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ケリ  {Bookstagram} Slytherclaw 🐍 Sinegard Academy 🐉 Night Court 🌠 Has a dragon familiar disguised as a shih tzu CR 📚📖 : Wildcard by Marie Lu

Ahhhh yes, back to posting book photos! 🤣 I'm keeping today's caption short as the events of the past few days have left me severely behind on my current reads. I've got a lot of catching up to do!

I have great news! Toshi has been cleared by the vet today ❤❤ The last five days have been a nightmare because of Parvo and I'm so so glad that we can put that behind us now. Toshi still needs to regularly take lots of medicine, vitamins, and additional vaccines in the coming weeks, but at least for now he's up and about again - it's like he was never struck by this horrible, lethal virus. Thanks so much to those who sent their well wishes! 😚

TEMPORARY HIATUS 🐶🐶 I know I said I won't be on here as much before, but I really mean it now. My beloved puppy just got diagnosed with Parvo and I am devastated. We are not giving up though and I am focusing on taking care of Toshi. The vet recommended that it was better for my puppy to go home than be confined at the clinic. I've been instructed how to give the medicine and am checking on Toshi round-the-clock. It's Day 3 and he can walk and sit up on his own. I hope he recovers.

I'm not feeling well at the moment so I was at home all day. I watched some Christmas movies and am now binge watching Elite. Anyway, I have been hearing that @cassieclare1 is going to visit Manila next year! I don't read Shadowhunter books anymore, but now that TDA is completed, I might pick up her books again. After all, TID is one of my favorite trilogies ever.

I noticed that lots of 2019 releases are set in France. Not that I'm complaining! 😎 Here are the YA fiction books I plan to read next year. What else do you think I should read? 😊

Currently listing down my most anticipated reads for 2019! My top three include King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo, The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang, and Defy Me by Tahereh Mafi.
What three books are you waiting for in 2019?

Hello, friends! For this month, I don't think I'll be joining a book challenge - you know how crazy December can get - and I just won't be able to keep up with the challenges. But I'll join in on some days when I feel like it 😂 Here's to the final days of 2018! 🥂 #booktree

Nov 28
It's my mom's birthday today. We almost shared the same birthday, but I was born on the 30th 😂 •••
#buriedinbooksnovember - Which is cozier? Red vs brown - It depends on the shade for me, I like blood red best and tan brown. But if its something like bright red, I think my eyes will burn.
#allthebooksnov18 - fall reads

Nov 27
"It is a most wonderful comfort to sit alone beneath a lamp, book spread before you, and commune with someone from the past whom you have never met."
- Yoshida Kenko, Tsurezuregusa
If you got a chance to speak with three people from history, who would you choose? I'm still thinking about my answer to this question. I've jotted down lots of names on my journal, but maybe I would choose Oda Nobunaga of Japan (What really happened at Honnoji?), Tomoe Gozen (Female samurai awesomeness), and the two lost princes from the Tower of London (What happened to them?) I am basically on a quest for the truth 😂
#allthebooksnov18 - Classics
#buriedinbooksnovember - Book and Pumpkin (Pie) - Pls accept my ube cupcakes as I do not have any sort of pumpkin at home 😂

Nov 26
I felt a bit under the weather this morning, but after drinking a nice cup of matcha, I calmed down. Do you like matcha? I love the authentic taste of it. One of the things on my bucket list is to attend a real life tea ceremony in Japan and make my own tea. My friends say it's such an old lady kind of thing to want, but I AM an old soul 😂
#buriedinbooksnovember - #mugmonday - Warm beverage
#allthebooksnov18 - Book to Read Before the Year Ends

(Late) Nov 25
#allthebooksnov18 - Fave Fictional Family - The Weasleys sans Percy. Who is your favorite family?

Nov 24
I'm watching The Final Table now. I love cooking competitions despite not being an able cook 😂
#buriedinbooksnovember - Diverse - #stacksaturday - As an Asian girl, I'm so pleased that there were a lot of Asian characters in books in recent years. And they weren't just support characters, they were the hero/villain of the story ☺
#allthebooksnov18 - Books and sweets - Coincidentally, my sweet tooth ached the day on the 22nd so I bought lots of candies. Imagine my surprise when today's prompt featured sweets!

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