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Caitlin Cimini  Founder of Rancho Relaxo [501c3 for the animals] 💚 Go vegan! 📬 Mail: P.O. BOX 258, Woodstown, NJ 08098 💫 PayPal: 💸 Venmo: boochaces

So, I was just scrolling through my feed and came across this gem from my mother, @kareninthewild. Yes. That is me on the left. Yes. That is my daughter on the right. Yes. We look alike as children. I hope you’re all amused. 👌 Comment below. Tell me what you think. Is there a resemblance?

Dragonlord is strange in the best way possible and CJ loves attention. I had to share this with you all. 😭

Seeing the flock without Aquaberry Nugget has been difficult - but Chief has taken over the role as head rooster, so all is well. We miss you, Aquaberry Nugs. 😭❤️

We have received so many cards, letters and drawings! I can’t wait to share them with you all and read them to the animals. Choose your favorite animal, and send them a greeting! We raised close to $3,000 in 2017 through our holiday card drive! Maybe we can beat it this year. By the way, you can send a penny. Every cent is appreciated. ❤️ Thank you! I personally can not wait to read them. Mail all cards to: RANCHO RELAXO, P.O. BOX 258, WOODSTOWN, NJ 08098

Lavender and Gingersnap. Did you guys know that pigs prefer to sleep nose to nose? They also dream as much as humans do! Pigs are the most fascinating, brilliant creatures. Please visit a local sanctuary and meet a pig in person if you never have before. ❤️

Mimi, Longbottom and Petunia. I just had to share this quick clip that was taken today from the drone. Mimi is one of the smallest piggies we have under our care and Longbottom is one of the largest. We took Mimi in after she was found running through the streets of Camden as a stray by @ccasnj! Longbottom was rescued from a major neglect case in which he did not see sunlight for a year or two and lived in his own feces. This was the first time we saw him attempting to play with one of the other pigs! Although Mimi wanted no part of it, this is just too adorable. Once we close on the expansion property and build a new pig barn, the farm pigs and pot bellied pigs will be separated. Not because they don’t get along - because they do! But mainly to make the feeding process easier on everyone. The pot bellied pigs only get a fraction of what the farm pigs get. The pig barn is going to be an expensive project - as well as the fencing. Our residents are worth it though. They deserve the world. To donate toward our mission, PayPal / Venmo boochaces / Rancho Relaxo P.O. Box 258, Woodstown, NJ 08098 ❤️ You can also donate as little as one dollar per month by clicking the link in @hispees bio and joining Patreon. Thank you all so very much. To see an extended version of this video, go visit @hispees! ❤️❤️❤️

For three years, starting in 2012, I worked at Child Protective Services and as a wedding photographer to pay for hay and grain for the handful of animals I had rescued - while I fed them and cleaned stalls every morning and evening. I worked 12-14 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year only to spend all of my own money on rescuing animals. We did not get donations back then. Rancho Relaxo was run completely privately. I got sick often and always smelled like manure because balancing everything was nearly impossible so washing my hair was really low on my priority list. I did not get lucky. I just worked hard and stayed honest. Rancho Relaxo is still considered a smaller sized sanctuary compared to so many others - but baby, look at how far we have come. I am not too humble to say that I worked my ass off and still do - because I still do NOT get paid by Rancho Relaxo. I still work full time outside of the rescue. I work for @dogdotcom and @horsedotcom as a content writer and product specialist. @hispees ALSO works full time and does NOT get paid by Rancho Relaxo. I do not want to take away from Rancho Relaxo when we have $80,000 to put down on the expansion property, $130,000 to spend on two new barns and $100,000 on fencing. There are too many things that need to happen first - so I continue to volunteer all of my time to Rancho Relaxo while working another job to pay my personal bills. I care so much about the mission and the animals that I will do this until I am 100 years old without pay if I have to. I will continue to work another job outside of Rancho Relaxo because the animals come first. People leave comments like, “Too many pictures of your dog! Post Dragonlord!” and “I feel like you only care about people who join Patreon.” I am stretched so thin. This Instagram is my personal account and I do my damn best to post every single day for all of you for free. A donation is not required to follow our mission on social media. No one is better (in my eyes) than anyone else - and I truly love you all for staying on this journey with me personally. CONTINUED IN COMMENT SECTION....🚨🚨🚨

Is Stephen the cutest little being on the planet, or what? Pigs are so intelligent, clean and affectionate. Just like a puppy - only smarter. Why subject pigs to the torture of the meat industry? We can do better - for them. ❤️

