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This really made me feel better. The spirit of Micheal Jackson just hit me!! I’m writing some key points i wanna bring forth to the governor in a few days. Thinking about a 15 year old killed in the Bronx by mistaken identity. As a parent I would be equally saddened had they killed the right one. Headed to Arizona in a few days for a police protest meeting. Kids separated from parents hiding in my hood. Brain overload.. This video was right on time.

Let’s fight hard to keep the culture alive folks.. Braid it up!!! @braided__

Wait what? I’m staying in the house all summer 2018. I don’t want no baby smoke

I just watched the video. It has me feeling very sick.. If it was up to me I’d have all 15 year old children sound asleep at 11pm. There’re 3 types of killings on the streets (1) accident: death occurred by accident or mistake. (2) Contract: money placed on your life. Usually involves a party of three. (3)REVENGE: This is usually so personal, the Actual person or persons wants to personally deliver death with their own hands so you can see them do it. This death is usually very messy on purpose. My ear to the streets I’m waiting to hear more.

Two people sent me this photo asking me what are my thoughts I didn’t respond but here it is. First I’d like to say this is creative, culture & beautiful. I get why it was sent to me for a few different reasons. I’ve been fortunate to have lived long enough to know looks count for just 1% of what’s important about a person. Nice hips & lips, hair, great teeth, beautiful eyes, fall flat with a wack personality.. Not having the ability to carry a conversation, not being abreast on current events, a lack of caring about your fellow brethren. How are you with children, your family, do you curse a lot, are you not just working, but working on your goals and most importantly do you fear God and if so why? Do you like walks in the park ? Can you think outside the box? This type of thinking is table settings, food for thought or soul food. When you get older and ask someone what they bring to the table and they start talking about money, credit , materials or the 1% that I made mention of earlier. You shake their hand thank them for dinner & delete their number & them. Trust me this practice will save you all the heartbreak later. If anything I said bothers you or it just doesn’t make any sense lol, I’ll say when I was younger none of this would’ve made any sense to me either. Live long enough so this does.....

Check out my walk next time you see me. I walk with all mines behind me 💪🏿

I would water challenge this place 😂

If your conscious don’t alert you when your doing wrong or you don’t feel awful after the fact.. My friends you are the worst kind of dead. #alivedead.. Praying sincerely five times a day or more, constantly begging God for forgiveness is the ONLY way to fix a bad Heart...

Ain’t no man alive like a Black Man! Go and get you one sister.

As-salamu Alaikum (May Peace be upon you)

FAKE NEWS!!! I just read the Executive order, this is only for moving forward, Children will now be locked up in the same facility as parents. Meaning children will be in jail. The order is not retroactive, it said nothing about what to do with the children that have already been displaced. I believe that won’t happen no time soon because trump just got approved for 70 percent of funding for the border wall before he signed. Trump said Mexico will pay for the wall from Day 1, I now believe he will use the kidnapped children as a ransom and make Mexico pay back whatever the government spent before he let the kids go. He also sent the immigrant children to democratic states without alerting elected officials as an embarrassment for their lack of involvement. Trump playing both sides against the middle & basically getting everything he wanted from jump. I suspect the media will fall back off this issue in a few weeks. This is all devil work..

They have the whole world focusing on camps & cages all the while the government already been playing dirty right in our own cities..

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