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Caitlin Cimini  President/Founder of Rancho Relaxo, a 501c3 animal rescue organization. Go vegan, save the world. 💫 paypal: boochaces@aol.com 💸 venmo: boochaces


Miakoda nuzzling me while I hang with her. Animals are so very aware of our feelings. They are otherworldly creatures and we do not deserve them. ❤️ #miakodamustang

Dear Douglas Fir, I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life yesterday but I know in my heart it was my final gift to you. I was told that you were giving up - that you were ready to go. You were no longer digesting your electrolytes or liquids. The bacterial meningitis and pneumonia were not dissipating due to you being immune to the antibiotics. I was told that we tried every possible thing. I know that you have never seen a field of flowers, but it is where I pictured you frolicking one day. I hope that is what you are doing right now. I know that I am hurting - not you - and I am grateful for that. I wanted to take your pain away for months and give it to myself. I wished that and now it has finally happened - but not in the way that I imagined. I do not blame the original hospital that you were admitted to and the medical path that they chose for you. They believed in their choices and I respect that. You made so many friends there. I am happy that they reached out to me the day you were abandoned there - asking if Rancho Relaxo would take you in. I do not blame anyone for this outcome aside from the farmer (dairy industry) who bred your mother to steal her milk and dispose of you and the man who bought you to use in a nativity scene for Christmas - only to dump you when he realized you were sick. Those are the two people I blame. You left us with a hefty medical bill to pay but it is well worth it because you left this world a someone and not a something. You were so valued. You made your mark. You created numerous vegans who will now go on to fight for babies just like you who will never get the opportunity to love and be loved. This world is changing. I just hope you will be able to watch it happen from where you are now. I love you so much, my little friend. Godspeed. Love, Caitlin #govegan

Swipe left! So, ... you guys more than met our match goal today. We were approached by a generous donor (who wanted to stay anonymous) who wanted to match up to $4,000 in donations today after finding out how much our hospital bills were for Byron, Boyd and Douglas Fir. I promised you all that if we met goal, Rancho Relaxo would pay $500 forward to another rescue. Keeping with the theme of medical bills, we just sent @lea_at_lemonranch $500 toward Cider’s $15,000 colic surgery. Thank you all so much for donating today. You all lifted me up today - since I have been completely down and depressed. It has been a rough 24 hours. To help @lea_at_lemonranch with Cider’s hospital bill or to learn more about it, visit GOFUNDME.COM/SAVECIDER

So. This is what I do every morning in my pajamas while cleaning the front room. My buddies love my original hit songs. #weirdo

Paul Bunyan has found a forever home in the mountains at @little_brook_farm with @summer_lbf ❤️ As most of you know, we do not adopt out our resident animals due to the fact that our mission is based on education. The farm animal world is much different than the cat/dog world. If we adopt out five cows in one month, and then we go on to save five more cows - but a few weeks later, the previous adoption falls through and the original five cows come back to us, that would leave us with ten cows to feed and clean up after rather than five. What if we did not have space for ten?! We would have to buy more land in order to take five cows back. It is much harder to place farm animals than cats/dogs in general due to there being way less suitable homes. Farm animals are also more at risk of ending up slaughtered outside of a sanctuary. If we constantly adopt out, you guys would never get to know or fall in love with the animals here at Rancho Relaxo. By educating the public through their stories, we save thousands of animals because people start to reevaluate the way that they do things and then they make cruelty free changes in their lives! We do not have to be an adoption service to better the lives of animals and change the world for the better. There are so many farm rescues that do base their missions on finding as many homes as possible for homeless farm animals - @oddmaninn being one of my favorites! That is just not Rancho Relaxo’s thing. Getting back to the reason for this post, ... there ARE times in which adoption or placement is just the better route to take and we always know when a situation like this arises. It could be due to us being spread too thin at the time of the rescue, an animal needing more exercise on a day to day basis, an animal needing to be in the presence of less animals and/or people, etc. Evaluating every animal that comes under our care is one of the most important things that we do. Paul Bunyan needs stimulation and adventure in his life - like the true lumberjack that he is. We knew this upon meeting him. So when Summer asked if she could give him a forever home, we all knew it was meant to be and agreed happily. Emotional!

Last night, I was contacted by an amazing leader of an organization who wishes to remain anonymous. She has been noticing Rancho Relaxo’s medical bills piling up over the last few weeks. She is offering a donation match up to $4,000 for the next 24 hours. I have personally transferred all of the Venmo funds and PayPal funds into Rancho Relaxo’s bank account - so we are starting at $0! If we can raise $4,000, it will automatically turn into $8,000. 😳 That would be so huge right now. At the end of the day, I will let you all know if we reached the maximum amount!!! You can use Venmo (boochaces) or PayPal (boochaces@aol.com) for this! To make it easier, you can click either button on our website RanchoRelaxoNJ.org (link in bio). Do you guys think we can do this? If we are successful, Rancho Relaxo will be donating $500 to another nonprofit animal advocacy organization! Because, why not?!?!? $1, $2, $5, $20! These amounts are all equal in our eyes on the generosity scale. Thank you in advance. The clock starts now! 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

This video is a perfect example of our horses’ personalities. Summit chills. Halona chills. Baia-Roe chills. Grandpa Pancakes (background) chills. JAKE IS A MANIAC AT ALL TIMES ALWAYS FOREVER. Alpha boy. Struttin’. #ottb

Yeti and Paul Bunyan getting acquainted. Honestly. The cutest thing I have ever witnessed. Tiniest bumble bee and biggest bumble bee. Gahhh! 😍 Both saved from slaughter!

Beautiful Lottie girl during sunset today. Old soul. 🦋

This picture might be really hard for some of you to look at because it instills sadness. Please do not be sad. Last Monday, he could not even lift his head. Now look at him. Head up. Semi-aware of his surroundings. Look at this picture and think to yourself, “What a strong little calf. What a fighter. What a little beast.” Yes. We are worried. We are all remaining logical but hopeful. His chance of survival is very slim. We want you all to understand. This is just the reality of the situation. Since being transferred to @cornellvet, we have had some itty bitty little positive steps forward. We have gained more knowledge about what is going on with our little guy as well. Here is what we know! Douglas Fur is septic and has spinal meningitis. After three months in two different hospitals, this is what we are sure of. What can be done? Supportive TPN therapy since he is not eating, strong antibiotics, tubed electrolytes and some trial (unconventional) medications for his immune system. He started the trial medications yesterday! Woo! The main issues we are facing right now are: 1. The antibiotics just are not working. He has become immune to them in a way. 2. His immune system is so weak that he is unable to do much naturally to rid himself of the infection. 😓 He is NOT suffering. He is NOT in any pain. He is just very weak - physically, emotionally, chemically, spiritually. He is drained. His bill over the last 10 days is already at $10,000. That is $1,000 per day. We just cannot afford to go on like this forever. It is not fair to him either. We have decided that we will give him until next week to show signs of improvement before calling it quits and letting him rest peacefully - forever. We need your help financially, as always, and we need you all to stay strong for him. Do not cry over this picture. Celebrate the fact that he is doing his best and he does want to live. (To make a tax deductible donation toward Dougie’s care: PayPal boochaces@aol.com / Venmo boochaces / RanchoRelaxoNJ.org)

Bedtime for Dragonlord. He loves his couch so much. It is February and we are all sleeping with the windows open tonight! Oh boy.

Starlea, Yeti, Iliamna, Loche, Lottie, Sophie, Pepito, Hollie, Bette and Halona are still waiting to be sponsored. They are the only ones left! Please email ryaneg@ranchorelaxonj.org to find out more! 🖤

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