You only have a couple of weeks left to order your 2019 Rancho Relaxo calendars. Click the link in my bio then click the yellow tab at the top of the page to order. 🖤🖤🖤

Swipe left. Ghostface and Old Girl! These two mustangs were rescued by Rancho Relaxo while we were out in Nevada on our mission to spread awareness about what is happening to wild mustangs in the United States today. Wild mustangs are being rounded up at an alarming rate and thrown into holding pens all over the country. Why? Because wild mustangs don’t bring in money but livestock animals do. Ranchers are utilizing public lands to graze their cattle and the wild horses and burros are literally suffering for it. Thanks to @freewildhorses, we were able to see firsthand some alternative practices that could eliminate the roundups but still control the population of the herds. We will be going back to Nevada in January to film the roundups actually taking place because the government plans to remove nearly 10,000 wild horses from their homes on the range in Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Oregon and Colorado in the coming months and you all have the right to witness what is happening. @summers.vonhesse is going to be bonding with and taking care of both Ghostface (who was chosen by @sfisherx and @ryanwithane) and Old Girl (who chose us) until they are ready to travel. We are hoping to find a sanctuary for Old Girl out west so she does not have to be on a trailer for an extended period of time due to her age and body condition. She was 20 years old when she was rounded up back in September. Imagine living into your golden years knowing nothing but freedom, only to be enslaved out of no where. Confusion. Depression. Fear. She has a long way to go but @summers.vonhesse is working her magic and making both of these beautiful animals feel as comfortable as possible. Old Girl still needs a sponsor (along with a few more Rancho Relaxo residents), so please email if you are interested. Also, PLEASE JOIN RANCHO RELAXO’S PATREON. Our patrons allow us to take in more animals as well as travel to different parts of the country to bring you all photos and footage of other sanctuaries, issues that animals are facing, and more. If each of you just pledged $1 per month, we could do so much more. Click the link in @hispees bio or visit

I am beyond devastated. It is never easy to pass along this kind of an update to all of you. On Saturday morning, Aquaberry Nugget - our OG rooster - was found below his perch and girls, lifeless. Due to his body still being soft when we found him, we believe he died during his morning crow of a heart attack but cannot be too certain. I know that there are a handful of you who have been following Rancho Relaxo’s journey for a long time and might remember when we rescued the colorful, dyed chicks from a bar in Philadelphia around Easter time a few years ago thanks to a couple of amazing concerned civilians. Aquaberry Nugget grew up to be a protective, handsome, loyal gentleman. He never once attacked any of us - unlike Leeroy Jenkins who constantly tests our patience. George, at our offsite property, is following in Aquaberry Nugget’s footsteps though! He was stoic and such a staple here at the farm. I will personally miss seeing him peck around the property while keeping a close eye on his hens and best friends. This was a very difficult one to process. @hispees called him Benjamin because he thought that Aquaberry Nugget was too silly of a name for such a dapper dude. I actually loved the name Aquaberry Nugget and remember specifically pulling it out of an oversized jar during a name drawing fundraiser. We all love you so much, Aquaberry Nugget. You were appreciated more than you will ever know. No rooster could ever replace your place on your perch in your coop. ❤️ Photo by @sfisherx! ❤️ THANK YOU TO RENAE FOR SPONSORING THIS BEAUTIFUL ROOSTER FOR SUCH AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME.

Out of all 17 pigs we have rescued from terrible fates and taken into our care here at Rancho Relaxo, Longbottom and Moody have settled in the smoothest and quickest. It is almost like they have been here forever. They are such old souls. The Pennsylvania SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Officers were called out and seized numerous pigs from a property where they were locked and separated into two small shelters as piglets and never allowed to exit it. Not even once! Their human caretaker had never even cleaned inside of the sheds and the manure had built up so thick and high that the shelters had to be torn down to remove the pigs from their enclosure. In at least one of the sheds the pigs were not even able to stand due to the build up. They did not get to experience being outside until they were released by the officers. They were removed from this situation in mid June and they spent some time recovering from the ordeal at the hospital where Moody (left) had to have one of his eye removed due to medical neglect. The farmer was charged with animal cruelty. Please wish them the best as they settle in here at our home base location. If you would like to donate toward our mission here at Rancho Relaxo, please PayPal / Venmo boochaces / Mail RANCHO RELAXO P.O. BOX 258 WOODSTOWN NJ 08098 ❤️ All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. We plan on building a new pig barn on the new property we are purchasing in the next month due to the dire need for pig placement in our area. Also, they need sponsors! If you are interested in sponsoring one of our resident animals here at Rancho Relaxo, please email

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