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Groundwork  Sankofa/HARLEM

WAIT!!! WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! WAIT!!! Before you go in, I need you think like a CHESS PLAYER!!! Not a checker player.. checkers is a quick move for move, He did this I do that kinda thinking.. This is Chess, Trump made his move(Son on a Bixth talk). Now our turn, patiently looking over the entire board thinking why he made that move? Questioning ourselves: was it because our last move was weak?(still watching football, job pool sheets still passed around, never canceled NFL subscription). This Chess so we can think before we make the next move Hummmm if we start calling him names and acting angry the NFL will come out against trump who's serving as a Pawn, so when the NFL speak out against Trump we will feel like those devils are not that bad after all ( The lesser of two evils! No such thing as that but that's another Groundwork another day). So our next move is to dead TV ON SUNDAY period get back to dinner at the table, phones down and listening to our children talk and enjoying family or checkmate Trump and the NFL who's behind this deceptive scheme and don't watch any NfFL nothing dead the job money pool all together, cancel NFL packages off cable etc. either move we make it can't involve just our mouth moving!! That's a weak ass move!

Man has figured out how to destroy a whole country in one hour, a whole forest in minutes, each other in seconds. The devil is busy, stay prayed up!!!

Says a whole lot about you , who you choose to look up to.

JayZ turned down this JayZ turned down that! GET THE HELL OUT MY DM WITH THIS NONSENSE!!!! Stop 🛑 being Hoodwinked (suckered) please!!! The football league(I won't say their name like you do every five minutes). I'll stress this once again LEARN THE GAME OF CHESS!!!! A chess player has to think Five moves ahead. The league didn't survive this long being dumb.. People are protesting, let's ask JayZ, let's offer him a huge amount of money, we already know he'll turn it down on principle. Either way we win!! the world is forced to say our name again, people will still tune in at Half time to be nosey plus this controversy will change the complexity of the situation at hand.. Folks not watching the football games are symbolic. Nielsen is the only way what you watch or don't watch gets recorded. Becoming a member of Nielsen they come to your house and install a small box it sits on your cable box and they can see what your tuning into. They even pay you a check ($15) a month for the trouble. Here's my rep number information call and join. Heads up they don't offer it everywhere. Call them and make them bring it to your hood.

The General Assembly is an opportunity for all invited world leaders to discuss their issues with no transparency. God yanked me out them restaurants for a much bigger purpose. Looking across a room at the prime minister of Israel, leaders of Palestine, presidents of African countries, Heads of state. I wanted to stand up and yell, HEYYYYY I got 43million mistreated blacks that America have absolutely no respect for,!! We're underserved with health care, drowned out in man made floods, kidnapped for our body parts to pay off a loan to China that have nothing to do with us. A good education cost a fortune, the police killing 3 black families a day, food, soft drinks causing cancer in young people... I wanted to scream MARCUS GARVEY had it right!!! Somebody open up your country and let us in, our men can build and we bring 3 trillion in cash to your country let us all in we're dying here in America!!!! But I couldn't I would've been thrown in the crazy house, with my so called friends passing my mug shot around for me fighting a system.(message). Folks they treating God earth as a business, countries stick each other up with their armies, stealing oil, gold etc. makes you wonder why this man shooting off missiles as a display of power.

Please turn off all cellphones!! Ok but can I at least sneak one picture for my Groundwork page? Hurry ok. Folks this is a scary man in person, God bigger than him tho. Trump just said we will totally destroy North Korea, like off the planet type. Not my first time in General Assembly, I came when Bush was here. I wanna do more with this phone but they'll kick you out quick fast, put ya ass in jail in whatever country you disrespected that leader from lol. I'm low but I'm here. Stay tuned

I can't make this up.. Groundwork started 40 years ago. Swipe left

Read over 50 books at 6 years old, my mom took this picture of me, it was the day I got kicked out of kindergarten. I told everyone Santa Claus was fake, they called my mom & told her to come and get me lol. I would talk about Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Muhammad Ali, I'd bring my own books to school. They put my desk near the teachers desk to monitor me and my conversations from 1st through the six grade. Teachers would call me the Principal lol. My principal would have monthly meetings with me & my mom, he would seriously ask me what was I reading, I put pressure on him. As a joke when they took my 2nd grade class picture they put me and the my principle side by side. I remember the teachers showing it around and laughing.

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