😊
QOTP- What is your favourite bookseries?🌱

Hii guys!
So recently I'm on my summer holiday to Italy, so I won't upload that much pictures😢 tried to make some pictures before I left, so I will upload those!💛
So I bought this beautifull book and I absolutely love everything about it!
I'm currently reading "tales of the peculiar" by Ransom Riggs And I love it!
QOTP-What is your favorite summer holiday country?💛🇮🇹

Hii guyss!💛
So recently I bought "The hate u give" and I'm so excited to read it!
If u read the book please add your thoughts in the comments😊
In a few days I will be in Italy and I'm so excited! Gonna try to take a few photos with my bag full of books😂
I dont post alot anymore last month bc I'm busy with stuff and I want to thank all my amazing followers who still follows me, love ya all💛💛
QOTP- What's your favorite fantasy book?

Hii there!
I can't believe I bought the whole percy jackson series for only €25,-, best deal ever💛
I'm so excited to read this serie! And I absolutley love Rick Riordan❤️
Qotp-Who is your favorite author?🌼

"People think they know all there is to know about you but the best bits of you are have always been heroic in the really quiet ways" -Ginny
Hi guyss!
I finished Harry Potter and the cursed child and I absolutely love it, it's not as good as the Harry Potter series obviously but still💛💛💛
I'm looking for more bookstagrammers too follow so tag your favourite accounts and I will check them out, you can tag yourself too😉💛

Hii guys!💛
FBAWTFT is one of my favourite books and movies! I just love the story and all the beasts💞
QOTP-What's your favourite beast from FBAWTFT?💛

"The world will be saved and remade by the dreamers"-Empire of storms
Hii guyss! I'm sorry for being soo inactive, I'm in this huge reading slump and barely can read half a page😭
I'm still reading Caraval and ACOMAF but cant seem to finish them..
If anyone has some tips to get out of a reading slump I will be happy to hear them!💛
QOTD-Whats your favorite book from the ToG series?💛

Hii guys!!
So I was tagged by @im.a.book.person to do the #bythebook
So here we go 🌼
🌱what books are on your bedside table?
Acomaf, on the edge of gone
🌱what was the last good book you read?
We are okay
🌱if you could meet any author dead or alive, who would it be?
J.k. rowling💛💛💛💛
🌱how do you organize your private library?
By height
🌱which book should you have read allready?
🌱a book that disapointed you?
Acotar did, but I like acomaf tho
🌱what grabs your attention?
Fantasy books! Anything with fairies, vampires or wizards
🌱what book do you intend on reading soon?
Throne of glass
I tagged a few people who can do this tag too!💛💛
Have a nice day🌱

hii guys!💛
so I was tagged by @im.a.book.person to do the #readinghabits challenge🌸
so here we go!
🌱When do you read? I read before bed and sometimes when I wake up
🌱Do you only read one book at a time? yess, because otherwise I forget where the other book was actually about
🌱Where do you usually read? In my bed!
🌱Do you read the books or watch the movies first? The books!
🌱Do you have an exclusive habit to read? no not really I think
🌱Do the covers have to match in a serie? well they doesn't have too, but its pretty if it does!
So I tagged a few more bookstagrammers! you can do the tag too if you want to!💛
Enjoy your day!🌸🌼

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