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Groundwork  Sankofa/HARLEM

The Best example for your children should be right at Home.

A great day to do laundry & read. “Growing up King” & “Black Robes White Justice”. Our first two books #boobiebookclub. Learn the pressure Dexter Scott faced growing up in the shadow of his father. The feeling of falling short, Racism, backlash etc.... Bruce Wright a Powerful, educated, prideful man of color. How he faced be bullied, Racism, racial profiling.. He takes up on an interesting journey inside the mindset of judges when a black suspect is placed in front of them. Both reads are Life changing, mind altering, empowering and We have 8 more to go...

Twice a day I listen to this. This has made me happy. The Best Free style since Rap music started. This is Black History in the making

#boobiebookclub join us... we’re gonna read 10 books. When we’re finished I promise you will handle everything different.

Lost 31 friends in 2017 and it ain’t over. Hearing this made me feel better. This will hands down be the best free style in the History of Rap music. Black Thought on Funk flex show (you tube) go see for yourself.

#LIP...(Life in Peace) When a person dies we often light candles, in many cases at the location of Death. The lighting of candles, or lights should serve as a Bright Reminder to the living. When we place a candle in remembrance, Little do you know the candle is really for yourself the living. The message is to turn to the light and make your focus in this life bright, so in the hereafter that candle or light will be eternal.(read that again). Resting in Peace or RIP is a term misused by the living, we associate this term with death, eternal rest. Rest In Peace! just saying it brings forth a feeling of comfort. The dominant word is Rest, which puts the mind in a relaxed state, almost like trying to come to terms with the lost. The moment you light that candle questions to yourself the living should arouse.. Are we living in peace? Are we checking on each other, did we make someone smile today, did we share some good news today, did we feed someone or bathe someone today? Did we pray today. Are we Living a life in Peace?? Well if you are, its a Great chance when you transition or pass on from this life your Reward will be with your Lord, also you get to join everyone who passed on before you. So continue to light candles for yourself, and turn that #RIP on your old self, and use that death as a reminder of just how bright of a chance you have to live a LIFE IN PEACE... Thank God for this message as I text this and struggle for the same thing I just shared with you... 🙌

REAL MAN..The definition of a REAL MAN is a Protecter,Provider, one who cares about community. I wish I was with you, I would’ve given you what you gave to so many, Protection... You had a way of wrapping your arms around people without touching them. Men & women felt safe in your presence. Harlem we lost a Man!! A Real Man..#33yearsoffriendship

#tbt on my way Roller Skating. Don’t ask my why we dressed like this to go skating. Harlem had everybody in their feelings 😁#funfact I would get to the skating rink early, purchase all and I mean all the lockers and re-sale the locker keys for $10. $200 investment into $2000. Teenage fun I miss those days..

#boobiebookclub join us

Help & check on everyone you come in contact with.

BULLYING- superior strength, influence to intimidate someone.. Bullying is a topic no one really wants to have, until your bullied.. The cycle of bullying is one big circle. The child gets bullied, spends the majority of his/her adolescent years in recovery, only to be interrupted by puberty. The process or puberty/ body development, girls & boys once teased are now complemented on how nice their bodies are. Sex/drugs/Music over power an underlying dormant issue. Children are born from these people. 60 percent of Law enforcement are these people, gangs are created from these people. Bullying has life again only it’s all reaction to unresolved issues. “So I’ll dress my child in the best clothes, expensive sneakers so what happen to me will never happen to my child”. “I’ll get my body done so when I run into my old class mates they’ll see a new me and feel bad for how they joked on me”. I carry this gun & badge and become the aggressor, I’ll show the world of bullies that I can kill them,beat them, give them their own medicine.” The nice dressed child becomes a fashion bully he snaps on other children. The mom with the new body, will dress her daughter almost identical to her. Her daughter will become a mini adult amongst other children, way more advanced. Law enforcement families encourage more law enforcement. The child goes to school with children of incarcerated parents. Teasing/ comparison/Fronting are all different forms of bulling. Women by far become the biggest bullies, they talk about each other’s hair,clothes, bodies etc. Keaton was bullied, his mom’s a racist/ go fund me/ confederate flags/ $60,000. Has absolutely nothing to do with anything!! White people take good care of white people, Black people do a much better job taking taking care of white people. White people don’t take care of black people, Black people do a much better job of not caring about black people. Ashante was bullied, Hanged herself was on life support for two weeks, very few posted it. Bullying on right now. “Y’all dumb for posting the white kid, not the black kid”. Bulling is deep, starts at home & can end there only if you get help. Yea you reading this..

Graduated Clark Atlanta, Degree in Economics the only person out of 733 students to get that degree. Entered the world of business. Bank of America’s youngest investment banker at 24!!! Just so happen to be MY Daughter...🙌🙌 God is Great!!!

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