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Just trash ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Cosplayer//artist//trashposter

Hi there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .. 📸: @_suga_licious
Fun fact: I am drinking pepsi™ in the pic.

#deadbydaylight #deadbydaylightcosplay #thewraith

Just as a short update:
got these two things on the #chizuru <3
On the left side - a cute necklace from #aliceinwonderland
And on the right side - a sugilite pendant from #stevenuniverse

I'm pure trash k
#whyyyyy #shitpost #totallynotme

Being tired af and brainafk before the con.. 📸: @lucius_cosplay
#deadbydaylight #deadbydaylightcosplay #thewraith

My three highlights I bought from the #stuttgartcomiccon !
I'm so in love with my new micheal figure 🌚
He even has a sound button on his back which I'm gonna show soon. At first I was shitting my pants that his knife is missing as I was getting him out of his box until it fell out of it..
Huge thanks to @xx_machiko_xx for this awesome chibi doc she made for me <3 It was fun to meet an artist who's a huge fan of the game just like me!
And not to forget this fantastic #eddiegluskin from @letho_arts he made at the end of the con for me!
#deadbydaylight #michaelmyers #outlast #comiccongermany #comicconstuttgart

When have the worst ability of all killers and realize it might be because the entity just hates you and wants to see you suffer.

I was so tired, I fell asleep while sitting.. xD
#deadbydaylightcosplay #shitpost

Why do people hate wraith so much? Man he srsly needs a buff/rework and people still vote for doc. .-.
And they recently buffed him like wat do u want people
#deadbydaylight #deadbydaylightcosplay #thewraith #dokomi2017

Glad to announce that I'm gonna be at the Stuttgarter Comic Con this weekend!
>Saturday as Maggie from #thewalkingdead
>Sunday as the Wraith from #deadbydaylight [with my friendo as the Nurse as well!]
I'm kinda scared that they're gonna take my weapon away so I can only carry it outside of the building. .-. Welp guess I'm going to spend most of the time outside of the building on Sunday. So be prepared to meet a helpless Wraith without a weapon inside 🙃
#comiccongermany #comicconstuttgart

Y'all thought dis some kind of joke but guess what
It's the truth
Me iz claudette
[high quality shit post]

Uuhh finally finished with this cute boi.
Next thing I'm gonna do is finish the doc
But for now I'm happy with my Billy <3

#deadbydaylight #dbd #thehillbilly

Here have an unfinished douchebag~ And yes there will be coming more art, especially because I found my pens again :")
And Idk about you but personally I hate the doctors personality. He's the only killer who was an ass before he joined the entity's realm for no reason at all. But still I love his design and appearance. I know, weird.

#deadbydaylight #dbd #sketch

Argh where do I start;;
It was such an awesome experience to finally meet @lucius_cosplay and @pastelltoxic ;w; But sadly I couldn't stay there that long which makes the Aftercondepression even worse. I even met @subwaytodeath as Nea and @joshiplier as Jake!~ Because of my very short visit I don't even have a lot of pictures.. But still I will find a way to post more epic pics of our Dbd-squad <3 And yes, we should definitely meet again and spend waaaay more time together!

#dokomi2017 #dokomi #deadbydaylight #dbd #deadbydaylightcosplay #dbdsquad

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