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Caitlin Cimini  Founder of Rancho Relaxo, a 501c3 nonprofit. Go #vegan, save the 🌎! PO BOX 258 WOODSTOWN NJ 08098 💫 paypal: 💸 venmo: boochaces

Another blazing hot day! We are all hoping for rain tomorrow! If it is over 90 degrees outside, this is where you will find Nahko. 😭😁

Today is NATIONAL I LOVE HORSES DAY! So, I ran out and gave the biggest hug to our smallest horse!!!! Britney Spears!!!! #britneyspearstheminihorse #ilovehorsesday #nationalilovehorsesday

Mr. Waddles gets braver each and every day. Look at Nahko - trying to show him that he is in paradise. ❤️❤️❤️😭

“What, you want to ball with the kid? Watch your step you might fall, trying to do what I did. Mama-unh mama-unh mama come closa' in the middle of the club with the rub-a-dub. No love for the haters, the haters.” - @willsmith ❤️ This video is dedicated to everyone who told us to euthanize Bob. Volume up. Spoiler alert. Bob comes home in two weeks. Thank you to everyone who had a part in this rescue: @ilovebathrobes @hispees @afelice16 @skylands_sanctuary @veganarmy269 ❤️ Please consider making a tax deductible donation toward Bob’s hospital bill. PayPal, Venmo boochaces, Checks can be mailed to: Rancho Relaxo P.O. BOX 258 WOODSTOWN NJ 08098

I found this old exercise ball in storage today and Nahko had more fun with it in 2 minutes than I have had in 2 years of owning it. So hilarious!!! ❤️🐷 #pigsarepeopletoo #govegan #vegan

Shrimp was born with numerous congenital defects - including dwarfism, back windswept legs and bowed front legs. Soon after we took him under our care here at Rancho Relaxo, his front right hoof completely fell off due to dead tissue and bone. Every week, we drive four hours round trip to get him recasted. Eventually, once his legs are straightened and he begins building more muscle, we will need to get him a prosthetic made for that front right leg. Thankfully, we finally found a great company - Veterinary Inclusive Prosthetics ( They have been specializing in large animal prosthetics for 23 years - longer than any other company we have encountered so far. We actually have a casting appointment TODAY - but for Trident. We need donations now more than ever due to two of our animals needing prosthetics and the fact that we have to start all over with Trident. To make a tax deductible donation toward our mission, PayPal, Venmo boochaces, (link in bio)! Thank you so very much.

Summit and Angelina (named after @angelinafortheanimals) hanging out together. ❤️ Happy Friday.

Chewie bear says good morning! ❤️ As most of you know, this little fuzz bucket is my absolutely favorite animal on the farm. Please. Do NOT tell Flick.

My new @miomojo_italia bag is to die for - but not literally, because it is vegan/cruelty-free. I was trying to take a picture of it for all of you but Dragonlord was begging for belly rubs! This was my solution. Belly rubs? Sure. But you are also going to help me showcase this amazing handbag. Hahahahaha. Choose Rancho Relaxo at checkout for our animals to benefit from your purchase! I think I have 8 @miomojo_italia bags at this point! I am obsessed with each one of them.

Because it was #cowappreciationday yesterday, here is a throwback of baby Chester. I remember how I would just sit and watch him for an hour straight because of how beautiful he was. He still is, of course, but because he was my very first bottle calf - I was mesmerized. Chester was ripped away from his mother immediately after birth, thrown into the back of a buggy cart and driven to a local auction to be sold for veal. We intercepted in the parking lot. Timing is everything. #govegan #vegan Don’t eat chicken or cows. How about that?

Nahko bean loves the mud more than anything. I am so glad she is alive today to enjoy it. 🐷

Chad is one of the cutest creatures. In a couple of weeks, he and his sister will be up for adoption! ❤️ #adoptdontshop #kittensofinstagram #meow

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