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Simon Jakubowski 

So Belgian release (desert) or Japanese (city scape) version? Both books will differ slightly but covering the same world tour by the @breitling DC-3. I may have to get both! 🤔 #breitling #dc3dakota #aviation #bookstagram #aviationphotography #flying

A stunning read on an amazing flying career, easily one of the best books I’ve read. Available from Firestreak Books or The Aviation Bookshop. @aviationbooksandart @mouseblankets @jmehunter @richcooperuk @avgeekjourno @arthurvwilliams @harrier #RAF #bookstagram #aviation #history

A polish book celebrating 100 years of the Polish Air Force and photography wise it’s rather superb! A great addition to the library, available from or The Aviation Bookshop in the U.K. @richcooperuk @avgeekjourno @aviationbooksandart @wingsmag @polish_modeller @polish_air_force_bogus_804 @polish_history #bookstagram #aviation #photography #book #bookclub

Coming soon, from the lens of master photographer Katsuhiko Tokunaga. Will this be here to make it under the Christmas tree I wonder? @richcooperuk @jmehunter @avgeekjourno @arthurvwilliams @breitling @mouseblankets #bookstagram #photography #photographer #dakota #dc3dakota #dc3plane #watches #aviation

Available now, book should be on the website in the next couple of days but changing the game as far as biographies are concerned was firmly in mind when it came to produce this. Can’t wait to get a copy! @aviationbooks @lincsmodeller @flyingraphics @the_book_fayre @richcooperuk @jmehunter #bookstagram #aviation #career #biography #Lightning #harrierjet #RAF

F-16 Fighting Falcon, Viper Under The Skin Special Edition
Ioannis Lekkas
144 Pages
Eagle Aviation
ISBN:- 978-618-83360-3-2
RRP €35.00

New out from Eagle Aviation is this, a special updated and expanded edition of their F-16 book from the popular ’Under The Skin’ series. I have to say that I find these books more than a little bit fascinating purely for how much insight they give the reader, there’s a whole mountain of information to take in. Once again it’s the modeller who’s the main target audience here and after reading this I’d love to have the skills to break out a 1/32nd scale Tamiya kit and go super crazy on the detailing! Sadly they’re skills I simply do not possess but taking a guided tour via the authors superb photographs of various F-16 variants I certainly feel a little bit more knowledgeable about this now legendary aircraft. If there’s a panel they didn’t open up on the aeroplane in here then I didn’t spot it, the authors access is certainly something to be admired, cockpits, avionics bays, plumbing, engines and weapons (live ones at that) are all expertly captured and superbly reproduced on glossy paper stock that we’ve now come to expect from this publisher, what’s more is the book itself has been printed in a new larger sized landscape format which really showcases these images and I suspect will help the book lay open easier on a modellers or artists workbench? Another outstanding in-depth book that will give any budding aircraft engineers cause to salivate, a simply stunning addition to the range that’s worth buying whether you bought the original Viper book or not. @aero_scale @wombatsmodels @modelkits_insta @scalemodelsworld @lincsmodeller @modelmakersofficial #bookstagram #aviation #scalemodel

Old school master class on producing a book about The Big E, Turkeys, Hoovers, SLUF’s and Bomb Trucks, simply awesome and worth seeking out. @aviationbooks @usnavyaircraftcarriers @usnavy @navy_power_usa #aircraftcarrier #bookstagram #book

Great to see a new photography work hit the market. Even better when it’s as good as this one! If you’ve ever been impressed by those shots of aircraft flying through valleys at super low altitude then this is a book for you. Some wonderful work and a great looking book. @fonthillmedia @richcooperuk @aviationbooksandart @aviation_things @centreofaviationphotography @nw_aviation_ @aviationandbooks #lowlevelflying #photography #aviation #aviationlovers #book #bookclub

The 2018 Telford IPMS never disappoints as a show especially for fans of aviation books as there’s a fantastic selection of dealers and publishers represented. I did take time out though to check out some of the truly stunning builds on display. @wombatsmodels @lincsmodeller @lincslancsassoc @modelkits_insta #modelmaking #ipms #telford #show

In other news, aviation photography legend Katsuhiko Tokunaga has a new book coming and should be something quite arty featuring the DC-3. @wingsmag @richcooperuk @aviationbooks @aviationbooksandart @mouseblankets @jmehunter @the_book_fayre @flyingraphics #aviation #aviationbookshop #bookstagram #book #bookshelf #bookclub #photography #photographer #dc3 #dak #breitling @breitling

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